Captains' mixed pairs competition May 2nd


The forecast was for a band of rain to pass over the south east during the afternoon, and indeed there was a very brief shower that lasted no more than 3 or 4 minutes and , in the main, we all got back in relatively dry, although a cold wind had bothered us most of the afternoon.  The day got off to a very convivial start, a lot of 'pairs' arriving at the clubhouse early to indulge in a brunch before setting out.


The course was comparatively quiet and still playing very well.  Luckily the bluebells were still very much in evidence.  We got back in to the clubhouse where 2 long tables had been set up for us and the new chef, Mike, did us proud by a selection of excellent sandwiches and fries. We were 'extra' spoiled with a slice of birthday cake, courtesy of Linda Chapman, we thanked her in the time honoured way of a rendition of 'Happy Birthday' - much to her embarrassment.


Some excellent scores came in, and the winners were Lisa and Luca Bibadi with a massive 47 points between them, taking the first prize of a bottle of Prosecco each.  There were 3 pairs vying for second place on 44 points, namely Jane and Paul Marr, Gill and Larry and Ken and Joy Stevens, but Ken and Joy nipped it away from the others and took the 2nd place of a box of chocolate mints each.


It was very nice of have Linda Chapman back playing with us as well as to be joined by Nigel and Anne Foster, a new couple.

Gill Olke