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Fore Please !!!


Seniors Captain’s newsletter – January 2022
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Dear Seniors,
Firstly, and most importantly, Happy New Year to you all. I hope you have all enjoyed a happy and healthy festive period as we now prepare for the Spring (weather permitting) and a new season of golf (CoVid permitting!).
Secondly, and a more onerous and less enjoyable part of the Captain’s role, is to bring to your attention when things are not right or not running smoothly. The items, below, are not raised to make things difficult for anyone but rather to promote and improve everyone’s enjoyment of the game. So, that said, I have to advise you of the following:
1. Seniors cheating has been reported to some of the Seniors Committee members. After discussion at the December Committee Meeting, it was determined:
(a) The Committee does not and will not tolerate cheating; and
(b) That anyone observing such misdemeanours should either, (a) immediately point out the “mistake” to the individual concerned or, (b) report perpetrators to myself or a Committee member. Appropriate action will then be determined by the Committee, in the first instance, which may mean escalation to the Club Committee or Handicap Committee for their decision.
2. We have Starters for our Thursday games: their role is to manage the Start Sheet so that everyone gets a competitive game, in a timely fashion. Occasionally, and depending on the game, players may be moved up or down the Start Sheet to accommodate (a) tee time gaps or, more importantly, (b) missing or delayed players. Unfortunately, it has been reported to Committee members that not everyone is supporting the Starter’s decisions. If by your decision to not follow Starter’s requests means you fail to meet the criteria of a competition, by default, you will have removed yourself from the competition and, thereby, may not play. The Committee may also determine if additional penalties are warranted, particularly if it denies another player, or players, from competing in competitions.
3. I would also refer you to the “December 2021 Club Captain’s Update”, the section entitled “Acceptable Scores and Penalty Scores for Handicapping”, so that automatic penalty scores are not incurred. (This was distributed via V1 e-mail.)
Thirdly, “normal” Captain’s stuff:
▪ The upcoming Seniors Tour (5-7 July 2022) has been well subscribed but there remains room for three more players. The “sign up” list is still on the Seniors’ Noticeboard; sign up if you wish to partake in this great event, or advise me directly.
▪ I’m sure you are aware but, being better to be sure twice than not at all, I advise you that the Club Captain’s charity bunkers for January and February are the long bunker on the right of the 6th and the right-hand bunker on the 17th, respectively. Donations can be made when signing into competitions. If in doubt about how to do this, speak with me or a Committee member.
▪ The complimentary “2s” competition is ongoing, for Seniors Stableford and Medal rounds. Unfortunately, we have run out of “2s” balls, which are expected into the Proshop at the end of this month. I have maintained a record of who has had a “2” and is still owed a “2s” ball.
▪ I’ve been asked to remind all that there is NO CHIPPING onto the practice putting green by the 1st tee – use the practice putting green by the 10th tee.
▪ The committee is looking for people for succession planning. People are needed to succeed:
(a) Committee members, especially those of you who would like to be Seniors Captain, eventually;
(b) Managers/captains and deputies/vices for the Kent Veterans League team (KVL); Kings Hill Super Seniors team (KHSS); and Friendlies team.
Seniors Captain’s newsletter – January 2022
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My thanks to Larry Davis, for the support and dedication he has given to the Seniors Section over many years, most notably for his technical expertise in respect of (a) website set up; (b) the Seniors “G drive”; and (c) the Seniors Dropbox, apart from being Seniors Captain in the past, as well, of course!
The Committee, therefore, are desperately seeking a volunteer (or three!!) to replace Larry. So, if you have IT-type experience and can help out, please let myself or a Committee member know. A comprehensive handover will be given by Larry.

Finally, I would like to welcome all those members who have joined the Seniors Section in the past 2–3 months: I’m sorry I haven’t met up with all of you yet but I hope your time with us has been nothing but a pleasant experience. If you want to know more about the Seniors Tour, or anything else, please speak to myself or a member of the Committee. (PS. Not all newsletters are like this one!!)
And for the more life-experienced amongst us, food for thought:
A foursome of senior golfers hit the course with waning enthusiasm for the sport. "These hills are getting steeper as the years go by," one complained. "These fairways seem to be getting longer too," said one of the others. "The sand traps seem to be bigger than I remember them too," said the third senior. After hearing enough from his Senior buddies, the oldest, and the wisest of the four of them, piped up and said, "Just be thankful we're still on the right side of the grass!"
Have a good year’s golfing!
Best regards
Seniors Captain
Peter Flack














10 March 2021


Well we are back albeit somewhat chilly for April. Hopefully this will be the last time we are in lockdown!

We have had a long break so I would like to give you all an update.

Summer Pairs

You can still enter up to the 15th April when the draw will be conducted. Please play you games promptly and before due date expires. Remember to calculate shots correctly. 90% of course handicap rounded up or down of each player then shots given off lowest handicapper in the fourball. The resultant calculation is your playing handicap for that match. ( I`m only the messenger!!)

Stableford Comp 15th April

Enter as normal but no fee will be taken. There will be 2 Divisions as normal and half the prize money will be awarded to the top 5 places in each Division. There will be no 2 balls. 2 balls will resume from the 29th and only one ball per 2.


I am currently the Captain of our team and will also Captain 2022 season.

We are in Group 4 of the Kents Vet League. Clubs in our league are Rochester & Cobham, Sittingbourne, Mid Kent, Sheerness, Bearsted and Gillingham. To be eligible to play you must be over 60. Currently the max handicap is 18 and we play off the white tees.

We joined Group 4 in 2013 where we came last out of the 7 clubs in our league. Since then we have won the league twice, the Jamboree twice and represented Group 4 in the winners final twice.

We are looking to bring in new young talent so if you fancy some competitive league matchplay please get in touch with your Captain.

Super Seniors

The Super Seniors play in League B against Gillingham, Red Libbets, Sittingboune, Bearsted, Sheerness and Mid Kent.

To be eligible you must be over 70. They play off the yellow tees and max handicap is 24.

Malcom Honey is the current Captain and I wish him and his team well for this season.

How do we beat it - Prostate cancer

Shortly we will be playing in our fund raiser for prostate cancer. The £5 will go to the fund.

Mike Kavanagh has asked me to promote How do we beat it. Details and if you want to register are on How did I do. Mike will champion this so if you have any questions please contact him.

Martin Crouch will represent us in the KVL singles at Canterbury. Pairs to be decided at a later date which will be held at Broome Park.



Organised by John Moss details of upcoming matches will be displayed on the notice board. Sign up sheet will be put up 6 weeks before each match. All handicaps welcome.


By the 15th I doubt if we will be on preferred lies on fairways or bunkers. I will ensure that the starter will have the relevant information for you.

Please make sure you fill in your competition cards correctly. Please note that the handicap shown on the starter sheet is your playing handicap for that comp (It is worked out for you!)

From the 15th April a full program of comps will start on Thursdays. Bill Grimley will also be organising starters so please assist Bill if you are selected as starter. As there are in excess of 140 members chances are over 2 years before your names come up to start. Over 80`s are excluded from starting. All committee members are included as starters.

V1 terminal will be out of use until the 21st June 21


Please ensure you know your handicap index.This you can view on the V1 app. Please click on the WHS information button at the top of this page for more details on how to complete your card.

We will review the Divisional split once more information is to hand.

Food on certain comp days will resume after 17th May.


The Tour is fully subscribed with 40 members attending. My thanks to those who are going. Details will be sent  out in due course.

There will be no Seniors sanctioned event on Thursday 8th July.

Past Captains Cup

Will be played on Friday 21st May. Preparations are well in hand with over 25 Captains committed.

Seniors Open Monday 26th July

Mike Kavanagh will be organising this years Open. If you wish to enter a team or volunteer to play with a team picked for you please contact Mike.


Thats your lot for now. Stay safe.



We are back to golf tomorrow and hopefully this will be the last lockdown. You would all have had the email from the Club Captain . Click on the Handicap Tables button above to view the new Handicap tables.

We will soon be publishing the competition diary for January and February which you will find by clicking on Competitions in the Seniors section dropdown menu



May 3rd

April Issue


Just watched the PM`s brief. Good to hear we have passed the peak and announcement will be made with regard to phasing in release from lockdown next week.I would like to thank all the membership for their forbearance during this time of crisis which many of us haven’t seen in our lifetime.

I walked past the 2nd hole recently and it appears the course is in good shape.

I will update you further regarding the Tour. It maybe cancelled as the hotel may not be open. Peter will carry this forward to his year at the same venue if cancelled. Deposits can be left with Brian or reclaimed.

I still propose to run the Regional Challenge and add more Stableford/Medals to the diary to satisfy the World handicapping criteria. This starts on the 2nd November2020. I for one have not played in any qualifiers this year!

Unfortunately due to no clear direction from the club at the moment regarding tee time slots increasing, playing in 2,3 or fourballs etc our Thursday comps will be suspended. Once we have the direction we need we will instigate the comps. The main reason is that it will involve a lot of work to delete all the names and re input names individually.

Once I get direction from the club I will inform everybody.

Past Captains Cup scheduled for 10th September.

Recently we deposited £2500 to my Parkinsons charity which was gratefully received especially in what is happening at the moment. Thanks to all of you who contributed.

Not much else to report on and hope to see you all soon.

A guy is sentenced to death and the Warden on the day of the execution says would you like the bad news or good news. Guy says bad news. Warden says you are being sent to the electric chair. “Whats the good news”? The warden replies “Brian Duffy did the electrics”

And finally:

Did you know: Golf was banned in Scotland from1457 to 1502 to ensure citizens wouldn’t waste time when preparing for an English invasion!



April 6th 

March issue

We live in troubled times at the moment with golf taking a backseat as we grapple to contain the Covid 19 virus  which is rampaging through the country. End it will and if we take the advice given I`m sure we will be back soon.



Only one comp completed the 12th March Stableford. Jon Janes winning. Payment has been sent to the winner and runners up preferred card to be credited. If you had a two (Mike Gibson had two) please see me to collect balls.

The Founders was well and truly washed out. As the last fourball out by the time we played 3 holes the 13th was flooded. Needless to say the comp was cancelled. At this moment I`m not sure if we are going to play it again this year.

You may have seen previous emails about cancelled comps/friendlies etc.  When we return the committee will sit down and revise the diary for this year. Please bear with us.

 I have decided to cancel the Regional Challenge on the 18th June as some over 70`s may still be in isolation.

This also applies to the Past Captains Cup on 15th May. Participants will be advised shortly.


I will be reviewing this mid April as still too early to decide if it is to go ahead. I have asked for the balance to be paid early June so we still have 2 months to go. If it is cancelled then Peter Flack will hold the Tour for his year at the same venue.

Did you know

125000 golf balls per year are hit into water the 17th hole at Sawgrass. (Sadly cancelled this year)



March 3rd

February Issue



I would like to thank all those who stepped in during my holiday. It was very much appreciated.

Meeting with the General Manager

The Committee had a lengthy discussion on a number of subjects regarding the Seniors Section.

These have been minuted and you can read them when the minutes become available.


January saw all 5 comps played. 3 Stablefords and 2 fun comps.

Due to bad weather only 2 of the scheduled 4 comps took place in February. These were the Stablefords.

Stableford results are normally posted on the notice board and fun events on the website. Please check the website regularly as it contains a lot of useful information appertaining to the Senior section.

Money for winners, runner ups etc has been submitted and will be allocated to your preferred card, bar or pro.

If you`re not sure please let me know.

We have decided against calling up on the 11th as a policy. The trial didn’t prove conclusive so we will revert back to how it was before.

Preferred Lies

Will remain in force until further notice. Information how relief is taken is on the notice board.


We are now entering our busy months. If you wish to play in friendlies the list will go up 6 weeks prior to match date. The team will be selected and displayed 2 weeks prior to match date. If you are selected can you please ensure you do your utmost to play. It gets really difficult to find replacements sometimes the day before the match.

John Moss is the Friendlies organiser and responsility lies with him. If you have any queries speak directly to John please. If you are unable to contact John then please contact me.

Our first match is on the 11th March so if you put your name up  you will have been informed if selected.

 I know its a week late but there was a discrepancy with Nizells about how many in the team


If you get two`s on a medal or stableford a sheet will be displayed on the notice board. I have the balls in my locker so please see me and I will hand out. 2 balls per two.

I also have RBL medals still to hand out. Once again please see me for those who haven’t claimed them.



This comp will end on the 20th March. You have 10 attempts so those of you who have not reached 10 have two weeks or so to complete. Current leader board on the website.

Grand Prix

The updated results for the Grand Prix are on the website.

Founders Trophy

A revamp of the “old” comp. It is now a Betterball rather than a Singles comp. Rules have been rewritten and displayed on the notice board. Please ensure you read these prior to starting on the 5th March. The starter on the day will have a shot allowance sheet. Extra shots will be added to your handicap. A maximum of 5 is allowed to the longest serving seniors down to 0 if you have recently joined.

Apologies with regards to the draw but some names were not added to the sign up on V1. This has now been rectified and all members wishing to play are now included. Please note there will be chips and sandwhiches after the comp.

The Club have decided to amend prices for food and this may be reflected in the cost that will be charged in the future for comps that have food. We have been told that there have been no price rises in the last 5 years!


We have now 37 signed up and deposits paid. 3 more would be ideal so if you haven’t already done so please sign up. Further details will be published in due course.

Scratch Cup

I mentioned this at the AGM. The date has been pencilled in for the 17th September. Everyone can enter. More on prize money allocation later.



VE Day

Bill Grimley will be organising this in May. I`m sure it will be interesting to say the least!

Did you know……

Titleist is pronounced The logo was written by a secretary then as apparently she had excellent penship. It remains the same to this day!

All the best

Captain Hook

December 21st

A quiet month with only 3 competitions on the calendar, and two have been cancelled.

Please note that there will be no Senior Section sanctioned event on the 26th December (Boxing Day).

Once again slow play has raised its ugly head and I would urge all members to be aware of slow play. Please call the group behind you through if needed.

We are going to trial call up on the 11th tee. So once all your balls are on the green then please call the group up if they are waiting on the tee.

As the tee shots may be somewhat errant please choose a safe place to stand!

Withdrawals from competitions.

It would appear we are suffering a number of dropouts especially team competitions.

Some of these are late notifications.

Whilst I appreciate that there may be extenuating circumstances in withdrawing late it does not help the flow of the competition and puts undue pressure on the starter.

The Club Mens Section, of which we are a part, advocates that late withdrawal ie after 6pm prior to the competition start date will result in a 28 day ban for further competitions.

However, having said that, the Captain has ultimate discretion in deciding if the late withdrawal is warranted.


Preferred lies.

As you know preferred lies are in operation. There is a notice on the Seniors board explaining how relief should be taken.

However, there are situations where your ball may be plugged in the rough. You may take relief if your ball is plugged in the rough. Pick, clean and drop within one club length.

This is generally termed as “through the green” which means any area bounded by the course not just closely mown areas.


Please note all results are on the website.


The competition on the 5th  was cancelled due to frost.

The fun competition on the 12th was also cancelled due to frost.

At last a competition that took place on the 19th December. With rain forecast and impending buggy and trolley bans the field was reduced to 50 competitors from some 70 that entered. Pat McGrory was the winner on 40pts. There were 4 two`s


If you wish to peruse the Winter Rules for Competitions they are here on the website.

We are looking for a minimum of two members who wish to join the Committee in October 20. If you would like to express an interest there will be opportunities to sit on the Committee meets to get a flavour of how we manage the Senior Section. Please speak to me or a committee member.

Don’t forget our Seniors Open on the 27th July. We will be looking for Seniors members to host teams. Details to follow.

Poppy Appeal Medals

I have these in my locker. Can the following contact me when we see each other at the club and I will handout. M.Bryant, P.Smith, R.Bennet, S.Fletcher and J.Bignall.


Christmas Dinner Dance 7th December

Members and guests attended this year`s Dinner and Dance and it was good to see some new faces. It was also our chance to say Bon Voyage to our Chef Mike. Mike has been a great supporter of the Seniors Section and we wish him well. I would also like to thank all the staff for their help on the night.

I would like to thank all those that donated prizes to the raffle. We raised a sum of £315 which will be donated to my chosen charity Parkinsons UK.


I have raised so far £1623 since becoming Captain

Thanks to all those who have contributed.

If you play with the Captain and if you want to contribute, if I win you pay a sum to my charity. If I lose then I pay a contribution on your behalf. It is not compulsory!

Did you know

A hole in one on a par 5 is called a Condor. There have been 4 officially recorded!


Best regards and Merry Christmas

Captain Hook

Next Fore Please January



December 5th

The committee have decided that the 11th hole will be a call up hole to speed up play. This only applies when starting on the 10th tee. This is a trial until the end of January and any feed back will be appreciated.

So once all of your group is on the green please call the group behind you up if they are on the tee.

This only applies to Thursday Seniors competitions.

November 30th

Firstly I would like to thank Mike for his year as Captain.

A busy start to the year beginning with the AGM.A new format with an afternoon meeting with food. 54 members attended which is up on the last two years. The two tee start definitely helped. There were a number of votes and initiatives in my speech. The AGM minutes have been agreed and are on the Seniors Section website for you to view.

The Captains Drive In took place with the Rugby World Cup match taking precedence (first half) due to the England match. The Past Captains Putt Out took place and I managed to give Mike a tricky downhill slider which he holed out in two. Well done Mike.The four Captains then drove in and I managed a superb drive into a 30 mph wind.The format was a Florida Scramble 5 man team. This worked really well and I may introduce it in a 3 man format. Basically unlimited drives and whoever hit the ball selected drops out on the next shot and so on until holed out. 10% of combined handicaps

A number of Seniors took part and enjoyed the day. Please note this is one of a few competitions where you can enter without paying a green fee. Let`s try and rally up support for Peter next year.

The event was used to raise monies for the 3 nominated charities and after all monies were counted it resulted in £1284.15 being donated to each charity.

A fantastic start to the year and my thanks to everyone. 



Please note all results are on this website. A new Club website is under construction and Larry has kindly agreed to assist with this.

Army Drill 31st October

A new and innovative competition with 32x2 ball teams entered. We had 4 dropouts.

Winners were Jim Davies/Mike Gibson on 62 points

Poppy Appeal  

A miserable day greeted us with 20 dropouts due to weather, buggy ban and last minute cancelations. The overall result meant that there was a £100 shortfall to the Poppy Appeal. £185 was raised.

3 pairs were on 40 points and the winners were Mick Bryant/Steve Fletcher on countback.There will be memento`s for the first 3 pairs. Please see me at the Club and I will hand out.

Can I give a big thanks to Steve Jones who had a horrendous time in getting the field organised and away.



14th November

Buggies were cancelled due to rain overnight. 54 entries.

The winner was Mick Bryant on 43 points beating your Captain on countback despite a one under gross on the course front nine!

There were seven 2`s.

21st November

There were 65 entries. Once again good scoring with David Lake the winner on 42 points on count back.

There were four 2`s


Seniors/Ladies Competition 27th November

The competition entries were decimated once again by the weather and a buggy ban. However there were a number of brave golfers who played in atrocious weather although some withdrew after 9 holes.

The eventual winners were Malcolm, Hilary and John Parry on 75 pts

A superb lunch followed and my thanks to the catering staff, John Holt and Gill for what proved to be a complete reorganisation of the start list.


Ted Peel Quaich

25 teams entered on a dry but cold day with no threat of rain.

A Greensomes event with a trophy to be handed to the winners who were Rick Crumpton and Keith Pooley on 42 pts.

The event was followed by ham, egg and chips which went down well with everybody! Thanks to the catering staff


There were 28 different members who were on the various prize money lists  for November. Indeed a good spread.

My thanks to all the starters and to Brian Duffy, Bill Grimley and David Kent for their assistance with the V1 entry system on the 21st November. Please always make sure you have money on your PRO card as if you enter and if there are insufficient funds it may delay you signing in after a 15-20 minute system update when you put funds on.


Christmas Dinner Dance 7th December

We are still short of a few numbers so please sign up or pay at the bar.

Charity Donations for Challenge the Captain

I have raised so far £35 for November. Thanks to all those agreeing to take part. So if you want to contribute basically if I win you pay a sum to my charity. If I lose then I pay a contribution on your behalf.


Did you know

Scotty Camerons first name is Don!


Next Fore Please December

Best regards

Steve Hook

Seniors Captain

October 24th

Your 2019 Captain speaking for the final time

Typo in the previous edition where I published that Steve Hook had 44 points It was a mistake of course – hes not that good J J - it should have read 37

Congratulations to Mike Corbett and Bill Grimley who won the Pairs Knockout beating Paul Savastano and Murray Tinworth in the final by 4&3.

Did anyone find a Ping Sand Iron on Wed 16th and forgot to hand it into the pro shop. The owner would be most appreciative if you did. 

A valiant performance from our Super Seniors seen them take on Tenterden in the FINAL of the pairs knockout at The Weald of Kent. In what can only be described as testing/atrocious (crap) conditions they went down by 2 matches to one. Well done all for getting us that far.

Play Winter Rules effective November 1st until further notice

2020 Bag Tags are in the pro shop – pick up yours next time you are in there

So the FINAL Stableford of my tenure was played in atrocious conditions. Now I know what pilots feel like flying on instruments. Not surprisingly there were a number of withdrawls given the forecast and indeed the conditions. Congratulations to all who persevered.  Richard Yeo with a score of 38 points took the main spoils closely followed by Alastair Byron on 37. John Holt was in the frame again with Jon Janes and Keith Pooley taking the minor places.

Thursday October 24th Stableford

Richard Yeo                 38 Pts  

Alastair Byron              37 Pts

John Holt                      36  Pts

Jon Janes                      35  Pts

Keith Pooley                  34  Pts

This year’s notable news items

In November

72 players hit the fairways a record turnout for a Thursday

In December the Seniors Dinner & Dance – 76 places out of a maximum of 80 were filled for the annual D&D another Seniors record

In July the 2019 Tour

Another record for the tour with 45 signatories – 40 eventually made the trip


Thank you again for supporting my ‘Challenge the Captain’ on the Thursday competitions – this raised £ 125

The Senior Captains Charity day was a fantastic success swelling the coffers by £ 761

The section as a whole raised £3455 for the charitable causes - Captains Charity (Young Lives), Poppy Appeal and Prostate cancer

I with my co captains James and Alice presented a cheque for £25,441.32 to Young Lives which is testament to your fantastic support throughout the year

Thursday Competitions

Thank you all for the tremendous support for the regular Thursday Seniors slot. We averaged almost 58 golfers for Thursdays over the year which is fantastic.

The AGM had a tremendous attendance and switching the event from an evening to afternoon proved a good decision Presentation pictures click here

Did you know ?

The first Stableford of the Kings Hill Seniors section was played on Thursday 6th March 1997 with a field of 12 including one Andrew Sale esq (our Andy’s father). The following week  Alastair Byron joined the seniors section. The seniors Tee Times was set for 10:00 to 10:30 with on average 12 players turning out. By April the membership swelled to 28 plus the captain and included John Barry and Brian Rayner. June ’98 saw Keith Turnbull and Brian Elson join the ranks and it’s great that all of the above mentioned are still active in the seniors section which has now swelled to 142 and growing.

You have to laugh

George was not having a good day on the golf course. After he missed a twelve inch putt, his partner asked him what the problem was.

"It's the wife" said George. " As you know, she's taken up golf, and since she's been playing, she's cut my sex down to once a week".

"Well you should think yourself lucky" said his partner. "She's cut some of us out altogether!"

Dates or your diary

Support Steve Hook at the Captains Drive In on Sat Oct 27th

Sign up for the Ladies/Seniors Christmas event on Nov 27th – opens on Club V1 this coming Saturday

Sign up for the Seniors Dinner & Dance on Dec 7th


Best Regards and a huge thank you for allowing me to be your captain   


Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

Can the last man to leave please turn out the lights


Good luck Hookey!

This week’s news

October 17th

Starter duty 

Well done to all of you who have already completed your starter duty you have done a tremendous job. As a courtesy – can you please report to the starter of the day on your arrival. This helps him manage the sheet and not move players about unnecessarily.


NB Due to course maintenance our Super Seniors  pairs final at Weald of Kent will now take place on Monday 21st Oct 


The Captains Drive In is on Sat Oct 26th. This is one of the few days where if you are a 5 day member, you get a FREE greenfee. So why not come along and support Steve Hook who will serve as your Captain for 2020.


Competition Winnings

Have you considered directing any competitions to your proshop account rather than your bar account. Going forward competition entry fee will be deducted from your proshop account. Email me or any committee member if you wish to do so.


Look out for our last Seniors/Ladies event of the year. The notice has been placed on the notice board – so find it and sign up J



Kings Hill Seniors League & Friendly Matches

Oct 16th           Seniors Friendly home to Hever  

Oct 21st            Super Seniors v Tenterden SS pairs Knockout Final (Weald of Kent)



Thursday Competitions

Sept 26th    Saplings V’s Elders

The hardy bunch were not deterred by the forecasted rain and the “youngsters” sparred with their more aged friends as they contested the annual Saplings v Elders Shield. Thankfully only one heavy shower passed through and the majority of the field finished in sunshine. The elders as holders defended their title with vigour – alas on the day their younger opponents prevailed and the Captain presented the shield the leader of the saplings Keith Tunstall

Oct 3rd   – Seniors Medal

 61 members crossed the line in the latest medal and the first competition in the new Grand Prix season. The Grand  Prix is a yearly competition running from October to September where points are awarded in all the Seniors Monthly Medal and Stableford competitions. Any member playing in either or both Competitions will be automatically entered in the Grand Prix.

Just a reminder that when you are playing a medal competition, the time to play your PROVISIONAL ball is when you think you might be in trouble and NOT when you cannot find it and have to return to the tee. 

John Lawrence turned in a fine and challenging score of Nett 68 from the early starters and held sway for most of the day but ultimately was surpassed and relegated to second place. Mick Bryant returned an excellent 5 under par to win the day. Alex Parietti’s respectable Nett 69  with the help of count back saw off the Keith’s,  Pooley and Fisher for the minor places.

 Mick Bryant                67

John Lawrence            68

Alex Parietti                69

Keith Pooley                69

Keith Fisher                 69

All results have been posted to the web site.



Did you know ?

The coldest annual golf tournament is hosted at the Toonik Tyme Festival in the Northern Canadian territory. The Nunavut’s have a 9 hole tournament on a sheet of ice using fluorescent balls to reduce the risk of losing them in the snow.

You have to laugh

A businessman was attending a Conference in Africa. He had a free day and wanted to play a round of Golf. He asked whether there was any course in the vicinity and was directed to one in the jungle. After a short journey, he arrived at the Course and advised the Pro that he wanted to play 18 holes.

"Sure," said the Pro, "What's your Handicap?"

"Well, it's 16," said the Businessman, "But I don't see the relevance since I shall be playing alone."

"No, it's very important for us to know," said the Pro. The Pro then called a Caddy. "Go out with this Gentleman," said the Pro, "his handicap is 16."

The businessman was very surprised at this constant reference to his handicap. However, he paid it no more attention. The Caddy picked up the businessman's bag and a large rifle which he slung over his shoulder. Again the businessman was surprised but decided to ask no questions.

They arrived on the 1st Hole, a Par 4. "Please avoid those trees on the left," said the Caddy.

Needless to say, the businessman duck hooked his ball into the trees. He found his ball and was about to punch it out when he heard the loud crack of the rifle and a large snake fell dead from a tree above his head. The caddy stood next to him with the rifle smoking in his hand. "That's the most poisonous snake in all Africa," said the caddy, "you're lucky I was here with you."

After taking a bogey on the hole, they moved to the 2nd, a Par 5. "Avoid those bushes on the right," says the caddy.

Of course, the businessman's ball went slicing away into the bushes. As he went to pick up his ball, he heard the loud crack of the caddy's rifle once more and a huge lion fell dead at his feet. "I've saved your life again," said the caddy.

The 3rd hole was a Par 3 with a lake in front of the Green. The businessman's ball came up just short of the green and rolled back to the edge of the water. He had a shot. However, he had to place one foot into the lake to be able to play. As he was about to chip the ball on to the green, a large crocodile emerged from the water and bit off his right leg. As he fell to the ground, he saw the caddy with the rifle propped at his side looking on unconcernedly.

"Why didn't you shoot it?" writhed the man in pain.

"I'm sorry, Sir," said the caddy, "this is Handicap Hole 17, you don't get a shot here."

Dates or your diary

Captains Farewell – Oct 17th – farewell drink with the Captain

Captains Dinner Dance– Oct 19th

Seniors AGM – Oct 24th  - @ 2 p.m. after golf (2 tee start)  – light snack provided

Seniors Dinner & Dance  - Dec 7th

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

September 25th

This year we played host to the Kent Vets League Group 4 Jamboree. Clubs submit 6 pairs who play Better Ball Stableford  omitting the pair with the lowest score.

Joining Kings Hill were Rochester & Cobham, Mid Kent, Bearsted, Gillingham, Sittingbourne and Sheerness

Home advantage certainly played its part as our lowest score was 40 points!!! and was omitted. Best score of the day a massive 48 pts was returned by Phil Lennon and Mike Corbett. Great scores by all of the team meant we won the Jamboree by 13pts. Big shout to David Lake for his efforts in organising the day. Thank you also to those who helped on the day.


Fingers crossed for our Super Seniors in the pairs final at Weald of Kent on Weds 2nd Oct 


Home advantage did not help with the recent home friendlies. Nizels were victorious by 5 ½ to ½ and East Sussex National triumphed by 4 – 2 . So lets try and win our last event at home to Hever


My last social event of the year is the Captains Dinner. This will happen on Sat Oct 19th. 3 Course Dinner with Disco after. Dress Casual and cost is £30. Hope to see as many of you there who can make it .


Look out for our last Seniors/Ladies event of the year. The notice has been placed on the notice board – so find it and sign up J


By now you will all have received your renewal notice. The 8 month renewal is to bring us in line with many other golf clubs. Management are of the opinion that renewing a golf membership is more likely at the start of summer, rather than the start of winter. Hope to see you back again and in the Senior Section.


Jim Guard has resigned from his starter duties at the weekend and from the seniors section for family reasons. Thanks Jim for your efforts and we wish you and your family  good fortune in the future. Anyone out there fancy taking n the role ? Larry or David Lake will help you understand the requirements.


Kings Hill Seniors League & Friendly Matches

Oct 2nd           Super Seniors v Tenterden SS pairs Knockout Final (Weald of Kent)

Oct 16th           Seniors Friendly home to Hever (TBC)

Thursday Competitions

Sept 12th    Seniors Stableford

Another good turnout for the stableford. Countback was necessary as seems the norm with the Jim’s vying for top spot and Davies just edged out Guard for the main spoils with both returning a score of 38. The minor places all turned in 37 pts demonstrating how close the day was and finished in the order of Thornewell, Hillman and Swainston.

Jim Davies                   38 pts

Jim Guard                    38 pts

John Thornewell          37 pts

Peter Hillman              37 pts

Rob Swainston            37 pts

Sept 19th  – Seniors Medal

 47 of you contested the medal on the 19th. However only 45 scores counted as two of you did not sign your card. So remember to sign your card at the end of play particularly if you have a good score. Roger Bennett took the honours this week with a nett 66. Mike Gibson edged out Peter Norman on countback with net 71 and similarly Johann Kruger relegated Paul Smith on net 72

Roger Bennett             Nett 66  

Mike Gibson                Nett 71

Peter Norman              Nett 71

Johann Kruger             Nett 72

Paul Smith                   Nett 72

All results have been posted to the web site.

Did you know ?

Michael Hoke Austin of Los Angeles, California holds the record for the longest drive on an ordinary course. On September 25, 1974 in the US National Seniors Open Championship at Las Vegas, Nevada he hit a phenomenal 515 yard drive.

You have to laugh

Tom" sits in the clubhouse bar thinking about his next extra marital affair. Deep in though about the subject he absent mindedly starts thinking allowed. "Not worth it" he muttered, "never as good as you hoped. Expensive and above all drives the wife berserk."

A friend who was sitting close by at the time and over herd Toms words leaned across and said, "come on Tom you knew what to expect when you took up golf."

Dates or your diary

Captains Farewell – Oct 17th – farewell drink with the Captain

Captains Dinner Dance– Oct 19th

Seniors AGM – Oct 24th  - @ 2 p.m. after golf (2 tee start)  – light snack provided

Seniors Dinner & Dance  - Dec 7th

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

September 12th

With the league season now finished we say Congratulations to our KVL League Team and our Super Seniors team who finished 3rd and 2nd in their respective leagues. We wish the KVL team good luck in the end of season jamboree which we are hosting this year and also our best wishes go to our Super Seniors who take on Tenterden in the FINAL of the team knockout at Weald of Kent on Oct 2nd.


 There has been an influx of new members in the last couple of months. As always we welcome them to the section and hope that they will represent the club in the future be it KVL, Super Seniors or friendly matches. The dress required for such event is Team colours and if anyone wishes to acquire such items, KH Seniors logo’d Polo Shirts, jumpers or sleeveless pullovers please contact Peter Flack ( who will collate any new orders. .


As we near the end of the Captains year (I can’t believe it’s gone so fast) preparation is well underway for the AGM. This year we are trialling a new approach by holding the AGM at 14:00 in the Members Bar post golf on Oct 24th. I do hope to see as many of you as possible and even if you are not playing why not come along. This is YOUR opportunity to pass changes that may be proposed or have your voice heard. We will explain the move to competition booking via the ClubV1 system – how we see it working and when it will be introduced. The committee do invaluable work behind the scenes and are always looking to seek out opinion and suggestions. Would you like to join the committee?. The Notice of the AGM and proposed officers has been posted to the notice board. Please add your name (with proposal /seconded support) to that notice. 


Kings Hill Seniors League & Friendly Matches

Sep 19th           KVL Jamboree at Kings Hill  

Sep 16th           Friendly away to Nizels 

Sept 23rd           Seniors Friendly Home to ESN

Oct 2nd           Super Seniors v Tenterden SS pairs Knockout Final (Weald of Kent)

Oct 16th           Seniors Friendly home to Hever (TBC)

Thursday Competitions

Sept 5th    Texas Shambles

A new format team event for the seniors. Similar to the Texas Scramble but of course you play your own ball from there on. Feedback on this format was very positive with everyone I spoke with enjoying. It was difficult to predict what a winning score might be so with an average of 4 per hole 72 became the minimum mark. Not surprisingly EVERY team surpassed that score and indeed the winning trio amassed an average of 5 pts per hole.

Paul Richards, Ken Staerck, Michael Corbett                      90 pts

David Lake, Graham Bentham, Steve Heywood                  87 pts

Jim Guard, Paul Saxby, Stephen Bojczuk                           85 pts  

Sept 16th  – Stableford

 I will report on this competition on my return from holiday

All results have been posted to the web site.

Did you know ?

The longest recorded putt in a professional tournament was made by Bob Cook at the 1976 International Fourball Pro Am Tournament. On the 18th hole at St. Andrews, Cook made a 140 foot and 2 and ¾ inch long putt.

You have to laugh

A young golfer was playing in his first PGA Tour event. After his practice round he noticed a beautiful young lady by the clubhouse. He went up to her, began talking, and convinced her to come back to his hotel room for the night. All through the night they made wild love together. In the morning, the woman woke up and arose from bed. The man said, "Please don't go. I love you and I want you to stay with me."

The woman replied, "You don't understand...I'm a hooker."

The man said, "That's no problem, you probably just have too strong a grip."

Dates or your diary

KVL Jamboree – KH will host on September 16th

Captains Farewell – Oct 17th – farewell drink with the Captain

Seniors AGM – Oct 24th  - @ 2 p.m. after golf (2 tee start)  – light snack provided

Seniors Dinner & Dance  - Dec 7th

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

August 30th

Congratulations to Immediate Past Captain John Moss who entered the fraternity of grandparenthood on Sunday last and is now the proud grandfather to a little girl.


 It’s always nice to get a league win and particularly pleasing when its against Rochester & Cobham J . Great win by our boys triumphant by 3 matches to 2. Another Home match against Gillingham will close out the season and with a 4 – 1 win it looks like we have secured  third place in the league.


Unfortunately the Super Seniors suffered defeat away at the difficult Sittingbourne venue. However on Thursday 22nd they had a magnificent  victory by 3 – 0 over Langly in the Super Seniors Pairs Knockout and will now face Tenterden in the FINAL on a date and venue to be decided. Well done Super Seniors. Their final match is away to Redlibbits on Friday 30th


The friendly at home to the Nevill resulted in a 2 – 4 reverse to the visitors. Next up is an away game at Westerham on Sept 3rd


I must mention the generosity of Murray Tinworth who provided a magnificent plinth for our newest trophy the Kavanagh Vase which can now and will go on display in the trophy cabinet. Thanks Murray.  


Kings Hill Seniors League & Friendly Matches

Aug 30th           Super Seniors away at Redlibbets

TBA                  Super Seniors v Tenterden SS pairs Knockout Final

Sept 3rd             Seniors Friendly away at Westerham


Thursday Competitions

Aug 22nd   Stableford

Scoring was surprisingly low considering the ideal golfing conditions. Edward  Lugard in a fine vein of form was at it again and this time he topped the pile with 39points. David Kent with 38 points takes second place.  Newcomer Paul Smith made his mark with a return of 37 points and Ken Stevens just edged Boz on countback for the minor placings

Edward Lugard                   39

David Kent                          38

Paul Smith                            37  

Ken Stevens                       35  

Steve Bojczuk                     35


Aug 29th  – Captains Charity Day

 A Fantastic day and a BIG thankyou to all who took part. We took £590 in playing fees but 60 played therefore one of you signed the book but FORGOT to pay. So if you got home and wondered why you have more money in your wallet than expected then I shall be pleased to receive your £10 anonymously. A big thankyou also to all of you who sponsored the nearest the pin prizes and also those of you who donated raffle prizes.  And so to the competition itself. Great scores on the front 9 were not matched on the back. So the 88 pts posted by messers O’Connell, Stevens and Hewett was good enough to win the day and a box of Tour Soft balls. Boz, Malcom Honey and Gary Holden were next best on 84pts just edging out Peter Bryant, Simon Webb and Graham Bentham. Gentlemen – I have your prizes in my locker and will pass on when I next see you.

Maurice O’Connell, George Stevens and Brian Hewitt          88 pts

Steve Bojczuk, Malcolm Honey and Gary Holden                  84 pts

Peter Bryant, Simon Webb and Graham Bentham                83 pts                         

Nearest the pin on 6 Peter Bryant Tour Soft Balls

Nearest the Pin on 8 Steve Hook £20 Gift Voucher   

Nearest the pin on 11 Paul Edwards 2 x box of King Prawns

Nearest the Pin on 17 Andy Sale Champagne

Nearest the pin in 2 on 15 Gary Holden Under Amour Cap

As above I have your prize or voucher and will pass on when I next see you.

With playing fees and monies from the sale of extra raffle tickets the day Realised  £751. Once again thanks for your support

On an negative point the picture  was taken on Thursday Aug 29th of the bunker to the Right of the FIRST green  at around 09:00 hrs. So gentlemen PLEASE RAKE the bunkers otherwise I will have to resort to checking/measuring footwear. J



All results have been posted to the web site.

Did you know ?

The first golf instruction manual was published in 1857; “The Golfer’s Manual”, by “A Keen Hand” (H. B. Farnie).


You have to laugh

The man hit his drive behind a barn and could not see the green. His wife said, "I'll open the doors on both ends of the barn and you can hit the ball through the barn to the green". When the husband did this he hit his wife in the temple and killed her on the spot.

About six months later the husband was playing golf with a friend and sure enough he hit his ball behind the same barn. His friend said, "I'll open the doors on both ends of the barn and you can hit the ball through the barn to the green".

The husband said, "I don't think I can do this and I hate this hole".

His friend said, "it's not that hard and why do you hate this hole?"

The husband said, after bowing his head, "the last time I played this hole I got an 8!"

Dates or your diary

KVL Jamboree – KH will host on September 16th

Captains Farewell – Oct 17th – farewell drink with the Captain

Seniors AGM – Oct 24th  - @ 2 p.m. after golf (2 tee start)  – light snack provided

Seniors Dinner & Dance  - Dec 7th

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

August 16th

Our League team suffered a 3 ½ to 1 ½ loss at Sheerness on the 2nd of August and unfortunately followed that up with exactly the same result in the difficult fixture away at (champions elect) Sittingbourne.


Unfortunately the Super Seniors also suffered defeat away at Mid Kent but with good fortune can still finish up in the runner up spot.

So Home advantage helped with a 3 ½ to 1 ½ win over Bearsted. Now with Away matches at Sittingbourne and Redlibbets to come on the 20th and 30th August and the knock-out semi-final on the 22nd August at home.- Heres hoping for good fortune as we close out the season.

Lamberhurst cancelled the planned friendly because of concerns with the forecast storms.


A worthy cause - Kent Association for the Blind are holding a Charity Golf Day at Bearsted Golf Club – Wednesday 4 September 2019. I have attached an application form for any of you that may wish to participate.


There is  a fun competition on the bank holiday Monday 26th August. It's to be a mixed team event, best two Stableford scores from four.  Tee times have been booked under bank holiday fun comp from 13:06.  Please enter details of your team on ClubV1 as usual We've arranged a rolling carvery with choice of dessert at the standard members cost of £17 a head.  That will need to be booked and paid for with Mark/Mike i.e. at the upstairs bar.  We decided not to do drinks or anything beforehand, so you can choose what you want to do in your teams.

We will need the usual £2 a head for prizes, which will be collected on the day.


Two weeks ago on a seniors Thursday – did you pick up a Ping 7 iron – and have a senior moment by forgetting to hand it in  ??. If so please let Dave Sealey know J



Kings Hill Seniors League & Friendly Matches

Aug 20th           Super Seniors away at Sittingbourne

Aug 21st           KVL home to Rochester & Cobham

Aug 23rd           Home  Friendly with The Nevill

Aug 29th           KVL home to Gillingham

Aug 30th           Super Seniors away at Redlibbets

Roll Up Roll Up – Aug 29th  

Senior Captains Charity Day.

For The £10 entry fee you get Nearest the Pin on Par 3’s, Half Way house with soft drinks and cookies/cakes. Strip of Raffle Tickets. TEE sheet now open and tee times available up to 11:30.    All funds collected will go towards the Captains Charity of 2019 which is Young Lives of Maidstone.


Thursday Competitions

Aug 11th  Stableford

Yet another good turnout for the monthly Stableford. Brian Elson with a better back 9 just edged  Jim Davies for top spot. Countback was also necessary to separate the trio on 37 pts with Peter Flack taking 3rd and first time on the podium Edward Lugard and David James taking the minor places 

Brian Elson                          38

Jim Davies                           38

Peter Flack                           37  

Edward Lugard                     37  

David James                        37

Aug 15th  – Patsomes

The captain (for a change) was in imperious form and with a red hot putter and able assistance from playing partner John McKenna returned to the house with 43 points. Alas it was not enough as Peter Flack and Brian Smith with 22 on each nine edged them out by a point. Countback meant that Rick Crumpton an Keith Pooley with a similar points total of 43 were relegated to third place. 40 points saw Dave Sealey and Keith MacCarmic fill the fourth berth.


Peter Flack & Brian Smith                  44 pts

John McKenna & Mike Kavanagh       43 pts

Rick Crumpton & Keith Pooley            43 pts

Dave Sealey & Keith McCarmick        40 pts


All results have been posted to the web site.

Did you know ? (courtesy of Jane Marr)

Q:  How should you record your handicap and scores in a 4BBB competition?

Record against the player’s name their full playing handicap (under handicap) and then 90% of that handicap (under strokes received).

Ensure the best score for the hole is recorded against the hole and under the correct column for that player.   It is essential that the score is identifiable to the correct player.

Here is an example.








You have to laugh

Did you know that O.J. Simpson, Monica Lewinsky, Ted Kennedy, and President Bill Clinton are all avid golfers?

O.J.'s a slicer, Monica's a hooker, Ted Kennedy can't drive over water, and Clinton can't seem to hit the right hole!

Dates or your diary

Senior Captains Charity Day –  Thursday August 29th

KVL Jamboree – KH will host on September 16th

Seniors AGM – Oct 24th  - @ 2 p.m. after golf (2 tee start)  – light snack provided

Seniors Dinner & Dance  - Dec 7th

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

July 29th The Senior Section hosted an invitational Open event. 23 teams attended. The team from Chartham Park hosted by Jim Davies  took top honours, Weald of Kent hosted by David Kent were runners up and Hever Castle hosted by Graham Bentham took third place. Big shout to Glen Halsey, Chris Pearson and Mike Matthews for their exceptional support of this event.


There were fluctuating fortunes this week in the team events. Our KVL team fought out an excellent Draw away at Bearsted. The friendly team were defeated away at Hever Castle and our Super Seniors fell to their first defeat of the season away to Sheerness.  The friendly recovered their vanity somewhat with an away win at Ashford while unfortunately the Super Seniors fell to their second defeat away at Mid Kent


Kings Hill Seniors League & Friendly Matches

Aug 2nd KVL away to Sheerness

Aug 6th KVL away to Sittingbourne

Aug 9th Friendly home to Lamberhurst

Aug 14th Super Seniors home to Bearsted

Roll Up Roll Up – coming soon

Senior Captains Charity Day

For The £10 entry fee you get Nearest the Pin on Par 3’s, Half Way house with soft drinks and cookies/cakes. Strip of Raffle Tickets. Hoping to see as many of you as the tee sheet will support and am gathering donations for the raffle if any of you are feeling generous.  All funds collected will go towards the Captains Charity of 2019 which is Young Lives of Maidstone   

Thursday Competitions

July 17th     Yellow Ball Competition            

Bring home the yellow ball is the first objective in this competition but only six yellow balls came back from the 13 who went to the tee and some of them disappeared on the FIRST J . With an average score of just over 9 per hole the final fourball of the day posted a total of 167 and so took the spoils. Next best was 161 and third place was 156

Len Firestone, John McKenna, Keith Fisher & Brian Smith 167pts

Peter Bryant, Andy Sale, Dennis Gadd & Steve Hook 161 pts

Paul Richards, John Moss, Alan Peach &  John Tester 156 pts  


 July 25th  Stableford

The start sheet was decimated with late withdrawals because of the weather forecast one assumes. In extreme and  energy sapping conditions, of the 47 players who competed only one beat par. That man was Boz with 38 pts. How refreshing it was also to see David Hinge get into the prize money for the first time in quite a while – well done David.

Stephen Bojczuk              38

Robert Swainston             35

Roger Bennett                  34  

David Hinge                     34  

Peter Flack                       34

Aug 1st – Medal

The high handicappers had  good day and will be rewarded with significant handicap reductions as reward for their good display. John Lawrence shot a magnificent nett 66 to top the leaderboard. Boz was in the frame again but relegated to second place this week. Rick Crumpton, John Moss and Brian Hewitt filled the minor places.


1John Lawrence                      66

2 Stephen Bojczuk                   67

3 Richard Crumpton                68

4 John Moss                           68

5 Brian Hewitt                         70


All results have been posted to the web site.

Did you know ? (courtesy of Jane Marr)

Q: What are the important things to do when checking and signing your card?

How often do you simply check your stableford score or your stroke-play totals, maybe front and back, and then sign the card?

Remember you are only required to sign your card, confirm the gross scores for each hole is correct and your handicap is correct.  You do not need to validate the adding up or any stableford points – this is the committee’s responsibility (or the computer in our case)

The recommendation is to always verbally check back your gross score per hole against your marker record which you kept on the card you were scoring.  Sometimes, stableford points can be right but the gross score is wrong.

Q: What are the scorecard consequences?

            Handicap missing or too high – disqualification

            Handicap lower than it should be – score counts using the lower handicap

            Gross score on a hole too low – disqualification

            Gross score on a hole too high – score counts using the higher incorrect score

            Card not signed – disqualification

            Wrong points or total - none


Q:  When can you alter your card?

You can make corrections to your card at any time up to the point you have entered it into the system AND handed the card to the committee.

You have to laugh

Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods are playing the 16th hole, when Tiger's tee shot lands behind a huge, 100 foot fir tree. Tiger looks at Arnie and says, "How would you play this one? Lay up and take the extra stroke?"

Arnold replies: "When I was your age, I'd just play right over this tree."

Tiger, not wanting to be shown up by ol' Arnold Palmer, proceeds to hit the ball high and over the tree. Unfortunately, not high enough to clear the tree. It bounces off the tree and lands out of bounds to the right. Tiger, really ticked at this point, asks Arnold how he EVER hit a ball over that tree.

Arnold replied: "Well, when I was your age, that tree was only three feet tall."

Dates or your diary

Senior Captains Charity Day –  Thursday August 29th

KVL Jamboree – KH will host on September 16th

Seniors AGM – Oct 24th  - @ 2 p.m. after golf

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

July 21st

This week’s news

40 Seniors enjoyed their annual tour which this year was at the picturesque Dunston Hall near Norwich. The weather was kind and thankfully the forecasted rain did not occur with the temperature in the mid 20’s on Thursday. John McKenna took the honours on day 1 with 37 pts while Phil Lennon topped the pile on day 2 with 38pts. With a two day total of 72 pts Cavan Breslin is the first name to be engraved on the Kavanagh Vase for the best golfer on the Seniors Annual Tour


Meanwhile a  good week for both our league teams. A fantastic win in the KVL league with a 4 to 1 home win against Sheereness.

The Super Seniors remain unbeaten after a close match winning 3 to 2 at home to Redlibbets. They followed that up with a resounding 2 to 1 win against Nizels in the Knockouts


July 16th – Seniors/Ladies Fun competition.

The senior captain covered himself is dishonour by (1) being late on the tee and (2) hoiking his tee shot into the rough on the right by the ladies tee. Thankfully because of the company and discretion of the lady captain he was allowed to keep his trousers on and it was a Texas Shambles after all J . Thirteen 3 balls competed and Trevor Robins, Brian Elson, John Holt and Len Firestone were in the prizes   

Kings Hill Seniors League & Friendly Matches

July 22nd Super Seniors Sheerness away

July 22nd Friendly v’s Heaver

July 31st Super Seniors away to Mid Kent


Thursday Competitions

July 11th  Seniors on Tour

July 25th     Yellow Ball Competition           

Bring home the yellow ball is the first objective in this competition but only six yellow balls came back from the 13 who went to the tee and some of them disappeared on the FIRST J . With an average score of just over 9 per hole the final fourball of the day posted a total of 167 and so took the spoils. Next best was 161 and third place was 156

Len Firestone, John McKenna, Keith Fisher & Brian Smith 167pts

Peter Bryant, Andy Sale, Dennis Gadd & Steve Hook 161 pts

Paul Richards, John Moss, Alan Peach &  John Tester 156 pts   


All results have been posted to the web site.

Did you know ?

On February 6, 1971, Apollo 14 member Alan Shepard hit a ball on the moon with a six-iron. Shephard had to play the shot with one-handed because of his space suit.

You have to laugh

Two male golfers are standing on the 10th tee. Bill takes about 20 practice swings, changes his grip 5 or 6 times, and changes his stance just as much.

"Hey Bill what are you doing? Play for heaven's sake. We don't have all day!" says Jim.

"Hold on a minute, I gotta do this right. See the woman standing up there on the clubhouse porch? That's my wife and I would like to get off the perfect shot," replied Bill.

Jim looks, and about 250 yards away he sees Bill's wife. You must be kidding. You couldn't hit her from here.


Dates or your diary

Senior Captains Charity Day –  Thursday August 29th

KVL Jamboree – KH will host on September 16th

Seniors AGM – Oct 24th  - @ 2 p.m. after golf

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019




July 7th

This week’s news

In a tight match the seniors wend down 3 ½ to 2 ½  in the friendly at home to the Nevill


In a similarly tight encounter our KVL team went down 3 ½ to 1 ½  in the home match against Bearsted. However thing were back on track in a big way with a 3 – 2 home win against league leaders Sittingbourne


Seniors Championship

The technology gremlins had a serious glitch on round 1 of the seniors championship. Thanks to the persistence of Brian Duffy we got the final draw sorted by Tuesday with 53 entrants

For Awareness

Seniors Tour – July 9th – 11th

I have published details on a separate email about this year’s tour. If you have signed up for the tour but have not received the email then please let me know

Team Colours – were you one of those who placed an order for team colours (Polo Shirt, Jumper or slip over) ?? Your order is awaiting collection and payment in the proshop.

July 16th – Seniors/Ladies Fun competition.

Signup sheet on the notice board – please add your name

The Association of Kent Veteran Golfers are at Kings Hill on Monday August 19th . Organiser Brian Rayner is looking for volunteers (4 actually) to help on the day with registration and starter duties. Please contact Brian directly on if you can help

Kings Hill Seniors League & Friendly Matches

July 15th   Seniors home to Sheereness - KVL

July 16th Super Seniors away to Redlibbets

July 22nd Super Seniors Sheerness away

July 22nd Friendly v’s Heaver

July 31st Super Seniors away to Mid Kent

Thursday Competitions

June  27th  Championship Round 1 Medal

The forecast predicted warm and humid weather. We got a very cool northerly 3 club wind which made conditions very difficult for round 1. Unperturbed we hit the fairways with advice from the starter to “play a provisional if in doubt” as its a medal. As might be expected the lower handicap players were in contention at the top of the leader board come end of play but at last and with a fantastic net score of 69, the peoples champion took pole position in the medal and will finally lose that handicap of 30. Well done John and good luck everyone in round 2  

John Parry       99/69      

Gary Holden    79/71

Alex Parietti    79/72

Bob Ford          80/72

Peter Flack      91/73

July 4th     Championship Round 2 Medal   

Fantastic weather greeted the 56 players competing in the Medal most in the hope that a good round would push them up the leader board  of the Seniors Championship. The resultant  three way tie seen the players separated by countback with John Moss edging out Richard Beadle and Rob Swainston. Boz and Paul Saxby filled the minor positions.

John Moss                   94/71      

Richard Beadle           77/71

Rob Swainston 89/71

Stephen Bojczuk          85/72

Paul Saxby                   97/72

..and so to the Championship – despite the technical difficulties we got it done. Apologies for the delay in announcing the results but it was important to get the correct result. After two days of intense competition Gary Holden and Alex Parietti could not be separated and so headed off for a sudden death playoff down the first. With a birdie 4 from Alex, Gary was unable to match it and so we have a new name on the Seniors Champion board – that of Alex Parietti. Gary’s efforts we not in vain however as with a 2 day nett score of 143 was best in class and he picks up the Handicap Shield. The Handicap plate will have the name of John Parry inscribed as 2019 winner by virtue of his excellent first round score . 

All results and pictures have been posted to the web site.

Did you know ?

Canadian Jason Zuback and five-time World Long Drive Champion holds the record for the fastest ever golf drive at 204 miles per hour. With speed on his side he can drive the ball 468 yards.

You have to laugh

An avid golfer goes to see a fortune teller to enquire if there are any golf courses in heaven. "I have good news and bad news" she tells the golfer.

"What's the good news?" asks the golfer.

"The good news sir is that the courses in heaven are spectacular, without doubt better than anything you have ever seen on earth."

"What's the bad news then?" he asks.

"You have a tee time at 8:30 tomorrow morning."

Dates or your diary

Seniors Open – Monday July 29th – Course will be CLOSED to members until mid afternoon

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall  

Senior Captains Charity Day –  Thursday August 29th

KVL Jamboree – KH will host on September 16th

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

June 24th

This week’s news

Our Super Seniors are unstoppable this year so far. Not content with storming the league – latest home wins against Gillingham and Sheerness - they are now taking on and beating all before them in the knockout competition. Having received a bye in the first round they played away to Whitstable and Seasalter Golf Club in the second round. Low and behold  the team of three pairs managed a 2 games to 1 game win . It was a close match with the last pair winning their game on the 19th hole!! Allez le le troisième âge as they might say in France. They have a rest now until their next match against Redlibbits


Another good win too for our Seniors team in the home Friendly against Lamberhurst


Seniors Championship

As advised by separate email last week

The championship will be held this year over two consecutive Thursdays - June 27th and July 4th.

Each day will consist of an individual medal so you may enter one or both days.

Overall winners will be the cumulative score over the two days. 


The draw for round 1 will be made this coming Tuesday to allow for maximum entry. So keep an eye on clubv1 to see what your tee time is and or please withdraw your name if not intending to play

For Awareness

Seniors Tour – July 9th – 11th

I have published details on a separate email about this year’s tour. If you have signed up for the tour but have not received the email then please let me know


Kings Hill Seniors League & Friendly Matches

June 21st  Seniors home to Bearsted - KVL

June 24th Seniors home to Sittingbourne – KVL

June 26th Seniors Friendly away to the Nevill

Thursday Competitions

June  13th Stableford 

 The recent bad weather obviously left some of you wary about playing but 47 braved the conditions for the monthly stableford. A welcome return  to the winners enclosure with his wrist obviously mended David Kent topped the pile with 39  points. New member Mike Bryant is enjoying a fine vein of form getting to the podium once again  and the Peoples Champion is once more in  the frame but not good enough to get the handicap reduction he so desperately seeks J .

David Kent       39 pts 

Mike Bryant    34 pts

John Parry       33 pts

Ted Friswell     33 pts

Steve Bojczuk  33 pts

June 20th    The Regional Challenge Pictures in the Gallery


Congratulations to all involved in a very successful Regional Challenge. With a record number of players taking part the completion was enjoyed by all especially Captain Peter Bryant and his team of Vikings who won the day. Well done to all participants especially opposing captains Bill Grimley, Peter Hillman and Keith Fisher

All results have been posted to the web site.




Did you know ?

80% of all golfers will never achieve a handicap of less than 18

You have to laugh

Standing on the tee of a relatively long par three, the confident golfer said to his caddy, "Looks like a four-wood and a putt to me." The caddy handed him the four-wood, which he topped about fifteen yards off the front of the tee. Immediately the caddy handed him his putter and said, "And now for one hell of a putt!"

Dates or your diary

Seniors Open – Monday July 29th – Course will be CLOSED to members until mid afternoon

Seniors Club Championship – Round 1 Jun27th and Round 2 is July 4th   

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall  

KVL Jamboree – KH will host on September 16th

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019



June 12th

This week’s news

Commiserations to our KVL Knockout team who went down valiantly 2 -1 against Mid Kent in the second round.

Congratulations to our friendly team who had a home win against Westerham

Super Seniors are really on form with their third win in three with the latest victory coming at home to Mid Kent

Our KVL were also at  home to Mid Kent this week and in what can only be described as atrocious conditions ground out a creditable draw.


Regional Challenge

Great job by Dave Sealey and Phil Lennon in organising this years regional challenge. We have a record number of entries and I attach the full draw and rules to this issue. Please direct any queries to Dave or Phil

If you are one of.....

  1. Those that have previously indicated that they would like to play,  but havent yet  confirmed back to their captain that they are aware of their tee slots, could they please do so ASAP...... and

  2. Those that had NOT previously indicated that they would like to play but would now like to participate should contact Dave Sealey ASAP and not try to sign up on V1 as slots  have been blocked out.

Captains if you have any outstanding 'maybes' on your list, it would be greatly  appreciated if you could chase them up to ensure we have a full complement.


For Awareness

Kings Hill Seniors League & Friendly Matches

June 12th Seniors Friendly home to Lamberhurst

June 14th Super Seniors home to Gillingham

Thursday Competitions

May 30th No Competition 

 Course closed as Kings Hill is hosting the Kent Ladies Championship.


Not sure how many teams took part in the texas scramble but it was a good day by all accounts. There was some confusion as to what allowance should be given to a 3 ball team and arrangements were done on the day. We as a committee will define a STANDARD handicap allowance for texas scrambles at our next meeting. It should be noted however that unless otherwise stated all effort should be to play as a fouball.

June 4th    Team Event Texas Scramble       

Brian Tucker, Dabe Sealey Mike Gibson and Ken Copleston – 59.3

Graham Bentham, Keith Tunstall, Ted Friswell – 60.1

Larry Davis, Trevor Swift, John Tester and John McKenna – 60.8

John Holt, Len Firestone, Mike Bryant and Brian Smith 60.8 (counback


May winners have been credited to their chosen card

Did you know ?

There were no golf bags until the 1890s – before then caddies simply tied a strap around the clubs. The first golf tees were piles of sand. Moulds to make the mound soon appeared which were followed by celluloid tees in 1900.

Golf holes are always 4¼in wide, and have been since 1891. This is because The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R & A) wrote the rule book, and their holecutter had those measurements. Before the advent of the cutter, golf holes were just dug with trowels.


You have to laugh

After an enjoyable eighteen hole of golf, a man stopped in a bar for a beer before heading home. There he struck up a conversation with a ravishing young beauty. They had a couple of drinks, liked each other, and soon she invited him over to her apartment. For two hours they made mad, passionate love. On the way home, the man's conscience started bothering him something awful. He loved his wife and didn't want this unplanned indiscretion to ruin their relationship, so he decided the only thing to do was come clean. "Honey," he said when he got home, "I have a confession to make. After I played golf today, I stopped by the bar for a beer, met a beautiful woman, went back to her apartment and made love to her for two hours. I'm sorry, it won't ever happen again, and I hope you'll forgive me."

His wife scowled at him and said, "Don't lie to me, you sorry scumbag! You played thirty-six holes, didn't you?"


Dates or your diary

Regional Challenge  - June 20th     

Seniors Open – Monday July 29th – Course will be CLOSED to members until mid afternoon

Seniors Club Championship – Round 1 Jun27th and Round 2 is July 4th   

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall  

KVL Jamboree – KH will host on September 16th

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

May 16th

This week’s news

Congratulations to our KVL league team who finally got a win under their belt at the third attempt. A tough opening sequence of 3 away fixtures saw them get the much sought win at Gillingham by 3 – 2. The Super Seniors beat Sittingbourne at home by the same margin and are now 2 for 2 as our American friends would say. Next up is two home fixtures for the super seniors against Bearsted and Mid Kent and KVL have a home match against Mid Kent

Mixed Friendlies  

These are sociable matches with 6 or 8 pairs per side and an opportunity to play at some good away courses as well as here at home. It’s not just for couples, it is very much a mix and match with the ladies.

The sign-up sheets for these will be on the noticeboard next to the Ladies locker room and are managed by Gill Olke. Her email is

2nd June          away to Dale Hill.

14TH July          home against Dale hill.

5th August        away to Bletchingley (BH Monday)

11th August      away to Red Libbetts

25th August       home to Faversham

1st September   home to Mannings Heath

15th September home to Red Libbetts


Mens Friendly Matches

Simon Webb has posted sign up sheets for the next two Friendly Matches on the board.

Firstly, Sunday 16th June - away at Mannings Heath  (12)

Secondly,  Saturday 22nd June - home against Surrey Downs … (16)


For Awareness

Kings Hill Seniors Open Invitational Event

Our Open Invitational Event is well supported by other clubs. This year we have 23 teams taking part. Did you miss the host signup sheet?.I still need a few more volunteers. Are you available to Host a visiting team on Monday July 29th ? Cost to you is £20 and for that you get a bacon roll on arrival and 2 course lunch as well as a fantastic prize table. Let me know if you are available and wish to partake.

Reminder The course will be closed May 29/30/31st as Kings Hill is hosting the Kent Ladies Championship. In previous years the Senior Section has provided volunteers to help out with ball spotting. Are you available on any of these dates and would you like to volunteer your services ?. Please contact   Alice ( or Lindsay ( and let them know how and when you can help.

Regional Challenge

The ever popular Regional Challenge will take place on June 20th . The booking system has been closed for this date and if you wish to play please be sure to put your name down on the sign up sheet posted on the Seniors Notice Board. Once the draw has been completed any available tee times will be released .


Thursday Competitions

May 16th Stableford 

 A great turnout once again with 69 players contesting the stableford competition.  KVL Captain Chris Broughton honed his skills to lead the field with an excellent return of 38 points. He was closely followed by the old stalwart Paul Edwards and with Phil Lennon and Graham Bentham being separated by Roger Bennett the race for the Grand Prix is firmly underway

Chris Broughton               38 

Paul Edwards                     37

Phil Lennon                       36

Roger Bennett                 36

Graham Bentham            35


Fourteen teams contested the Team challenge on Thursday. Blind Cards were used to even up the teams but it had no affect on the overall result. Scoring was tight but the fourball of Hook, Sale, Flack and Woodley prevailed with 96 pts to win the day. They were closely followed by Rayner, Davies, August and Jeffs with 93. Countback separated the minor placings. 

May 23rd    Team Event

Steve Hook, Peter Flack, Andy Sale, John Woodley – 96 pts

Brian Rayner, Jim Davies, Robin August, Doug Jeffs – 93 pts

Ken Staerck, Larry Davis, Peter Bryant, John Thornewell – 92 pts

Peter Brooks, John Lawerence, Keith Pooley, Terry Barnden 92 pts.



Did you know ?

If you walk round an 18 hole golf course, you’ll only walk roughly 4 miles and burn 2,000 calories.

If you ride around an 18 hole golf course on a golf cart you’ll burn around 1,300 calories

You have to laugh

A couple whose passion had waned saw a marriage counselor and went through a number of appointments that brought little success. Suddenly at one session the counselor grabbed the wife and kissed her passionately. "There" he said to the husband, "That's what she needs every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday".

"Well," replied the husband, "I can bring her in on Mondays and Wednesdays but Saturdays and Sundays are my golf days."

Dates or your diary

Regional Challenge  - June 20th     

Seniors Open – Monday July 29th – Course will be CLOSED to members until mid afternoon

Seniors Club Championship – Round 1 Jun27th and Round 2 is July 4th   

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall  

KVL Jamboree – KH will host on September 16th

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019


May 10th

Well Done  to our Kent Vets Knockout team who won away 2 – 1 at Red Libbetts and advance to the next round where they will play Mid Kent. 

The St Georges Ladies/Seniors event was eventually played on Apr 30th. 40 participants took part in the event and a great day was had by all.

Ken Stevens, Brian Rayner Sue Cooper and Val Lugard took the honours. Peter Chapman, Kate Downing, Lindsay Tilley and Viv Stoner came in second and Malcolm Honey, John Parry, Hilary Stephens and Annie Foster in third


A sociable collection of past captains congregated at the Nevill GC on May 3rd for the Past Captains day. The forecasted showers thankfully did not materialise and everyone got back dry.  A tasty luncheon followed and with as many green jackets as you might see at Augusta they all looked resplendent. David Aldwinkle’s 39 points was good enough to win the Past Seniors Captain trophy and John Thornewell’s 37 points was sufficient to claim the Salver (past club captains who are active in the seniors section). Presentation photos on the gallery.

Hardy golfers or fool hardy people was the question as the seniors friendly against Nizels got underway in heavy rain. Thankfully the weather improved and the players finished in sunshine with an honourable 3 – 3 draw.

The Super Seniors had a fantastic start to the 2019 campaign winning 4 – 1  away at Gillingham

Meanwhile our KVL team had their second tough assignment of their crusade  going down 3 1\2 to 1 1\2  away to Mid Kent

For Awareness

Draw sheets for the summer knockouts (singles & pairs) are now on the board. Please ensure you get you matches played by the due date. Remember the onus is on the player on top of the draw to contact and agree a suitable date with his opponent. Failure to do so will mean an automatic concession of the match

Reminder The course will be closed May 29/30/31st as Kings Hill is hosting the Kent Ladies Championship. In previous years the Senior Section has provided volunteers to help out with ball spotting. Are you available on any of these dates and would you like to volunteer your services ?. Please contact   Alice ( or Lindsay ( and let them know how and when you can help.

Seniors Championship

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are not able to run the Seniors Championship on July 3rd and 4th as originally planned and recorded in the Diary. After much deliberation in committee we have made some major changes to the June diary to accommodate. June 20th is now the date for the Regional Challenge. Round 1 of the seniors championship is set for June 27th  and the second round will take place on the following Thursday July 4th Apologies for the changes but these are the best fitting dates in an extremely busy period for the Seniors section. Remember to check that you have played the required number of qualifying competitions. We also discussed the topic of qualification. We realise that some of our seniors are still in gainful employment and will change the qualifying criteria to four SENIOR EVENTS.

Thursday Competitions

May 2nd Memorial Trophy 

 51 players enjoyed excellent and ideal conditions for the Memorial Trophy. Played as a par/bogy competition it proved a popular format among the members. The Peoples Champion was champion on the day returning a score of +6 and countback separated the +5’s

May 2nd – Memorial Trophy  

 John Parry          +6 

Jim Davies           +5

Gary Holden       +5

David James       +5

John Lawrence +4

A dodgy weather forecast for Thursday did not deter. 55 Seniors took to the fairways in challenging conditions. With half the field back in the house it looked like the weather had won the day as nett 74 was leading in the clubhouse. But the later starters weathered the storm (pardon the pun) returning sub par rounds – well two of them J

May 9th    -   Medal        

Phil Lennon                Nett 69

Peter Bryant                      70

Dave Sealey                      74

Rob Swainston                   74  

Mike Gibson                       75

            All results have been posted to the web site.

Did you know ?

Before the use of tees, golfers would tee-off from a pile a sand

In 1899, George F. Grant of Boston patented the tapered wooden tee.

It wasn’t until the 1920’s when the plastic and wood golf tees we’re familiar with today became poplular.


You have to laugh

According to a recent survey on American sports...

1. The sport of choice for the urban poor is BASKETBALL.

2. The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is BOWLING.

3. The sport of choice for frontline workers is FOOTBALL (read Gridiron).

4. The sport of choice for supervisors is BASEBALL.

5. The sport of choice for middle management is TENNIS.

6. The sport of choice for corporate officers is GOLF.


The higher you are in the corporate structure the smaller your balls become.

Dates or your diary

Regional Challenge  - June 20th  NB Date change  

Seniors Open – Monday July 29th – Course will be CLOSED to members until mid afternoon

Seniors Club Championship – Round 1 June 27th and Round 2 is July 4th  NB Date change

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall  

KVL Jamboree – KH will host on September 16th

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019


April 25th

This week’s news

Good Luck to our Kent Vets Knockout team of Phil Lennon Andy Sale Mike Gibson Peter Bryant Dave Sealey & Jim Davies on as they take on Red Libbets on April 26th

As mentioned in the previous issue our Seniors KVL Team opened their season with a tricky away fixture at Rochester & Cobham. And so it proved as despite a valiant rearguard  defence they were vanquished by 4 matches to 1.

Our Super Seniors kick off their campaign away to Gillingham on May7th and our KVL team are in action again on May 8th away to Mid Kent

For Awareness

Draw sheets for the summer knockouts (singles & pairs) are now on the board. Please ensure you get you matches played by the due date.

The BRS system was retired on April 18th and has been replaced by Club V1. Please DO NOT use BRS anymore. Apart from a new way to reserve your preferred tee time Club V1 offers many more options. You can see the balance on your bar card and a little further down the line you will be able to top up your card using the app. Another benefit it offers and its currently in use today is the ability to pay your competition entry fee as you sign in on the PSI terminal. (used for midweek and weekend competitions) This is something we (committee) are considering adopting but don’t panic it’s not going to happen immediately. There are a number of technical issues we need to resolve first . You would also need to have a proshop account separate from your bar card for it to work. Watch this space for updates and opinions

Reminder The course will be closed May 29/30/31st as Kings Hill is hosting the Kent Ladies Championship. In previous years the Senior Section has provided volunteers to help out with ball spotting. Are you available on any of these dates and would you like to volunteer your services ?. Please contact   Alice ( or Lindsay ( and let them know how and when you can help.

Kings Hill Seniors Open Invitational Event

Our Open Invitational Event is well supported by other clubs. It would be fantastic if we could reciprocate and send a team to some of them. You will find a list of Open events on Golfempire (Seniors Opens) Clubs that have sent a team to Kings Hill are:

Hever Castle, Wrotham Heath, Littlestone, Cherry Lodge, Weald of Kent, Southern Valley, Chartham Park, Westerham, Ashford, North Foreland, Pyecombe, Braintree & Farham.

Congratulations to Paul Richards and Murray Tinworth who were among the winners of the Captains Masters Sweepstake and a big thank you to Paul who donated £40 from his winnings to the captains charity.


Thursday Competitions

April 18th Pairs 5 Club Challenge 

 Fantastic weather greeted the 40 players who lined up for Thursdays challenge. Was it the school holidays, or the 5 club challenge or he 5 club greensomes that meant the numbers were lower than normal. I suspect the latter. Regardless albeit in good conditions the scoring was low but with a tight finish as always. Long term clubhouse leaders Hinge & Kruger were eventually relegated to the minor positions when the late starters got back to the house. Congratulations to The Peoples Champion and Peter Hillman for winning the day with 39 points. Larry Davis and Murray Tinworth were a close second, while Bill Grimley and David James just edged the aforementioned Hinge and Kruger on countback

April 18th - Pairs 5 Club Greensomes

Peter Hillman & John Parry  39 pts 

Larry Davis & Murray Tinworth 38 pts

Bill Grimley & David James  37 pts

David Hinge & Johan Kruger 37 pts

A full tee sheet on Monday and a dodgy forecast for Thursday seen some cancellations that starter Steve Faulkner needed to resolve for the April Stableford. The forecasted bad weather did not materialise but the odd shower and a tricky cross wind made conditions challenging. As has been the norm of late countback was necessary to separate the top two with Len Firestone edging out Peter Brooks. John Moss scored a creditable 38 for third on his own while David James headed those on 37.

Apr 25th    -   Stableford

Len Firestone             39 pts

Peter Brooks              39 pts

John Moss                 38 pts

David James              37 pts

Brian Rayner              37 pts

      All results have been posted to the web site.

Did you know ?

The legendary Sam Snead is the only male golfer to have won a tournament on the LPGA Tour. In 1962, he won the 1962 Royal Poinciana Plaza Invitational finishing with a 5 shot lead.

You have to laugh

A very avid golfer was lined up and ready on the 17th tee when out of the woods came a naked girl who ran past him and into the woods on the other side of the tee. Being the avid golfer he was, he once again beared down on the ball and right in the middle of his backswing a guy in a white coat ran out of the woods and asked him if a naked lady ran past. Our golfer said "yes, she ran into the woods".

The guy in the white coat said thanks and ran after her. Our golfer again prepared to hit the ball when all of a sudden another man in a white coat came out of the woods carrying a 5 gallon bucket of sand and asked if he had seen a man in a white coat come through her chasing a naked lady. He said yes, they ran that way through the woods. The man said thanks and started to run off when the golfer stopped him and asked, "hey, what's going on?"

The guy explained, "you see we work at a sanitarium nearby and every now and then that girl gets away and all she wants to do is get naked and make love".

The golfer then asked, "well what's the bucket of sand for???"

The guy in the white coat said, "Oh that's my handicap, you see I caught her last time!!


 Dates or your diary

 St Georges Day – Apr 30th Ladies and Seniors Fun Comp

Regional Challenge  - June 27th

Seniors Open – Monday July 29th – Course will be CLOSED to members until mid afternoon

Seniors Club Championship – July 3rd & 4th  - Subject to change – watch this space

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall  

KVL Jamboree – KH will host on September 16th

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

15th April

This week’s news


Good Luck to our Seniors KVL Team who kick off the season with a tricky away fixture at Rochester & Cobham on April 15th


For Awareness

Our busy season and major competitions are fast approaching. Make sure you have played sufficient qualifiers in order to be able to participate.  Rules and eligibility link can be found on the seniors home page – or use this shortcut -  Seniors Comp Rules & Regs

The BRS system will be retired on April 18th and will be replaced by Club V1. This is a GOOGLE  APP which you can have on your phone and  is tightly linked to HowDidIDO. Instructions for booking have been sent in an earlier communication.

St Georges Day – Ladies/Seniors Fun event

Because of planned course work we need to move the original date of Tuesday April 23rd for the Ladies and Seniors fun tournament. This is now scheduled for April 30th – the signup sheet is now on the board . We still need a few more players – Bill Grimley will lead the seniors on the day – so if you are free to play please add your name to the signup sheet.

Staying with the Ladies /Seniors connection. The course will be closed May 29/30/31st as Kings Hill is hosting the Kent Ladies Championship. In previous years the Senior Section has provided volunteers to help out with ball spotting. Are you available on any of these dates and would you like to volunteer your services ?. Please contact   Alice ( or Lindsay ( and let them know how and when you can help.


New Members

This year we have seen a big influx of new members to the senior section with 3 day, 5day and 7 day members. If you get the opportunity to meet any of these please give them a warm Kings Hill Seniors welcome (which I know you will) and invite them to join you for a game so you can help them get to know the club, the section and the golf course.

 Thursday Competition‘s

April 4th Pairs Better Ball 

 Not sure how we got 63 playing in a pairs competition but thats the number of the day J. The majority got round without getting wet and the scoring close. Early starters Dave Welch and Rob Swainston set the bar with 59 points which was later matched by Brian Rayner and Steve Jones relegating them into second place on countback by virtue of a better back nine. Ken Stephens and Doug Jeffs took 3r place with 58 pts and the Captain and his partner John McKenna pinched 4th place with 57.

April 4th - Pairs Stableford  

Brian Rayner & Steve Jones 59 pts

Dave Welch & Rob Swainston 59 pts

Ken Stevens & Doug Jeffs 58 pts

The Captain & John McKenna 57pts.

Our first Medal of the year on April 11th an 57 players crossed the starters line. Unfortunately ONLY 51 cards were returned and NOT all of the scores were entered into the PSI terminal. The result of this is that it took almost TWO HOURS to get the competition closed and published. So Gentlemen there are THREE things to remember when we play a qualifying event

1 Return your Card

2 Enter your score on PSI

3 Place your card (even if NR) in the box

That said Peter Bryant returned to the winners rostrum with a net 72. Alasdair Byron took second place with a net 73. Andy Sale and Brian Duffy with net 74’s filled the minor berths



Apr 11th    -   Medal

Peter Bryant                                  Net 72

Alasdair Byron                               Net 73

Andy Sale                                     Net 74

Brian Duffy                                   Net 74


All results have been posted to the web site.

Did you know ?

The 1953 World Championship of Golf was the first nationally televised golf tournament. The tournament was filled with the drama that has helped golf become a mainstay of sports entertainment. Lew Worsham needed a birdie to take the tournament into a playoff against Chandler Harper but he eagled from 104 yards to win on the final hole.

You have to laugh

Ten Marvellously True But Very Funny Sayings about Golf

  1. I'll always remember the day I broke ninety. I had a few beers in the clubhouse and was so excited I forgot to play the back nine - Bruce Lansky

  2. They say golf is like life, but don't believe them. It's more complicated than that - Gardner Dickinson

  3. I'm hitting the woods just great, but I'm having a terrible time getting out of them - Harry Tofcano

  4. Golf! You hit down to make the ball go up. You swing left and the ball goes right. The lowest score wins. And on top of that, the winner buys the drinks - Anon

  5. I play in the low 80s. If it's any hotter than that, I won't play - Anon

  6. Putts get real difficult the day they hand out the money - Lee Trevino

  7. The best wood in most amateurs' bags is the pencil - Unknown

  8. I'd like to see the fairways more narrow. Then everybody would have to play from the rough, not just me - Seve Ballesteros

  9. If you think it's hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball - Jack Lemmon

  10. Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into a even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose - Winston Churchill

 Dates or your diary

 St Georges Day – Apr 30th Ladies and Seniors Fun Comp

Regional Challenge  - June 27th

Seniors Open – Monday July 29th – Course will be CLOSED to members until mid afternoon

Seniors Club Championship – July 3rd & 4th  - Subject to change – watch this space

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall  

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh



29th March

Thank You

I want to start this edition with some thank you’s.

Thank you to the 67 who played  in the Prostate Cancer Charity team event on March 21st

Thank you Dennis Gadd, Ian Cogger, Peter Brooks, Paul Saxby, Roger Bennett and Rick Crumpton for you generosity in donating the prizes and Thank you to all those who donated extra money on the day

Total collected on the day was £395 and all will be sent to the Charity

Wednesday March 27th and our friends from Ashford visited for the first Friendly of 2019. The match was played in good spirit and despite a spirited rearguard  effort Ashford were victorious by the merest of margins 4 – 3 . Well done to all who played and look forward to turning the tables on our return.   

For Awareness

The signup sheet for the Summer Singles and Pairs Knockout competitions are on the notice board. Please make sure you sign up soon if you want to take part. This sheet will be removed at the end of next week.

There is ALSO a sign up availability matrix for the rest of the years friendly matches posted on the notice board. This will help us to gauge availability and try and give everyone a game where possible. Please review and add your availability for the dates advertised. EVERYONE welcome.

St Georges Day – Ladies/Seniors Fun event

Because of planned course work we need to move the original date of Tuesday April 23rd for the Ladies and Seniors fun tournament. This is now scheduled for April 30th – the signup sheet is now on the board .


Thursday Competitions

March 21st and a Yellow Ball team competition. The Captain was admonished (and rightly so) by the competition secretary for changing the scoring from best 3 to all 4 – sorry John was not intentional J. First objective was to bring the yellow ball home and of the 17 that went out 15 came back. Ken Copleston hoiked his into the woods on the 16th. Not content with trying to win with the yellow ball Murray Tinworth challenged his team even more by slicing the yellow ball into the lake on the FIRST. Well done boys for getting 140 point without the yellow . 175 points won the day with the next two teams on 167 points

Mar 21st   - Team Yellow Ball  

Steve Bozcjuk, Peter Brooks, Dennis Evans and Steve Jones 175 pts

Andy Sale, Peter Flack, Fran Reardon and Cavan Breslin 167 pts

Phil Lennon, John Moss, Larry Davis and The Captain (hurragh) 167 pts

Andy Sale wins a Bottle of Scotch for  nearest the pin in 3 on the 10th

Murray Tinworth wins a Bottle of wine for nearest the pin 3 on the 4th

Mike Corbett wins a bottle of wine for an actual birdie on the 4th

Peter Flack wins a Bottle of Brandy for nearest the pin on 8th

Phil Lennon wins a £20 Fish voucher for nearest the pin in on 11th

Paul Whittam wins a Bottle of wine for nearest the pin on 17th

Congratulations all I will pass on your prizes as I see you at the club.

A fantastic turnout of 76 (another record)  teed it up for the Stableford Qualifier on the 28th March.  Scoring was varied and countback was again necessary to separate the top 3.Boz and Dennis Evans were on the podium for the second week running and David Lake completed the triumvirate vying for top spot. Phil Lennon and Brian Hewitt filled the minor places with a respectful 39 pts

Mar 28th    -   Stableford

Steve Bozcjuk                                            40

Dennis Evans                                             40

David Lake                                                40

Phil Lennon                                               39

Brian Hewitt                                              39 

All results have been posted to the web site.

Did you know ?

Golf balls were originally made from thin leather stuffed with feathers. At the time, tightly packing feathers was the most effective way to produce golf balls that flew the longest distance.

You have to laugh

A Jew, a Catholic and a Morman were having drinks at the bar after an inter-faith convention. The Jew, bragging about his virility said, "I have four sons, one more and I'll have a basketball team!"

The Catholic poo-poohed this acomplishment, stating, "That's nothing boy, I have 10 sons, one more and I'll have a football team."

To which the Mormon replied, "You fellers ain't got a clue. I have 17 wives, one more and I'll have a golf course!"


Dates or your diary

 St Georges Day – Apr 30th Ladies and Seniors Fun Comp

Regional Challenge  - June 27th

Seniors Open – Monday July 29th – Course will be CLOSED to members until mid afternoon

Seniors Club Championship – July 3rd & 4th

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall  

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019


16th March

This week’s news

Roll up Roll up  for Fun Competition on March 21st in support of Prostate Cancer

A number of our section have firsthand experience of this illness. We are delighted to give some support to the charity and hope to see as many as possible of you sign up to play. As well as the normal 1st to 5th prize fund (funded by the committee) there are a number of on course (nearest the pin) prizes donated by section members for you to win.  

The Winter Eclectic has finished and the full leader board has been posted to the website – this is the top 6 positions

1          Turnbull K

2          Davis L

3          Brooks P

4          Hook S.

5          Grimley B

6          Corbett M.


For Awareness

The signup sheet for the Summer Singles and Pairs Knockout competitions are on the notice board. Please make sure you sign up soon if you want to take part.

There is ALSO a sign up availability matrix for the rest of the years friendly matches posted on the notice board. This will help us to gauge availability and try and give everyone a game where possible. Please review and add your availability for the dates advertised. EVERYONE welcome.

There has been an influx of new members over the last two months who will have missed out on the early advertisements. For their benefit I have attached the details of the 2019 Seniors Tour but if any of you have changed your mind and now want to go on the tour please let me know.

St Georges Day – Ladies/Seniors Fun event

Because of planned course work we need to move the original date of Tuesday April 23rd for the Ladies and Seniors fun tournament. Please keep an eye out for the signup sheet on the notice board


 Thursday Competitions

March 7th seen the revamped Founders Trophy played. In blustery conditions 60 Senior’s took part in the pairs texas scramble and despite the strengthening wind scoring was respectable. It was looking like countback would once again be needed with 4 pairs in on 40 points, however it was only needed to sort out the minor places as the old stalwart Murray Tinworth and his partner of the day John Holt in the last group out, came back with a superb 42 points to claim the spoils. Best of the rest was Mike Gibson & Steve Jones, followed by Richard Howlett and Brian Smith and Brian Tucker & Richard Beadle


Mar 7th   - Founders Trophy  

Murray Tinworth & John Holt  42  

Mike Gibson & Steve Jones  40

Richard Howlett & Brian Smith  40

Brian Tucker & Richard Beadle  40


Such was the interest in playing in our first qualifier of 2019 that Chris Pearson extended the sign up sheet to 11:04  to accommodate the 72 players wanting to play. Storm Gareth did his best to deter but 42 souls went to the tee. The captain flattered to deceive with 18 pts on the front 9 only to succumb to the conditions on the back nine and fall back into the pack. However the effervescent Andy Sale showed how it should be done returning a very creditable 36 points given the conditions. He was closely followed by Rick Crumpton on 35 with Brian Smith, Jim Guard and the Peoples Champion filling the minor places.

Mar 14th    -   Stableford

Andy Sale 36

Rick Crumpton 35

Brian Smith 34

Jim Guard 34

The Peoples Champion  32            

All results have been posted to the web site.

Did you know ?

Iron’s were named individually as follows:

The one iron was called “the driving iron”.

 The two iron was called “the midiron”.

The three iron was called “the mid mashie”.

The four iron was called “the mashie iron”.

The five iron was called “the mashie”.

The six iron was called “the spade mashie”.

The seven iron was called “the mashie niblick”.

The eight iron was called “the pitching niblick”.

The nine iron was called “the niblick”


You have to laugh

My Book as mentioned in the last issue also includes some GOLF TERMINOLOGY 

A Paris Hilton - an expensive hole 

A Diego Maradonna  - a nasty 5 footer 

A Salman Rushdie - an impossible read 

A Rock Hudson - thought it was straight, but it wasn't 

A Cuban - needs one more revolution 

An Elton John - a big bender that lips the rim 

An Adolf Hitler - two shots in the bunker 

A Yasser Arafat - ugly and in the sand 

A Kate Moss - bit thin 

A Gerry Adams - playing a Provisional 

A Brazilian - Just shaved the hole

A Rodney King - overclubbed 

An O. J. Simpson - got away with it 

A Princess Grace - should have taken a driver 

A Princess Di - shouldn't have taken a driver 

A Ladyboy - looks like an easy hole but all is not what it seems 

An Elephant's arse - high and shitty 

A Condom - safe but didn't feel real good 

A Sister-in-law – you’re up there but you know you shouldn't be 

I have copies in stock but I anticipate a rush so be quick and ensure you don't miss out!


 own that long."

Dates or your diary

Friendly v’s Ashford – March 27th (NB Afternoon tee time)

St Georges Day – Apr 23rd Ladies and Seniors Fun Comp (looking for a new date)

Regional Challenge  - June 27th

Seniors Open – Monday July 29th – Course will be CLOSED to members until mid afternoon

Seniors Club Championship – July 3rd & 4th

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall  

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

1st March


This week’s news


Captain’s Wine Tasting

Help choose the Captains Wines for 2019 on Thursday evening March 14th.  Chef Mike will provide Tapas food to complement the wines and all for just £10 per person. Places are limited to 60 and the event is already 50% subscribed. Book and pay at the members bar to reserve your place

For Awareness

The end of February will see the end of ‘preferred lies’ and a return to qualifying competitions unless otherwise notified.

The signup sheet for the home friendly against Nizels on March 13th has been posted to the notice board. We are looking for up to 12 representatives plus a couple of spares – all members are eligible to play.

The signup sheet for the home friendly with Ashford on March 27th is also on the board. This is change from the norm in that they have requested an afternoon tee off due to the motorway roadworks.

Also posted to the notice board is an availability matrix for all of the friendlies for the rest of the year. Please take the time to review and signup as available.

We have made a change to the Advertised Competition on March 21st. This competition is now designated as a charity day in support of Prostrate Cancer with a £5 entry fee. All of the entry fee will go to charity with the section paying the normal prize money. I hope as many of you as possible can make this date.



Thursday Competitions

Feb 21st and the weather was wonderful. No wonder so many of you wanted to play. We will continue to monitor the tee bookings and expand to four balls or add extra times as necessary. It is important therefore that you put your name on the waiting list should you find all slots booked. We will endeavour where possible to get everyone a game.

So 64 members enjoyed the (eventual) wonderful sunshine and the scoring was very good with the top 12 all beating the standard of 36 pts. The Captain was in imperious form returning on any other day a winning score of 42 pts only to be usurped firstly by the venerable Jim Davies and then later by Jeff Kyle all on countback to be relegated to 3rd place. (note to self look at changing the countback rule J ).Jim Guard and Gary Holden also returned   remarkable scores of 41 pts to take up the minor placings


Feb 21st  - Stableford (NQ)  

Jim Davies 42  

Jeff Kyle 42

The Captain 42

Jim Guard 41

Gary Holden 41

FORTY NINE POINTS yes 49 points – thats the score returned by John Lawrence and Terry Barnden in the pairs competition. NeedlesS to say it was a winning total with their nearest competitors being some 5 points back and countback separating Graham Bentham & Keith Tunstall  from Lent Firestone & Pat McCrory. Well done everyone payment instructionS have been sent for processing.  Full result can be found on the web site  - top 4 listed below  

Feb 28th    -   Pairs Fun Competition

John Lawrence & Terry Barnden 49

Graham Bentham & Keith Tunstall 44

Len Firestone & Pat McCrory 44

Murray Tinworth & Paul Savastano 42


Did you know ?

Up until the 1920’s two-wood golf clubs were referred to as “the brassie”.

Up until the 1920’s three-wood golf clubs were referred to as “the spoon”.

Up until the 1920’s four-wood golf clubs were referred to as “the baffy”.

Up until the 1920’s five-wood golf clubs were referred to as “the clerk”.


You have to laugh

I have written a book I’m quite proud of and in order to market the publication, I'm asking friends and family and fellow seniors to spread the news about this essential read. This book on golf gives the reader valuable playing tips and insider information that I have gained through my 20+ years of golfing experience.  

Highlights  include:  

Chapter 1)  How to Properly Line Up Your Fourth Putt  

Chapter 2) How to Hit a Maxfli ball from the Rough When You Just Hit a Titleist from the Tee  

Chapter 3)  How to Get More Distance off the Shank  

Chapter 4)  When to Give the Curator the Finger 

Chapter 5)  Proper Excuses for Drinking Beer Before  09:00

Chapter 6)  How to Find That Ball That Everyone Else Saw Go in the Water  

Chapter 7)  How to Relax When You Are Hitting Three off the Tee  

Chapter 8)  How to Relax When You Are Hitting Five off the Tee  

Chapter 9)  When to Suggest Major Swing Corrections to Your Opponent  


Dates or your diary

Captains Wine Tasting – March 14th

St Georges Day – Apr 23rd Ladies and Seniors Fun Comp

Regional Challenge  - June 27th

Seniors Open – Monday July 29th – Course will be CLOSED to members until mid afternoon

Seniors Club Championship – July

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall  

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019


15th February

2019 Tour

Tour entry is now closed and planning begins in earnest. 42 have signed up which is a great number. Anyone with a change of mind and requesting a late entry should contact the captain. Have you paid your deposit ???. Please see payment instructions sent (on a previous email) by our treasurer

Seniors Open – once again we are holding our Seniors Open on July 29th and as before will be looking for members to host our visitors. Look out for the signup sheet on the notice board. We will limit this event to 22 teams with a shotgun start. Cost is £20 to include Bacon Roll on arrival, a 2 course lunch after play and a very generous prize table.

For Awareness

Especially for those ‘newer’ members. Are you aware you can have your competition prize money allocated to either your bar card account or your pro shop account. The default is your bar card and should you wish to change that then please let me know.


Thursday Competitions

Golf at last after two weeks of inactivity and great to see 53 members including NEW member John McKenna in attendance. Welcome to the group John. As would seem the norm nowadays count back was necessary to separate the top two with Keith Tunstall just edging out Jim Davies for top spot. Larry Davis and John Holt filled the minor places. Full result can be found on the web site.


Feb 7th  - Stableford (NQ)  

Keith Tunstall   37

James Davies  37

Larry Davis 36  

John Holt  35


Ray sunshine soon saw off Jack Frost and accompanying mist fairly quickly and only a 10 minute delay resulted as 56 waited patiently for the pairs fun competition. In resulting fabulous weather the scoring was good and again countback was necessary to separate positions 1 & 2. Sombrero toting pair of Staerck and Corbett were again to the fore edging out Rayner and Norman by virtue of a better back 9. 


Feb 14th    -   Pairs Fun Competition

Ken Staerck & Mike Corbett 60

Brian Rayner & Peter Norman 60

Dave Sealey & Graham Bentham 59

Malcolm Honey & Ken Stevens 58


Did you know ?

Despite being the most talented left-handed golfer ever, Phil Mickelson is naturally right-handed. He learnt to play golf mirroring his father’s swings and it worked so well for him never had reason to change.

You have to laugh

A hack golfer spends a day at a plush country club, playing golf & enjoying the luxury of a complimentary caddy. Being a hack golfer, he plays poorly all day. Round about the 18th hole, he spots a lake off to the left of the fairway. He looks at the caddy and says, "I've played so poorly all day, I think I'm going to go drown myself in that lake."

The caddy looks back at him and says, "I don't think you could keep your head down that long."

Dates or your diary

Captains Wine Tasting – March 14th

St Georges Day – Apr 23rd Ladies and Seniors Fun Comp

Regional Challenge  - June 27th

Seniors Open – Monday July 29th – Course will be CLOSED to members until mid afternoon

Seniors Club Championship – July

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall  

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

1st February

This week’s news

2019 Tour

Tour entry is now closed and planning begins in earnest. 42 have signed up which is a great number. Anyone with a change of mind and requesting a late entry should contact the captain. Have you paid your deposit ???. Please see payment instructions sent (on a previous email) by our treasurer

Seniors Open – once again we are holding our Seniors Open on July 29th and as before will be looking for members to host our visitors. Look out for the signup sheet on the notice board. We will limit this event to 22 teams with a shotgun start. Cost is £20 to include Bacon Roll on arrival, a 2 course lunch after play and a very generous prize table.

For Awareness

Especially for those ‘newer’ members. Are you aware you can have your competition prize money allocated to either your bar card account or your pro shop account.

The default is your bar card and should you wish to change that then please let me know.


Thursday Competitions

Jack Frost took revenge and was the winner on the 24th. The course did not open until midday .

Jan24th   – St Andrews Greensomes  

CANCELLED due to inclement weather

 Jan 31st     -   Stableford Competition (Non Qualifier)

Sadly the bad weather we were expecting in December finally arrived and for the second Thursday running the course was closed and as a result the Stableford was cancelled.

Did you know ?

In 1744, the first golf club was founded, The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers which played at Leith links.

Founded 10 years later in 1754, The Royal & Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrews set the standard of the 18 hole golf course.

The first golf club in England was founded in 1787, The Royal Blackheath, Eltham, London.

You have to laugh

Four married guys go golfing over the weekend and on Sunday during the 3rd hole the following conversation ensued:

First Guy: "Man, you have no idea what I had to do to be able to come out golfing this weekend. I had to promise my wife that I will paint every room in the house next weekend."

Second Guy: "That's nothing, I had to promise my wife that I will build her a new deck for the pool."

Third Guy: "Man, you both have it easy! I had to promise my wife that I will remodel the kitchen for her."

They continue to play the hole when they realized that the fourth guy has not said a word. So they ask him, "You haven't said anything about what you had to do to be able to come golfing this weekend. What's the deal?"

Fourth Guy: "That's easy! I just set my alarm for 5:30am. When it goes off, I shut off my alarm, give the wife a poke and say, 'Golf Course or Intercourse?' So she says, 'Wear your sweater.'

Dates or your diary

St Georges Day – Apr 23rd Ladies and Seniors Fun Comp

Regional Challenge  - May/June Time

Seniors Open – July

Seniors Club Championship – July

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall  

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019


This week’s news

2019 Tour

Tour Signup is closing. Have you reserved your place ? The treasurer will be writing to you shortly (already out there I think) requesting your deposit. More news on the tour nearer the time.

Welcome to two new members Chris Metherell and Paul Shrubsall – we look forward to catching up with you on the golf course in the not too distant future. 

Seniors Open

Once again we are holding our Seniors Open on July 29th and as before will be looking for members to host our visitors. Look out for the signup sheet on the notice board.

For Clarification...............

A question raised after last week’s  (Jan 3rd) Stableford

Q  A club committee has declared a competition as a non qualifying competition. May competitors play in the competition and concurrently submit a supplementary score

A. No


Countback is determined by the Card REGARDLESS  of which way round we play the course, So in our case it will always be 10 – 18 


If you do not want to wait for the bi weekly Fore Please you can always find the results here

Seniors Results and Handicaps



Thursday Competitions

The pairs Texas Scramble proved extremely popular this week and with the still benign weather conditions 64 players took to the fairways. There was obviously much deliberation on the course as it was considerably slow taking over 5 hours to complete the round in a lot of cases. The scoring reflected the concentration with great numbers being returned and a very tight finish for the podium places. Gentlemen I must remind you however to be cognisant of your position on the course. If you cannot see the group in front YOU have lost ground and need to speed up play.

Jan10th   – Pairs Texas Scramble  

Brian Duffy & Peter Norman Nett 60.2

John Parry & Peter Hillman Nett 61.4

Jon Janes & Dave Sealey Nett 62.8

Peter Flack & Andy Sale Nett 64.3

Jan 17th    -   Stableford Competition (Non Qualifier)

Another great turnout today despite the chilly wind  with 53 playing. It has not taken new member John Woodley long to make his mark . Countback was again needed to separate the top 3 with Brian Rayner and John Thornewell filling the minor places.

I played in the penultimate group today and was very disappointed at the number of pitch marks I had to repair.  Most of these were fresh so made by Seniors. Please take the time to find and repair your pitch marks and if you haven’t made one look for one anyway and repair that.

John Woodley 38 pts

Eugene McGrory 38 pts

Rick Crumpton 38 pts

Brian Rayner 37 pts

John Thornewell 36 pts

Well done all – payments will be made to your selected card at the end of the month  


Note Please Note Please Note

Are you missing out on a Thursday tee time ? If all slots are reserved please use the Waiting List  - generally this works provided there are cancellations. We are monitoring the system and in constant dialogue with Chris in the proshop. If its not working please let us know

Did you know ?

The chances of making two consecutive holes in one is at the edge of the realms of possibility and odds have been put anywhere where between 25,000,000 and 65,000,000 to 1. But at the 1971 Martini Tournament in Norwich, England John Hudson did just that, with aces on the 11th and 12th holes. The 11th hole was 195 yards long and the 12th hole, a whopping 311 yards.

You have to laugh

George was not having a good day on the golf course. After he missed a twelve inch putt, his partner asked him what the problem was.

"It's the wife" said George. " As you know, she's taken up golf, and since she's been playing, she's cut my sex down to once a week".

"Well you should think yourself lucky" said his partner. "She's cut some of us out altogether!"

Dates or your diary

Regional Challenge  - May/June Time

Seniors Open – July

Seniors Club Championship – July

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall – sign up now !!!

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019




5th January 2019

This week’s news

Happy New Year everyone and Welcome to 2019

Hope you had a good holiday and now its back to golf. Remember winter rules are in place until end of February at the earliest. We will continue to play Stablefords and although they will count towards the Grand Prix they are/will not be considered as handicap qualifiers.

Of course 2019 sees the introduction of new rules.  I have included an accompanying attachment which explains the basics and I hope you will find useful.

Payments to all December winners have been applied to your selected card 

On the social front tickets for the Fawlty Towers Dining Experience on Feb 16th are almost gone. Only 12 left so if you would like to go you will need to book and pay at the Bar.


Thursday Competitions

The day after Boxing day was a £1 in the pot for those with a passout J . 38 players registered – unfortunately there was a senior moment with some as there was only £31 in the pot - shame on those who skipped the entrance fee

Dec 27th   – £1 in the pot  

Countback was needed to separate the top 3

Bob Ford's 19 on back 9 got him Top Place

Brian Hewitt 2nd and Gary Holden 3rd were also in the money. John Holt has the cash and had a good drink  on the proceeds.  I  jest of course – Please contact john to arrange for payment  if not already paid

Jan 3rd   -   Stableford Competition

Another great turnout today with 51 playing including new member John Woodley – welcome John. Once again we enjoyed fantastic weather for the time of year and the scoring reflected that. Beware of the injured golfer is a well known proverb and so it proved with Rick Crumpton having recovered from an operation shooting a magnificent 42 pts. Peter Flack shot a very commendable 41 for second place and Graham Bentham just edged out Mike Corbett on countback for 3rd  place

Rick Crumpton 42 pts

Peter Flack 41 pts

Graham Bentham 39 pts

Mike Corbett 39 pts

Peter Bryant 39 pts

Please Note Please Note Please Note

Are you missing out on a Thursday tee time ? If all slots are reserved please use the Waiting List  - generally this works provided there are cancellations. We are monitoring the system and in constant dialogue with Chris in the proshop. If its not working please let us know

Did you know ?

Between 1457 and 1502, golf was under a ban in Scotland on three separate occasions to prevent Scots from being distracted from preparations to defend against an English invasion. The ban was implemented in 1457, 1471 and 1491.


You have to laugh

Top 10 Golf Caddy Comments

  1. Golfer: Think I'm going to drown myself in the lake.
    Caddy: Think you can keep your head down that long?

  2. Golfer: I'd move heaven and earth to break 100 on this course.
    Caddy: Try heaven, you've already moved most of the earth.

  3. Golfer: Do you think my game is improving?
    Caddy: "Yes sir, you miss the ball much closer now.

  4. Golfer: Do you think I can get there with a 5 iron?
    Caddy: Eventually.

  5. Golfer: You've got to be the worst caddy in the world.
    Caddy: I don't think so sir. That would be too much of a coincidence.

  6. Golfer: Please stop checking your watch all the time. It's too much of a distraction.
    Caddy: It's not a watch - it's a compass.

  7. Golfer: How do you like my game?
    Caddy: Very good sir, but personally, I prefer golf.

  8. Golfer: Do you think it's a sin to play on Sunday?
    Caddy: The way you play, sir, it's a sin on any day.

  9. Golfer: This is the worst course I've ever played on.
    Caddy: This isn't the golf course. We left that an hour ago.

  10. Golfer: That can't be my ball, it's too old.
    Caddy: It's been a long time since we teed off, sir.


Dates or your diary

Regional Challenge  - May/June Time

Seniors Open – July

Seniors Club Championship – July

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall – sign up now !!!

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019



December 21st

This week’s news

Dinner Dance – 76 in all (members, wives/partners and invited guests) enjoyed a fantastic evening at the annual dinner dance. Chef Michael and his assistant Charlie prepared a sumptuous meal and all enjoyed dancing the night away to Junction 5. The raffle yielded £440 and a BIG thankyou to all who donated prizes and again everyone for participating and buying tickets. pictures here

Huge Congratulations

To Sian Evans on a fantastic achievement of getting her LET Card at the Tour School this week. Needing to finish top 5 Sian finished in 4th place on 16 under par. Well done Sian


Congratulations to Seniors Member David Kent who aced the 17th on Sunday December 16th


Winter League

Have you played your 1st round winter league matches yet ?? The deadline of December 21st is fast approaching so make sure you get your matches and there will be NO extension


Thursday Competitions

Jack Frost interfered and caused major disruption to the Winter Festival start sheet. A quick redraw and after the green light was given 28 players headed out. Second back in the clubhouse the Captain and his partner of the day Maurice O’Connell posted a respectable, but given a zero return on 16 and 18 disappointing 35 pts. For a  time the total remained top of the pile but eventually they were deposed and ended up in 4th place.  


Dec 13th   – Winter Festival

 Winners Terry Barden and Richard Yeo 36 Pts

2nd  John Holt and Paul Richards 35 Pts  countback

3rd  Ken Staerk and Alastair Byron 35 Pts  countback

4th The Captain and Maurice O’Connell  35 Pts  countback .


Dec 20th  -   Stableford Competition

54 Players hit the fairways in unseasonably warm weather. Much water on the course meant it was playing long and no carry.  Level par 36 pts therefore won the day with count back separating the top two and subsequent minor placings. Terry Barnden in a fine vein of form was top podium again this week

Terry Barnden 36 pts

Phil Lennon 36 Pts

Peter Bryant 35 pts

Richard Beadle 35 Pts

Les King 35 Pts

Please Note Please Note Please Note

Winter rules are in play. This means you can lift clean and place your ball provided its in a designated area. The correct procedure is MARK lift and clean and then REPLACE within 2-3  inches no nearer the hole. Any use of the leather wedge or other method to move the ball will be deemed as illegal and disqualification from any competition will result.

Any information you may require can generally be found on the SENIORS Section WEB Site. From Rules, to Grand Prix, to Eclectic to Competition results its ALL there. Seek it out and explore – let us know if you think we can improve it or if we are missing anything.

Did you know ?

Condor: not a phrase you’re likely to come across in golf, a “condor” is the name for a score of 4 under par. There have only been four verified condor’s, all hole-in-one’s on par 5.


You have to laugh

A guy was getting ready to tee off on the first hole when a second golfer approached and asked if he could join him. The first golfer said that he usually played alone, but agreed to the twosome. They were even after the first two holes so the second golfer says, "We're about evenly matched, how about playing for five quid a hole?" The first golfer said that he wasn't much for betting, but agreed to the terms. The second golfer proceeded to win the remaining sixteen holes with ease and collected £80.00. As they were walking to the clubhouse, the second golfer bragged that he was the pro at a neighboring course and liked to pick on suckers. The first golfer then revealed that he was Father Murphy the local Parish Priest which caused the pro to become flustered and apologetic and he offered to return the money. Father Murphy said, "You won fair and square and I was foolish to bet with you. You keep your winnings." The pro said, "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" "Well," said Father Murphy, "you could come to Mass on Sunday and make a donation. And bring your Mother and Father along, I'll marry them."

Dates or your diary

Regional Challenge  - May/June Time

Seniors Open – July

Seniors Club Championship – July

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall – sign up now !!!

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019


December 7th


This week’s news


November Competition Winners – Payments instructions have been passed to Glen and should hit your card soon (if not there already !!)

The 2019 Tour Sign Up Sheet has been posted on the notice board and is showing a high level of interest so far. Sign up now as list will close mid January.

Major Weather Intervention this past week

FOG was the unfortunate winner of the Ladies & Seniors Christmas Waltz with the event having to be cancelled


Winter League

Have you played your 1st round winter league matches yet ?? The deadline of December 21st is fast approaching so make sure you get your matches and there will be NO extension

Thursday Competitions

Rain and the forecast of high winds decimated the field for the drawn competition Ted Peel Quaich. Starter Chris Broughton did a magnificent job with the plethora of cancellations in pairing up individuals and getting the 4 balls out to play. Those 28 souls who braved the conditions were rewarded with a dry but WINDY round. See results below.

Nov 29th  – Ted Peel Quaich.

Paul Richards & Steve Fletcher 39 pts

Mike Gibson & Brian Rayner 38 pts

Steven Bojczuk & Brian Hewitt 36 pts

John Holt & Ken Staerck  33 pts

Congratulations everyone – payments will be processed in December.


Dec 6th  - December Stableford –

Once again a big field of 62 took to the fairways for the December Stableford among them was first time participant Paul Whittam who is new to our Seniors section – Welcome Paul. Conditions were good but the wind got up a bit and affected the late players – 32 was a popular score J . Stephen Fletchers 39 points repelled all who followed with countback necessary to separate the others in the money

Stephen Fletcher 39pts

Peter Brooks 38 pts

Paul Richards 38 pts

Mike Corbett 37 pts

Rob Swainston 37 pts

Well done all

Next week sees another drawn competition The Winter Festival with soup and a roll on offer at the halfway house wherever that is  and then the following week is some Christmas Cheer with the Captain providing a Christmas Tipple again at the halfway house Ken Copleston will oversee the halfway house on both occasions.


Please Note Please Note Please Note

Remember please POST your score card in the box REGARDLESS of the competition. We will collect it from there. NB When I say post them in the box I mean the box by the BRS terminal and NOT the seniors box folder in the office. Any cards found there that miss the deadline will automatically be DQ’d


Did you know ?

In 1962, Jack Nicklaus collected his first paycheck on the PGA Tour, $33.33 at the L.A. Open

In 1963 Jack Nicklaus became the youngest player to win The Masters.

In 1986, Jack Nicklaus became the oldest player to win The Masters.

You have to laugh

A man was stranded on a desert island for 10 years. One day a beautiful girl swims to shore in a wet suit...
Man, "Hi! Am I ever happy to see you!"
Girl, "Hi! It seems like you've been here along time. How long has it been since you've had a cigarette?"
Man, "It's been ten years!"
With this information the girl unzips a slot on the arm of her wet suit and gives the man cigarette.
Man, "Oh thank you so much!"
Girl, "So tell me how long its been since you had a drink?"
Man, "It's been ten years"
The girl unzips a little longer zipper on her wet suit and comes out with a flask of whiskey and gives the man a drink.
Man, "Oh..thank you so much. You are like a miracle!"
Finally the girl starts to unzip the front of her wet suit and asks the man leadingly, "So tell me then, how long has it been since you played around??"

The man looked at her and said excitedly, "Oh, my God, don't tell me you've got a set of golf clubs in there too?!"


Dates or your diary

Christmas Nip on the Captain  - Thursday Dec 20th at the half way house

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall – sign up now !!!

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

December 1st

Preferred Lies/Winter Rules - Competitions

A Local Rule on Preferred Lies will operate, in which case:


• A ball lying on any closely-mown area through the green may be lifted, without penalty, and cleaned. Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position. Having lifted the ball, the player must place it on a spot within six inches of and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay, that is not in a hazard and not on a putting green.


• A player may place his ball only once, and it is in play when it has been placed (Rule 20-4). If the ball fails to come to rest on the spot on which it is placed, Rule 20-3d applies. If the ball when placed comes to rest on the spot on which it is placed and it subsequently moves, there is no penalty and the ball must be played as it lies, unless the provisions of any other Rule apply.


If the player fails to mark the position of the ball before lifting it or moves the ball in any other manner, such as rolling it with a club, the player incurs a penalty of one stroke.


Note: “Closely-mown area” means any area of the course, including paths through the rough, cut to fairway height or less: If the ball is not on the fairway you must play it as it lies.


Embedded balls Rule 25-2 provides relief at any time, without penalty, for a ball embedded in its own pitch-mark in any closely-mown area through the green (i.e on the fairway or on a path through the rough, the ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where it lay). In the event, that Preferred Lies operate, Rule 25-2 is extended to apply to a ball embedded at any time anywhere through the green: i.e. a ball in the rough may be lifted, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where it lay.


Note These rules will be in place until the end of 2018 in all Mens Section competitions. At the beginning of January 2019 this guidance will be amended to reflect the new rules of golf effective from 1st January 2019.

Preferred lies will operate for all Mens Section competitions until end of February 2019.


Your Captain speaking

November 25th

This week’s news

Well done Sian Evans – she has qualified for the second stage of Ladies Tour School – Sian would very much appreciate any supporting donations you wish to make on her just giving page

Sian is holding a fundraising competition on Dec 2nd. 5 Day members should enquire id they are eligible to play without a green fee

 Poppy Appeal – combined across all 3 sections a total of £520 was raised for the poppy appeal. Well done everyone

Seniors Dinner & Dance is now SOLD OUT – thank you for the support and commiserations to those who were unable to get a space. Please pay for your tickets and make your menu selections at the bar.

Late news 4 spaces available due to cancellation – contact me if you wish to make a reservation


Thursday Competitions

Nov 15th  – Stableford Qualifier. WOW – 72 players played in the competition which is I’m lead to believe a record turnout for a seniors competition.  The promised sunshine and 17 degree temperature did not materialise however the scoring was very good. Graham Bentham posted 40 points early on and withstood the onslaught of the many following 39’s posted including the Captain.  


Full results can be found on HowDidIDo but here is the top 6 (because its me !!!)

Graham Bentham 40 points

David James 39 pts

David Kent 39 pts

Bob Ford 39 pts

Mike Gibson 39 pts

The Captain 39 pts

Congratulations everyone – payments will be processed in December.


Nov 22nd  - Yellow Ball non qualifier – don’t you just hate it when its your turn with the yellow ball – 1st priority DONT lose it on your watch J .

A frost delay did not deter the majority and once the all clear was given Starter Michael  Blanning did a marvellous job in managing the stampede to the 10th  and got us all of in reasonable time . We counted them all out and 14 yellow balls were distributed. We counted them all back and all except Any Sales group brought it home J (sorry Andy) 

Top 4 teams scored in excess of 150 points

With a magnificent 87 Points on the back 9 the team of John Sefton, Peter Brooks, Dennis Gadd and Roger Bennett edged out David Kent and his team for 3rd place with 152 points

Second Place with 153 points was the team of Peter Hillman, Martin James, David James and Bill Grimley.

 The Captain with John Moss, Jim Guard and Dave Sealey amassed 154 points and so took the top podium position – hurrah.

Well done everyone a great turnout once again


Next up is the Ted Peel Quaich – You said we listened and have done the draw in a timed slot. BRS will be updated soon and you will receive the email notification of your time slot and playing partner

Remember please POST your score card in the box REGARDLESS of the competition. We will collect it from there

Tuesday Nov 27th is our regular Christmas Waltz with the Lady Golfers – not a waltz in the dance sense but scoring method J .The competition is now closed but contact Jo Bentham to get on a waiting list – Remember to wear something festive J


Did you know ?

Caddy: is derived from the French word “cadet” (with has roots in the Gascon Occitan as capdèth or capdet, meaning chief then younger boy) used to refer to the Cadets de Gascogne, the youngest sons of the aristocratic families of Gascony who were captains serving in the French Army during the 15th century.

You have to laugh

Mary's Diary:
Tonight, I thought Paddy was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a nice restaurant for dinner. I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that my friend's dropped me off a bit late, but he made no comment on it. Conversation wasn't flowing, so I suggested that we go somewhere quiet so we could talk. He agreed, but he didn't say much. I asked him what was wrong; He said, "Nothing." I asked him if it was my fault that he was upset. He said he wasn't upset, that it had nothing to do with me, and not to worry about it.  On the way home, I told him that I loved him. He smiled slightly, and kept driving. I can't explain his behavior. I don't know why he didn't say, "I love you, too."  When we got home, I felt as if I had lost him completely, as if he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. He just sat there quietly, and watched TV. He continued to seem distant and absent.  Finally, with silence all around us, I decided to go to bed. About 15 minutes later, he came to bed. But I still felt that he was distracted, and his thoughts were somewhere else. He fell asleep; I cried. I don't know what to do. I'm almost sure that his thoughts are with someone else. My life is a disaster.

Paddy's Diary, same day:
A two-foot putt...Who the hell misses a two-foot putt?


Dates or your diary

Rules Evening –  Dec 1st  - 7pm Jane Marr will host a session that will help us to understand the rule changes that are coming in Jan 2019  

The Seniors Tour – July 9,10,11th – Dunston Hall – look out for the signup sheet on the board.

Click here for details

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

November 9th 2018

This week’s news

Responses from questions raised at the AGM.

Maurice O’Connell - Reminder to all groups about the pace of play. Please be aware of your position on the course. You need to play immediately BEHIND the group in front and not immediately in FRONT of the group behind.

Keith Fisher expressed concern that on occasions groups were teeing off (eg the 10th tee) in the middle of Seniors’ competitions – Mike has asked Chris to request members to ALWAYS check in with the proshop before proceeding to play .

Ian Butler asked that the results of all competitions be published on the notice board for the fun competitions so that everyone knew the result. In Response A results sheet for the 1st 5 places will be posted on the notice board as well as on the Seniors website.

 As the seniors will not in future be holding any qualifiers throughout January & February, Chris Broughton asked whether players could still submit general play cards for handicap purposes. General play cards will be accepted for handicap assessment. We will send out a communication later to describe the thinking behind this decision and the actions you will need to take to make sure your card qualifies this space  

We have been a little lacking as a committee in managing the knockout competitions. So to get back on track - Would you all please note that the Winter league matches MUST be completed by the scheduled date 21st December. In extenuating circumstances an extension of 3 days may be given. The Competition Secretary will then complete the knockout section. Please ensure that your matches are completed by the due dates. Your help is appreciated.


Thursday Competitions

Nov 1st – I set myself up as starter of the day so I could get to meet the players of the day. Unfortunately the weather intervened with the result that there were multiple withdrawals that ultimately meant the competition was cancelled. Thank you to all of those who turned up, who phoned up and who emailed their cancellations.

Nov 8th - Poppy Appeal – a fantastic £285 was raised for the Poppy Appeal with 57 players paying. 28 cards were returned so thank you to that generous soul who paid his £5 but didn’t play. Weather was much different from last week and so the scoring reflected that.

The money positions were as follows

In 4th place with a creditable 39 points was John Holt and Len Firestone.

In 3rd place with 40 points was the Peoples Champion and Boz.

In 2nd place with 43 points which would be a match winner on another day was Paul Savastano and Steve Fletcher.

In 1st place with a fantastic score of 44 points was Peter Bryant and Keith McCarmick. Not so much sombrero’s this week as cowboy hats. But not 100% sure as Keith was wearing his back to front!  

From now on please POST your score card in the box REGARDLESS of the competition. We will collect it from there.

Tuesday Nov 27th is our regular Christmas Waltz with the Lady Golfers – not a waltz in the dance sense but scoring method . Sign up now on BRS and enjoy the golf with a Lasagne lunch to follow – Oh and wear something festive.


December 8th Seniors Dinner Dance – is proving popular with a good sign up so far. Don't miss out it goes public with any spaces left by Nov 17th  - that's NEXT Week !!!

Did you know ?

Golf: the origin of the word “golf” is thought to have come from the Dutch word “kolf” or “kolve”, meaning “club” and the passed into Scottish language and became to “golve,” “gowl” or “gouf” because of the eccentricities of Scottish dialect. Many people wrongly believe that it’s because it forms the acronym; “Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden”, but that is merely an internet myth.


You have to laugh

New rules are coming in on Jan 1st 2019, Shame we cant just use these for our section 

The Veterans Golf Association has negotiated with The Royal and Ancient Golf Club, based in St Andrews, Scotland to modify the Rules of Golf for Seniors

Rule 1.a.5
A ball sliced or hooked into the rough shall be lifted and placed on the fairway at a point equal to the distance it carried or rolled into the rough
with no penalty. The senior should not be penalised for tall grass which groundskeepers failed to mow.

Rule 2.d.6 (b)
A ball hitting a tree shall be deemed not to have hit the tree. This is simply bad luck and luck has no place in a scientific game. The senior player must estimate the distance the ball would have travelled if it had not hit the tree and play the ball from there.

Rule 3.b.3(g)
There shall be no such thing as a lost ball The missing ball is on or near the course and will eventually be found and pocketed by someone else, making it a stolen ball. The player is not to compound the felony by charging himself or herself with a penalty.

Rule 4.c.7(h)
If a putt passes over a hole without dropping, it is deemed to have dropped. The law of gravity supersedes the Rules of Golf.

Rule 5.
Putts that stop close enough to the cup that they could be blown in, may be blown in. This does not apply to balls more than three inches from the hole. No one wants to make a travesty of the game.

Rule 6.a.9(k)
There is no penalty for so-called "out of bounds." If penny-pinching golf course owners bought sufficient land, this would not occur. The senior golfer deserves an apology, not a penalty.

Rule 7.g.15(z)
There is no penalty for a ball in a water hazard, as golf balls should float. Senior golfers should not be penalised for manufacturers' shortcomings.

Rule 8.k.9(s)
Advertisements claim that golf scores can be improved by purchasing new golf equipment. Since this is financially impracticable for many senior golfers, one-half stroke per hole may be subtracted for using old equipment.


Dates or your diary

Social Fun Event with the Lady Golfers of Kings Hill – Tuesday November 27th Sign up on BRS.

Rules Evening –  Dec 1st  - 7pm Jane Marr will host a session that will help us to understand the rule changes that are coming in Jan 2019.


Seniors Dinner Dance - December the 8th.   Sign Up sheet has been posted.

Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019

October 28th This week’s news

WOW what a week !!! – Preparation for the AGM and Drive In. Wednesday was my inauguration at the AGM and a big thank you to all who attended. Then the dreaded Drive in on Saturday but more about that later.

As we enter a new calendar year for the Seniors Section I’d like to say a BIG thank you to outgoing Captain John Moss for steering us through what was at times a turbulent year and for organising a brilliant tour event at Whittlebury Manor near Northampton. 

Some highlights from the AGM for those of you who were unable to attend.

We have introduced a Code of Conduct. Full details can be found here Look for the Code of Conduct file

One of the key points is Wear smart appropriate clothing that is designed for golf  do not get hung up on other dress code statements.

The 2019 Seniors Championship will be run on CONSECUTIVE days July 3rd and 4th and so is elevated to the status it deserves being our premier competition of the year.

How fantastic was that – the club as a whole (all 3 sections) raised a magnificent £29,800 for the Young Lives Foundation. This year we will once again support Young Lives Foundation.

Seniors Dinner & Dance on Dec 8th – need 37 of you + guest/partner and we will have a full house

The 2019 Tour with take place on July 9,10,11th  at Dunston Hall near Norwich  - Will let you know when the sign up sheet is posted. Information about the venue  can be found by clicking on this link Dunston Hall  

Competitions MUST start from the designated tee of the day (1st or in winter 10th) and can ONLY be changed by the committee. Similarly Competitions as listed on the BRS system CANNOT be changed by anyone other than the committee.

Thank you all for partaking in the Starter duties  - with the 100+ membership it means that you will only need to undertake that duty every two years. The only exemption is for those octogenarians among us. We try and give advance notice and are flexible with moving dates around to suit YOU.  


Thursday Competition  - Oct 25th

Once again more than 50 competitors turned out for the 5club challenge fun competition. The weather was glorious and the scores in general reflected that.

Brian Hewitt & Ken Stephens posted a respectful 44 points but lost out on 3rd place on countback to Denis Evans & Peter Brooks with the same score but 24 pts on the back 9

Peter Flack & Phil Lennon looked to have 1st place in the bag with 45pts, that is until Mike Corbett & Ken Staerck with sombreros protecting them from the glaring sunlight  posted a fantastic and unbeatable on the day 47 pts.    

Congratulations to all and funds will be posted to your selected card soon


Drive In

And so to the dreaded drive in. First - off Outgoing captain John Moss one putted into the 18th hole from 20 feet – mind you that was with the help of James Mackay’s leather wedge J .

Then round to the 1st tee and young Sam the incoming junior captain knocked it out of sight down the fairway. Alice the new lady captain hit it straight down the middle and then it was my turn.  With trembling hands I could just about get the tee in and had to concentrate hard to block out the banter coming from the sides. A deliberate back swing and BOOM down the right hand side to just in front of the bunker – what pressure !!! J


Annual Fees -  I know some of you are away and this is a gentle reminder to anyone who has not paid their £10 membership. Please make payment either by BACS or the little brown envelop method ASAP. 



Did you know ?

The game of Golf was invented over 500 years ago in Scotland, however it is claimed that the Chinese developed a similar game as far back as 943 A.D.

You have to laugh

A couple of women were playing golf one sunny Saturday morning.

The first of the twosome teed off and watched in horror as her ball headed directly toward a foursome of men playing the next hole.

Indeed, the ball hit one of the men, and he immediately clasped his hands together at his crotch, fell to the ground and proceeded to roll around in evident agony.

The woman rushed down to the man and immediately began to apologise. She said, “Please allow me to help. I’m a physical therapist and I know I could relieve your pain if you’d allow.”

“Ummph, oooh, nooo, I’ll be all right…I’ll be fine in a few minutes,” he replied breathlessly as he remained in the foetal position still clasping his hands together at his crotch.

But she persisted, and he finally allowed her to help him. She gently took his hands away and laid them to the side, she loosened his pants, and she put her hands inside. She began to massage him. She then asked him, “How does that feel?”

To which he replied, “It feels great, but my thumb still hurts like hell.”


Dates or your diary

Seniors Dinner Dance - December the 8th   Look out for the sign up sheet 

Poppy Appeal – Thursday 9th November

Social Fun Event with the Lady Golfers of Kings Hill – Tuesday November 27th

Rules Evening –  Dec 1st  - 7pm Jane Marr will host a session that will help us to understand the rule changes that are coming in Jan 2019  


Best Regards

Mike  Kavanagh

Seniors Captain 2019


August 2nd Charity Day


Hi All


The low-key Captain's Charity Day held on 02 August has so far raised £691.55 for The Young Lives Foundation. I am grateful to all the seniors that contributed prizes for the raffle; in the event there were 12 bottles and a mystery prize raffled at the end of the day's round. To all of you who played, you will be aware that your match fee of £10 was all donated to the charity and I am grateful to you. After 9 holes there was a "Halfway House" providing "Nips & Nibbles" provided by the Captain. Instead of the whisky which will be kept for colder days, Mike the Chef produced a refreshing "Jack Nicklaus Martini" with vodka, sugar spirit and Earl Grey tea amongst the ingredients together with some tasty "bite-sized" snacks.


Players were invited to buy raffle tickets and to view a painting provided by Peter Robson for auction with the proceeds going to the charity. The auction is managed by Ken Copleston who will receive bids and keep records. If you are interested, please contact KC on 01622 717 321 to discuss the auction detail, arrange viewing and receive bids. He will confirm to you immediately in the event that your bid is the highest. The auction will last until 31 August, so get your bids in now.


During the round we were visited by two ex members of the Seniors namely Norman Coppock and Nevil Roberts. it was a pleasure to see them both.


The results of the friendly Stableford off the yellows was as follows;-


First:                Rick Crumpton 45 points

Second:           Paul Savastano 42 points on countback

Third:               Jon Janes 42 points.


I am grateful to everyone who participated, donated prizes and an auction item, pledged money and provided sustenance. Especially, I am very grateful to Ken Cop for all the help that he willingly gave me throughout the day.


Thank you.



12th July Founders Trophy

The winner of the Founders' Trophy for 2018 was Mike Gibson (receiving 5 extra shots) with a score of 51 points having recorded a round of 68 gross!! Sincere congratulations to Mike for an exceptional round of golf in any circumstances.


In second place, receiving 3 extra shots, was David James with another special round of golf, scoring 47 points. Very well done David.


Third place went to Paul Edwards, receiving 5 shots, and recording a Stableford total of 45 points on the day; again a very good round of golf.


The nearest the pin on the 8th had a prize of a voucher from Paul Saxby for fresh fish of the winners choosing to the value of £30. Stephen Bojczuk set the standard playing in the first group and his effort remained in pole position whilst the next 12 groups tried to better his drive. So after an hour and a half along comes a drive inside the marker directed there by, guess who, Mike Gibson. This was not bettered by any of the following groups and, so, further congratulations to Gibbo. Many thanks to Paul for his kind generosity.


There has been in recent years a prize of a bottle of wine, donated by Peter Brooks, for the best score recorded by golfers relatively new to the seniors section. This year it was decided to award the prize to the golfer with the best score that did not received any Founders' Trophy formula extra shots. The winner was Stephen Bojczuk with a creditable 39 points. Well done Boj. Thanks to Peter for donating the prize.


Finally, this year we used this competition as a qualifier for the opportunity to play a round of golf with Head Professional, Chris Pearson in a pro-am preliminary round for the Lombard Trophy. Time constraints restricted the field to a select few and, after netting the scores by deducting the Founders' Trophy formula extra shots, the winner was Dennis Gadd with 40 points. Second on count back was Phil Lennon  (39 points) & third was Roger Bennett (39 points). I am sure you will join with me in wishing Dennis and Chris good fortune on Monday.


Best wishes,



July 3rd

Dear all,


The Winter KO was concluded in the height of summer (!!) delayed by the twin events of Michael Corbett injuring his shoulder on holiday and Ken Staerck going away on holiday. It was a superb effort by both players to reach the final and we should congratulate them both. In the event the expression "beware the injured golfer" was yet again proven with Mike prevailing in the final.


The Stableford on 07 June saw Pat McGrory win and continue with his purple patch that seems to be lasting for a long time. Good to see Richard Howlett on the rostrum and the "SSeeaellyy" boys vying for the podium, but Leslie King keeping  them at bay.


Strong performances were experienced in the 4 Ball Texas Scramble  held on 14 June. At the end of the day, leading the pack were Messrs. Bryant, Firestone, Flack & Sale, but they were pushed all the way to the finish by the chasing quartets.


The Regional Challenge was an excellent day on 21 June with a fantastic turnout and not a single "no show" on the day. Brilliant!! The Del Boys won by a distance and brought their total number of Regional Challenges won to 3. Since inception, overall wins of the Challenge are:- Bassets 2; Del Boys 3; Men of Kent 4 and Vikings 7. My thanks go to the captains, Brian Raymer, Steve Hook, John Andrews and Dave Sealey for organising the teams, Ken Copleston for controlling the scoreboard plus special thanks to Dave Sealey and Brian Duffy for organising and controlling the golf and competition elements of the day.


Seniors Championship Round 1 followed on June 28 with 48 participants playing a stroke play round. Mike Gibson returned the best gross score at 78 with Phil Lennon hard on his heels with 79 and these two will be joined in the final group in Round 2 to battle out for the coveted trophy next Thursday by the in-form Peter Bryant. The first round is also a standalone medal competition and the winner was Peter Bryant (69 nett) with Dave Seely (71) second and Keith Tunstall (71) third. Remaining prize winners were Mike Gibson (72) & Brian Rayner (72)


Best wishes,



May 29th Kent Knockout



To let you know that today we were beaten 2-1 by Rochester & Cobham, following our 3-0 victory against Sittingbourne in the previous round.


Mike Gibson and Peter Bryant never recovered from their opponents birdying 4 of the 1st 5 holes and despite closing to one down, the recovery was short lived and they were beaten 3&2.


Alex Parietti & David Kent also played well and eventually succumbed to a birdie on 17 to lose 2&1 in another close encounter played to a high standard.


In the final match Graham Bentham was outstanding in his match partnering Dave Sealey, and they edged another high quality game 1 up.


Our best wishes go to Rochester & Cobham in the next round.



May 25th KVGL Away to Gillingham

Hi Gents 


I am dropping you all a line as I sit here sipping a lovely glass of Sav Blanc as a very proud Captain of the KVL team after a 2 1/2   2 1/2 Draw Away To Gillingham.


This means we picked up 3 points today giving us a fantastic total to date of 13  out a maximum of 14 (not sure about the Lake Factor but I think it’s + 10?


The results were as follows :-


Pav & Dave Kent were 3 down and managed to claw back to loose on the last 1 down 

Mike Gibson & Peter Bryant were also 3 down and came back strongly to win 3 & 1 with some great golf and a hole in one at the 6th from Peter with the opposition making birdie to loose the hole!

Graham Bentham & Jim Davies won 2 up and seemed in control all the way through.

Steve Hook & Dave Seeley we up against a very strong pair who made par on many shot holes and lost 6&5 

This made the match all square 


Our last pairing was Jon Janes and late replacement John Thornewell who after being 1 down with three to play, turned it on it’s nose being 1 up with 1 ,to play got a credible half against their very strong Captain and his partner.


So all in all another great day 


We have now played 3 games away from home and won 2 and drawn one. At home we have played just one and won that one.


Today as I have mentioned, we also had another hole in one, that makes three holes in one in the four league matches and one friendly match, I just cannot believe these stats, amazing. See the hole in one heroes by clicking here

May 9th KVGL Away to Mid Kent


Today was our 3rd KVL match and we played away to Mid Kent.


In cooler but lovely weather Kings Hill triumphed 3-2 


The hospitality was extremely friendly and the course was in good nic so fun was had by all!!


The full match results are below.


So it’s onwards and upwards 3 games gone and it’s two Away wins and one Home win. There is a long way to go but we are all chuffed to bits with the start.


Our next match is another toughie away to Gillingham on Friday 25th May.




Best regards 



April 21st 2018

Monday saw the first match of the Kent Golf Veterans League with KHGC away to last year's champions Rochester and Cobham GC. Always a keenly contested affair and a challenging start to the campaign. Our team performed magnificently to win the match 3-2. Congratulations to Chris Broughton (currently non-playing captain) and the team members.


Thursday saw the first round of the Kent Golf Veterans Knock out with a home draw against Sittingbourne GC. In tropical conditions, the team ran out worthy winners 3-0. This was a fine effort from team captain Mike Gibson and his 5 team members. Well done to you all.


Friday saw the second match of the KGVL season with KHGC at home to Gillingham GC. Again KHGC recorded an excellent result by winning 4-1. Special mention of Jon Janes who aced the 17th. There were some very tired legs at the end of the week with some excellent stamina shown by some of our leading players. Excellently led by Chris (non-playing captain - too young) Broughton this was another impressive win.


Also on Thursday there was a welcome return to form from Larry Davis who, aided by Phil Lennon triumphed in the Chapman Pairs with 48 points. Second was the pairing of John Sansom & Maurice O'Connell with 45 points. The final step on the podium was taken by Rob Swainston and Steve Faulkner who thought they were playing in a competition named "" and, despite their belief that they scored 63.8 points, their tally was 44 points. Well done to all participants.


All is pointing to a fine summer of seniors' golf and I am sure we all want this momentum to continue.


Best wishes,



March 21st 2018

There has been a number of important issues doing the rounds of late and it is important that members receive updates on the various matters.


Qualifying Competitions: There have been a number of debates in the past regarding the foreshortening of the course when a  qualifying competition is being run. This has happened on more than one occasion. Additionally a recent qualifying competition took place where all the bunkers were declared as "ground Under Repair" (GUR) with a further complication of not all players being informed of this decision. These circumstances impact of the legality and administration of competitions for the purposes of assigning qualifier status.  However, we must appreciate that the ground staff are doing their level best to protect the course during adverse weather conditions and we must be fully cognisant of the needs of the Greenkeeper to adapt to ground conditions and amend the course with discretion for the wider benefit of all club members.


At the committee meeting last Thursday a full and frank discussion by committee members was supplemented with the opinions of the Kings Hill GC management and the results of consultations with other experts being shared. The upshot of these discussions is a decision to hold no qualifying competitions within the Seniors section during the months of January & February in future years. Additionally, it was agreed that at any time of the year when a trolley and buggy ban is in place, any competition due to be played will not be classified as a qualifier. For the avoidance of doubt, be assured that we will continue to schedule Stableford competitions during January & February with the anticipation that the normal prizes and Grand Prix points will be awarded; subject (as ever) to committee discretion on the day.


Bad Weather: The question of cancellation of  competitions due to bad weather was also discussed at the committee meeting. It was considered that many of the contentious situations would be alleviated with the earlier decision regarding qualifiers being implemented. It was agreed that we will reschedule important competitions affected by bad weather whenever possible. Other decisions will continue to be made by committee members in attendance on the day. Whilst these decisions may not be universally accepted, I would ask that all members appreciate that these matters are decided in good faith and deserve to be respected. 


At any time during the year whenever a trolley and buggy ban is in place, "preferred lies" rules will apply automatically.


Team Kit:  I accept that a decision that I made regarding a change to club colours for the friendly team had been made without knowledge of the full facts. A plethora of electronic correspondence debating the validity of the decision ensued and this led to a need to discuss the matter fully within the committee and with the captains of the representative teams. In committee, it was decided that the Captains of the Kent Veterans League Team and the Captain of the Kent Super Seniors League Team would consult their squads and decide their colours going forward. The Friendly Team would continue with no change to colours. Any dissenting member should raise the issue at the AGM.


For the record, the status quo of beige prevails.


Best wishes



Seniors Captain

March 19th Founders update

Hi Everyone,


We were due to play the Founders Trophy competition on Thursday last and yet again the fickle fate of adverse weather that has blighted many a Thursday this winter, struck again. The course was subject to a trolley and buggy ban which resulted in a much reduced field of 21 players. There was no decision to change the format of the competition before players set off on their rounds and so the Founders Trophy handicap formula prevailed. The results are as follows:-


Brain Duffy       40 Points (5 extra shots)

Steve Hook      39 Points (2 extra shots)

Peter Bryant     39 Points (5 extra shots)

Rick Crumpton 39 Points (5 extra shots)

Peter Norman  38 Points (4 extra shots)


Congratulations Gentlemen.


In consultation with Larry Davis, who undertook the organisation for this event, it was decided that the "new boys" prize donated by Peter Brooks would not be awarded until the competition was rerun. Similarly, it was decided that the fresh fish prize generously donated by Paul Saxby for nearest the pin on the 8th, would be awarded when the trophy was rerun. However, Alastair Byron, who shot nearest the pin, did not go away empty handed and he was last seen with  half a dozen Titleist balls in his hand as he left the clubhouse. The normal cash prizes will be awarded for the winner and the 4 places.


Many thanks to Larry for his work on this competition. Arrangements are in hand to replay the event on July 12th.


Best wishes,



Seniors Captain.

March 15th Match v Nizels


On a beautiful Spring like morning, 6 matches of 4 ball better ball were played in this friendly match. The result was more gloomy as we suffered a 2-4 reversal.


Our next friendly is at KHGC against Ashford GC on 28 March. We will strive for a victory.



Seniors Captain

November 5th 2017

Dear All,


Welcome to my first of the regular updates. These informative periodical emails have been a feature of Larry's Captaincy. Without a doubt, amid his many and varied qualities, Larry has demonstrated exceptional communication skills throughout his year as captain. He will prove to be a difficult leader to emulate; but, that does not stop me trying.


My captaincy started with a non-qualifying competition the morning following the AGM and the results are undernoted. I am able to confirm that the prize money has been requested from KHGC Management along with all other payments due from October competitions.


Thursday 26 October

4 ball, yellow ball, Stableford competition


1st Place on Countback

Score 162 Rick Crumpton; Richard Howlett; Brian Duffy & Steve Bojczuk.


2nd Place

Score 162 Dave Kent; Les King; Cavan Breslin & Jeff Kyle.


Captains' Drive-in


Next on the agenda was the Captains' Drive-in on Saturday 28 October. The putt-out by the retiring captains was followed by the drive-in by the new captains and then a shotgun start to a 4 ball Texas Scramble. There were 40 teams playing and the raffle and auction raised £4500 approx. for the Young Lives Foundation Charity. Included in the winning team recording a score of 17 under par was our Vice-Captain Mike Kavanagh.


Thursday 02 November

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

American Greensomes


A fantastic turnout of 60 members for this competition where all proceeds go to The Royal British Legion. For the first time, I am delighted to confirm that the Men's & Ladies sections of the club are each holding similar fund raising competitions in the coming week. All Seniors participants should have received a Royal British Legion Handicap Wheel to help with calculations for complex handicap competitions to come.


The winners, who will receive the Royal British Legion Medals were;


Jim Davies & Mike Corbett with a score of 46 points

just beating on countback;

Jon Janes & David Lake.


Looking Forward


We have qualifying Stableford competitions on 09 & 16 November and The Ladies & Seniors Challenge on Tuesday 21 November. Currently we are one Senior short for this challenge as we need 20 members to compete in the challenge. Please put your name on the sign-up sheet on the noticeboard if you wish to play.


Dinner & Dance

02 December


The annual Dinner & Dance has been scheduled for 02 December this year and we have booked a live band, Indigo Stone. ( ).  Canapes and Bucks Fizz will be available upon arrival, a sumptuous 2 course meal (including vegetarian and other dietary option) prepared by Michael and his team will follow. It is a good opportunity to commence the Christmas festivities in the company of your golfing friends and acquaintances. The sign-up sheets are on the noticeboard and you will need to sign up on the main schedule and select your chosen table companions on the adjacent sheet. Having completed that task, all you need to do is pay at the club bar; £25ph for KHGC members and partners, £30ph for your guests. Please do not delay; sign up today (or ASAP)


Seniors Tour

17-19 July, 2018


The annual tour has now been confirmed. We will be travelling to Northamptonshire to Whittlebury Park Golf Club ( ) where we will find a highly recommended hotel with two great golf courses arranged over 27 holes. Whittlebury Park is located south of Towcester, north of Buckingham and close to Silverstone motor racing circuit. The location was chosen on the recommendation of one of our members and I am sure everyone will enjoy all aspects of the service, courses, food and spa. The cost for 2018 will be £225 with a single supplement of £35 per night. We have a great deal including a 20% discount on drinks and a 20% discount in the Pro-shop. I hope that as many of you as possible meet there next year for yet another successful seniors' tour. The sign-up sheets are on the noticeboard and early notification of your intention to tour will be appreciated

We would like a non-returnable deposit of £35 by 31st December, which you can pay either by bank transfer or by the brown envelope method.


Best wishes to you all,


John Moss.



Sunday 22nd October


Well here we are in October 2017 and the end of my Captains year. It has gone extremely quickly and I have to say that I will miss it. I have enjoyed the whole experience and been heartened by the many compliments that the committee and I have received over the last year. We haven’t got everything absolutely right but I am sure you will all agree that overall it has been a successful year on and off the course. I am told that the captaincy is the reason my golf has not been too good since I put on the green jacket so hopefully over the next couple of months I can get back the 1.7 shots I have gone up since last October!


So to the last results of the season which you can always find along with lots of other information by going to the seniors section of the website


19th October Stableford

1st Roger Bennett 39 pts

2nd Jon Janes 39 pts

3rd John Thornewell 39pts

4th Peter Brooks 38 pts

5th Steve Bojczuk 37 pts


A big thank you to all the members for the help and advice (some of which I actually listened to!) and  for not one of the past captains saying to me “in my year” or “when I was captain”


Finally I wish John Moss and Mike Kavanagh well for 2018 and I will see you all on the course as past captain on Thursday.


Friday 13th October


Good day to all the merry men of the seniors section. Here are the exciting news stories from the past few days.


2nd October Friendly v Hever Castle Away


This Bi Annual event was eagerly anticipated by some ad the weather was blowy but glorious. The ground underfoot was not so glorious and a little bit soggy but none the less we all played as well as we could. The Captain was feeling very sorry for the oposition so decided to play the wrong ball on the 9th hole leaving Alistair to win the hole. They looked despondent on the tee so once again the captain played the wrong ball( note to self ,I must make an appointment at Specsavers). On the 13th we both put a ball in the water, but still won the hole. It was definitely our day and we triumphed on the 17th winning 3-1. That is where the success story finishes because the rest all lost! However a great day was had and we look forward to hosting them next year.


5th October Medal


Some great scoring in the first medal of the Grand prix for 2017/18.


1st Keith McCarmick 71

2nd Steve Hook 72

3rd Bob Ford 72 (best round by a starter ever!)

4th David James 72

5th Steve Jones 73


9th October Friendly v Broke Hill home


The final friendly of the year and the Captain and Alistair strove to continue their winning run. Failed as the opposition played to 12 and 10 respectively. Unfortunately for us the handicaps on the card said 17 and 14. The story was repeated elsewhere with a 74 gross from a 10 handicapper. Never mind, the overall score was a repeat of our away match , an honourable draw 4-4.


12th October Captain’s farewell


And so to the Captains Farewell and thanks to all of you that came and played. We had a friendly individual stableford off the yellows, and boy did some of you take advantage. The course really helped with decent pin positions and great greens. Goulash was back on the menu and Mike did us proud once again.

The result was very tight:


1st Steve Bojczuk 41 pts (22 back 9)

2nd Dave Sealey 41 pts (21 back 9)

3rd Jeff Kyle 41 pts (18 back 9)

4th George Stevens 40 pts

5th Cavan Breslin 39 pts.


The Winter knockout draw is now on the board and the Eclectic has started so get those cards in!

That’s all for this week, don’t forget the MENS AGM 24TH OCTOBER and SENIORS AGM 25TH OCTOBER.


Best Regards


Larry Davis



News date September 29th


Dear all, another busy couple of weeks in the Twilight zone.


September 21st Elders V Saplings

This was a really good day with over 50 players taking part. In the end the cut-off point was 70.18. With all but one match to come in the scores were level on 234 but with a resounding 22-14 win the Saplings once again triumphed. The day was enhanced by Peter Brooks and Saplings Captain Paul Saxby putting up NP prizes , which were won by Robin August and Maurice O’Connell.PICTURES HERE


September 22nd KVL Jamboree at Gillingham GC

The end of season get together for all the league teams and once again we had a good showing but this time no cigar. The winning score was 208 (best 5 of 6 pairs scores) and we managed last year’s winning score of 204, just short of the prizes. It was a very well organised day by the Gillingham boys with some tricky pins and greens.


September 25th Friendly v East Sussex National Home

16 a side for this one and a very strong team from KHGC needed all their expertise to overcome the visitors. Again it all came down to the last match with the scores tied on

3 ½ .

Our final pair triumphed on the last green to win the tie 4 ½ - 3 ½ . Two more matches to go now with Hever away on the 2nd October and our final home game v Broke Hill on the 9th October.


September 26th Super 70’s Jamboree at Mid Kent GC

With KHGC entering the Super 70’s fray next year, an invite to their end of season Jamboree was a great way to break the ice. Played at Mid Kent, the team scored extremely well and if their score had counted they would have finished in 3rd place. A very commendable effort all round.


September 28th Seniors Stableford

The final event of our yearlong Grand Prix competition. Once again over 50 players competed and some great scores once again. It was fitting that the overwhelming performance of the season was cemented by another 39 pts for Phil Lennon. A spectacular few months has seen Phil consistently do thE business and he has now become the lowest handicapper in the Seniors, playing off 5.4. Huge congratulations to him and everyone that took part over the year.


Stableford result

1st Peter Hillman 40 pts

2nd Phil Lennon 39 pts

3rd Len Firestone 37 pts

4th Brian Tucker 37 pts

5th Bill Grimley 36 pts


Grand Prix result

1st Phil Lennon 188 pts

2nd Peter Bryant 138 pts

3rd John Holt 110 pts


Well that’s it for another week but just to remind you




Best Regards


Larry Davis


September 15th


Hi everyone a few bits for you to cogitate over the pipe and slippers.

First of all a warm welcome to our latest members Steve Bojczuk and Jeff Kyle. Steve already has his feet under the table as you will see later.


31st August Seniors Medal


A great number of good scores for this competition with one outrageous winning score. Obviously the Captain had decided that enough was enough and with 3 sevens on the card a return of 71 finally got yours truly into the frame this year!

1st Jon Janes 87- nett 65

2nd Brian Hewitt 91- nett 71

3rd Larry Davis 88 - nett 71

4th Peter Bryant 82 - nett 71

5th Steve Bojczuk 85 - nett 71


5th September Friendly away Westerham


Dodgy traffic made this a bit of a rushed start for some of us and it showed in the early play. Despite some heroics from a couple of our pairs we were soundly beaten by the home team

5 ½-2 ½ . Mentioning no names last year’s captain went down 9 and 8 with a courageous partner who had just returned from six weeks in his ancestral home in Scotland. However by my reckoning and away goals counting double we beat them overall home and away!


9th September The Captains Charity day


A great day well supported by the club which raised a good few quid towards the two club charities, KAB and Dandelion Times. This is one of the events that 5 day members can also take part in without paying a weekend green fee. Food for thought for 2018. Results and pictures are as ever on the website.


14th September Seniors medal


The last medal in our year-long Grand Prix series and the current leader made sure he stayed there with a super round of 76 nett 69, and it could have been better if he hadn’t been hindered by an inept but enthusiastic playing partner (99 nett 82). Plenty of good scores in again with a very tight leaderboard.


1st Steve Bojczuk 81 nett 67

2nd Roger Bennett 83 nett 69

3rd Phil Lennon 76 nett 69

4th Steve Hook 84 nett 70

5th Ken Copleston 89 – nett 70.


September 21st Elders v Saplings


Our next event which pitches the youngsters and not so young against each other in a friendly but hotly contested 4 ball better ball Matchplay. When I say youngsters the

cut-off point was 69! The up to date start sheet is on BRS which is slightly different to the paper one posted on the board yesterday. Team Captains will agin be Paul Saxby(52) and David Hinge (80). The cost will be £5 and there will be food after play.


Upcoming Diary Dates


21st October

Captains Dinner and Dance, a black tie event to celebrate the past year of the 3 Captains Trevor Barker, Judy Leadley-Woods and myself. It would be great of we could get a good number of seniors there as I would be very gratified to see some of the older generation busting some moves on the dance floor! Details are on the social event page on the website and around the club

 24th October

This is the date of the Mens AGM and details will be published in the usual way.Please do your best to atten


25th October

My final event as Captain as the committee prepare to introduce the incoming  Captain John Moss and Vice-Captain Mike Kavanagh. This is your opportunity to have your say and the details of the AGM along with the proposed new committee are on the Board. Minutes from the 2016 AGM along with the current Constitution are available both on the website and in the Book in the Mens locker room. I look forward to seeing all of you there.


Best Regards


Larry Davis


August 28th


Well what has been happening since my last missive? Quite a lot. Another reminder that the Kings Hill Charity Day is on September 9th and we would be very grateful for donations of raffle prizes to ensure a good return for both of our charities Kent Association for the Blind and Dandelion Times.


Seniors Stableford August 17th


Some great performances here with over 50 players taking part again. Peter Flack continues to impress and following another good round in the club medal he is now down to 16.3.

1st Peter Flack 41 pts

2nd Simon Webb 39 pts

3rd Nicholas Davidson 39 pts

4th Brian Hewitt 37 pts

5th Richard Yeo 37 pts

41st Larry Davis 27 pts

Home friendly v Nevill August 21st


Due to the funeral of one of their members we had to move the day around a bit so they could all get away. The club helped us out by giving us earlier tee times and provided sandwiches and chips instead of our usual stunning carvery.

There was some sparkling golf from both sides and the match was decided on the last green of the last match where we narrowly won the day 4 ½ to 3 ½ .


Kent Vets League v Rochester and Cobtree August 23rd


This was the final match of the league season was has been transitional in many ways for us. R&C had already been crowned league winners courtesy of our result at Sittingbourne, but fierce pride was at stake to gain some more precious points for Kings Hill and the boys did not disappoint. As usual it was a tight contest but class is class after all and we made sure ours shone through to the end.

It was also a sad day for the team as the Godfather of the league team, David “ I’ve got an idea” Lake bowed out after 3 years of cajoling, praising and firing up all the players that have taken a ride on our Kent League roller coaster. His enthusiasm and attention to detail, ably assisted by Dave Sealey and Mike Gibson, inspired result after result and the never say die attitude was carried by all as we went from last to champions 2 years running in his 3 seasons at the helm. I am personally grateful for including me in the first 2 seasons and I take from that a great sense of both satisfaction and pride at our accomplishments. Thank you David, you can now reflect on your achievements as you sit in your West Ham seat with a cup of Bovril and a blanket over your knees!


5 Club pairs competition August 24th


John Holt really does come up with some interesting comps and I have to say I really enjoyed this one. I was lucky enough to play with a great partner, Cavan Breslin, and the eventual winners Peter Flack and Andy Sale. 48 pts is a serious score, but there were several teams that weren’t far behind. I have asked John to put that in the calendar again of possible for next year.


1st Peter Flack and Andy Sale 48 pts

2nd Jim Guard and Steve Faulkener 46 pts on countback from

3rd Jon Janes and Keith McCarmick 46 pts


Nine Wine and Dine August 25th

Another top notch social event with over 40 players enjoying an evening fun 9 hole competition followed by a Mexican buffet prepared by Chef Mike and the team. When I say evening, the last 2 groups managed to finish in the darkness that fell very quickly. Next time perhaps we could get some torches or maybe start a little earlier! Thanks to Louise Fenn, Captain Trevor and Captain Judy for making it such a good evening. Interestingly most of the men playing were all members of the seniors which shows how active we really are when it comes to club events.


That is just about it from me. Please remember that Thursday 7th and Friday 8th the course is closed for most of the day for the Southern PGA Championship.


August 14th


Hi chaps, not a great deal to report this week, with the exception of a fine result in the League.


August 8th

KVL Away to Sittingbourne

A few words from our on course reporter (it is Dave Sealey so it could take a while to read):

Early doors, the news was quite encouraging and this remained the case until half way when we heard from Sittingbourne’s on course spy that we were up in 2, drawing 2 and down in just one match.

Peter & Jim’s match ahead of us was very tight but was not helped by Peter tripping over a rabbit hole on the 11th and thereafter suffering from a sore hip. As the back 9 progressed, Andy and I slowly edged ahead of our opponents and won our match on the 16th green. Unfortunately, by now we had heard that Mike & Malcolm were 2 down in the leading match, Graham & Jon were 4 down and dormy in the match behind us and David & Steve were also down – albeit by just one hole. It looked even bleaker as we saw Peter & Jim then go 1 down on the 16th.

Things looked brighter when we saw Peter & Jim teeing off first down the last and got even brighter still when ahead of us we saw Jim celebrating a match winning putt on the final green. The on course reporter then gave us the excellent news that Mike & Malcolm had fought back to force a draw so all eyes looked  to the last 2 groups to see if we could sneak an unlikely and unbelievable win.

The match behind us was Dormy 3 down. But the fightback started and with their opponents in trouble down the last, both our guys were safely on in par.  Jon then sank a long putt for a birdie to win the hole, to secure a magnificient come back and gain the half for what we thought had guaranteed us the overall match win.  In the final match, David and Steve lost 2&1.

Then, in the carpark, Andy met and congratulated Mike who imparted the news that their reporter had got it wrong; Mike & Malcolm had unfortunately lost on the 18th  green.

So, we ended up with a very creditable draw, a great result in itself and so close to being even better. I believe it’s the first time they have failed to win at home for several years. It also ends their faint hopes of winning the league as Rochester are now confirmed as champions. We might just, for once, now be in their good books  – albeit only temporarily!

Dave S


August 10th

Friendly away to Lamberhurst


Always a pleasure to visit this fine course and having beaten them 5 ½ to ½ at KH they were looking for revenge. I teed off first with Simon Webb and the match swung first one way then the other. One up, one down, level, nothing in it. Then the Ian Poulter vibe kicked in. Par 15th win and level, Par 16th  and one up, lost 17th level. Down the last both our drives in place on the fairway, Webb just short in two , Captain 10 feet away in 2. Webb makes a great two putt four. They have a putt to tie but lip out so the Captains birdie putt conceded and KH win on the last. Ours was not the only match to do so. Although in the end we were defeated 3 ½ - 2 ½, it was a magnificent performance by the team overall. Home to Nevill next Monday


August 10th Stableford


My thanks go to Ken Cop for taking the helm on this rather cocked up day. Unfortunately when I moved the American Greensomes I did not notice that we had an awy match the same day. This was then compounded by BRS being set up incorrectly. We have ensured that from 2018 no friendly matches will be played home or away on a Thursday. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this.

32 turned up, some cancelled, some unlisted.

  1st.       Pat  Mc Gory.           £16.        40 points.  Count back 

  2nd.      Keith McCarmick.       £11.        40 points 

  3rd.      R Howlett.                 £5.         38 points


A quick reminder that the Club Charity Day is on September 9th and any donations of auction items or raffle prizes will be most welcome. There will be lots going and it would be great if we can have a good showing from the section.

The day will support both  Kent Association for the Blind and Dandelion Times and your support is vital to our charity drive this year.


That’s all for now and I will see you on the course




August 4th


Hi chaps, I am back from sunnier climes and looking forward to the next couple of months before my time runs out.


 Latest news as follows:


July Stableford

1stMike Gibson 41 pts

2nd Mike Kavanagh 40 pts

3rd Dave Sealey 38 pts

4th Maurice O’Connell 38 pts

5th Mike Corbett 38 pts


Kent Vets League


We played Bearsted away on the 28th and despite best efforts we were defeated 3 ½ to 1 ½. I think we can call this year “transitional” and look forward to 2018 when we have teams running on both the Vets league and the Super seniors.


Friendly v Ashford Away


After arriving home from Spain at 0100 it was up and away at 0700 to have breakfast at Ashford before teeing off at 0830. The match was played in great spirit and Dave Lakes speech at the end gave everyone a smile. Once again it was a close match but we were beaten 4-2 in the end.


Captains Charity Day


I would like to thank Ken Cop, Graham Bentham and Roger Bennett for helping to make our day very successful, along with all those that donated prizes for the raffle.


Despite some serious wind conditions, for which Ken apologises, it was a great day with 47 players contributing to our charities and playing some good golf too. The blind pairs idea stemmed from the fact that one of our charities is the Kent Association for the Blind. Of course it meant that you could have played a great game but got paired with me (22pts sucks).

The winners of the golf were

1st David Chalk and Rob Swainston  71 pts

2nd DPJ and Cavan Breslin 70 pts

3rd David James and Chris Broughton 68 pts

4th John Moss and Peter Norman 68 pts


However the real winners were the captains charities as we raised a total of £547 from your contributions and the raffle. I hope you all get a warm glow from that news.


Next week we have the American Greensomes and an away friendly v Lamberhurst. I hope whichever you are playing you enjoy your game and I will see you on the course soon.

Larry Davis


July 21st


Dear all, I think we have all recovered from last week’s tour and can look forward to a quiet summer at Kings Hill. The tour was very successful with 39 members attending and the last night made the Thursday golf a tad complicated with more buggies used than ever before due to the inability of some members to actually walk to the first tee.


Yesterday The traffic defeated me and I was unable to reach the club and the rain made life a little difficult for everyone but we still had 51 players signed in and the results were as follows:


2nd Andy Sale, Peter Flack, Graham Bentham and Jim Guard 59.5 net


1st Steve Fletcher, Chris Broughton, Steve Jones, Brian Elson 58.3 net


Kent League


Unfortunately we were defeated at home by Sheerness, who recorded their first away win ever in the league. It just shows how much more competitive clubs are and, after winning the league 2 years running, we have become the team to beat. The next match is away to Bearsted where we hope to win at their place for the third year in a row. Good luck to all the boys.




Our next friendly is against Ashford on 31st July. The team will be announced by John over the weekend.


Captains Charity Day August 3rd


The Seniors Charity day is always a fun day and I hope that you will all come and support the worthy causeswe have chosen for the year. As you know KAB, Kent Association for the Blind, is close to my heart so we will be playing a blind pairs stableford in fourballs. The draw will take place once everyone has teed off so wait and see at the end! There will be Pimms and nibbles on the balcony hosted by Ken Cop at halfway. All the players will get a strip of raffle tickets before they go out and if you want to purchase more, Ken will be happy to sell them at £1 per strip. We have some good prizes including a 4 ball at Reigate Hill and I hope we can raise a good sum. The cost of the day will be £10, all of which will also go to the charity.


That’s all from me for now. I am away until 31st July and I look forward to seeing you all on the Charity or at Ashford.


Larry Davis


July 9th


Just a quick one this week as I am preparing for next week’s Seniors Tour to Belton Woods.


This week saw the 2nd round of the Championship. The sun shone, the course looked great and there were some stunning performances. No holes in one or trollies in bunkers (as far as I know!)

but following another splendid ploughman’s buffet from the catering team the presentations were made:


High Handicap Plate Peter Brooks 72-68 140 nett


Handicap Shield Cavan Breslin 73-66 139 nett


Seniors Championship 2017


3rd Phil Lennon 80-77 157 gross


2nd Richard Beadle 78-77 155 gross


1st Chris Broughton 79-75 154 gross


Congratulations not just to the prize winners but to all the competitors who played.


That’s all for now, I have to look for my Speedos for the steam room.



July 2nd


Dear all, another exiting week following the Regional Challenge. A league match a friendly and the first round of our Championship. Add to that some strange happenings and it has been fun all round


Monday 26th June League v Sittingbourne Home

Some may say that we fielded a depleted side on Monday but I can assure you that all the players in the squad are ready and able to do the business and it showed here.

At halfway it looked bleak with everything all square and a couple down but the back nine proved our mettle and the boys pulled it back and with one match left on the course it was neck and neck. Hook and Flack are one down and need to win the hole to halve their match and give us an overall win 3-2. Sittingbourne drive, bunkered both. Hook drives, bunkered left. Step up Flack , rookie and late replacement. Stripes one down the middle, advantage KH. Hook clears, Sittingbourne in trouble Flack strikes again, middle of the green in 2 and in the box seat. Collapse from the opposition Flack nudges it and gets a concession, KH win the hole and with it the match. Great play under pressure.


Wednesday 28th June v Nevill Friendly Away


Always a pleasure to play at Nevill. Lovely course, lovely people great halfway house (Jackie’s bread puddings are a delight!). Sadly the greens took their toll and with most of the KH pairings giving shots several matches came down the last but in the end the result was a disappointing loss 5-3.


Thursday 29th June Seniors Championship round 1


A great turnout of 59 players for our major board event and the scores reflected the earnest in which the games were played. Net 69 from John Andrews and Alistair Byron gross 78 for Richard Beadle.

Highlight of the day has to be the hole in one from Andy Sale on the 6th hole which dramatically enhanced his scorecard (87 net 77) and depleted his bar card (£247). However Dave Sealey found a new way of dealing with bunkers by firing of his trolley towards the next tee. His aim was off and judging by his scorecard not just here, but the attached picture will give you an idea.


Until next week



June 25th

Hi guys,

I have to tell you that the Summer party last night was a great success, with over 100 attendees enjoying Mike’s great BBQ including kangaroo and Lamingtons,, dancing till late and a fun golfer/non-golfer challenge.


It was great to see so many taking part once again in the Regional Challenge. Huge thanks go to Dave Sealey for getting the teams, matches and scoring set up. My thanks also go to the Captains Maurice, Ken Cop, Phil and Bill G for keeping their teams informed. As ever, last minute changes had to be dealt with and not without stress, but we got there in the end. Some notable performances from the teams, especially Roger Bennett’s gross 34 on the front 9 to just scrape past Andy Sale 15-3!

The eventual winners were The Vikings. A deserved victory that has been waiting to come for a while. Plans are already advanced for 2018 and ensuring a better showing from the Del Boys who fought hard to get 4th place!


The Tour will soon be upon us and all details for the tourers are with their Captains and will be distributed soon.


Thursday sees round 1 of our Championship with over 50 players signed up. Unfortunately the defending champion Michael Blanning will not be there due to a prior commitment, but there are several names in the frame for the 2017 title.


I was pleased to see recent absentees around the club once again. Rodney Webb is recovering from knee ligament surgery, Keith McCarmick is having treatment for his back condition and after an absence of nearly a year, John Sansom is down to play in the championship. We wish all of them well and look forward to all returning to full time play soon.


This is just a short note for now and I will update you all again before the 2nd round of the championship with news of league and friendly matches coming up.


Larry Davis


June 19th


Hi Chaps, another busy few days on the bridge. No sight of land but we are heading in the right direction.


June 8th Seniors Stableford


1st Cavan Breslin 39 pts

2nd John Parry 38pts

3rd David Kent 38 pts

4th Nick Davidson 38 pts

5th Peter Norman 37 pts


June 15th Yellow ball pairs


I could tell it was a tricky day as we did not get many yellow balls back. However 36 players went out in the wind and the results were:


1st Phil Lennon, John Holt, Pat McGrory and Len Firestone 178 pts back 9 87

2nd Andy Sale,Peter Flack, Cavan Breslin, Murray Tinworth 178 pts back 9 71


Kent League June 12th


A very good result in a hard fought home match against Mid Kent  3-2. We are now at the midpoint of the season and a full update will be in my next missive.


June 15th Friendly v Lamberhurst


We continued our good form in the friendlies with a convincing win 6-1 at home. Once again everyone played their part and it is great to see an eclectic mix in our teams now with newer members getting involved.


June 19th Seniors Open


A glorious day was had with 16 teams competing for a very good prize table supplied by the proshop. The hard work of John Moss, Steve Hook and John Holt promoting this event paid off and combining it with the Invitation day really worked. A special mention must go to Ken Cop, whose team were decimated the night before the event and he did not get a game, but in true Ken style he turned up early to do registration, and was there to collect the cards at the end. My special thanks go to him.

The results were:


1st Hever Castle hosted by Graham Bentham 91pts

2nd Wrotham Heath 2 hosted by Bob Ford 89 pts

3rd Southern Valley hosted by John Parry 88 pts


There were many good comments about the whole event set up, catering and course which is a feather in our cap.


Events are coming thick and fast now with the Regional Challenge on Thursday, Seniors Championship round 1 next week and round 2 the following week. The draw for The Championship will be made later this week and those that have entered will receive an email with their tee time. The start sheet will also bo p[ut onto the website and noticeboard.


So that’s it for now, see you on the course.

Larry Davis


June 6th


Hi everyone, a lot has happened since my last update so here goes.


Seniors Comps


May 25th 37 players competed in a team Tee Dance :


1st Keith Stoner, Roger Bennett, Jim Guard, Maurice O’Connell

2nd Steve Hook, Cavan Breslin, Jon Janes


June 1st 37 players played in a pairs better ball :


1st Dennis Evans and David Chalk 48 points 22 back 9


2nd place Peter Flack and Jim Guard 48 points 19 points back 9


3rd Richard Yeo and Alan Atkins 46 points 22 points back 9




The reason we had so few playing in the above 2 Thursdays was down to having friendlies booked on the same day. Going forward we will endeavour to change this and ensure that no friendly matches will be played on Seniors day.


25th May away to Broke Hill


This was a very close match with everyone playing their part and we managed to achieve a 4-4 draw. The team once again looked resplendent in the team outfit and it was a credit to the club.


June 1st away to East Sussex National


This was not a very close match! We were lucky enough to play the West course,  where the European Open was played among other tour event and we really enjoyed it. However the result of a loss 6-2 was not so enjoyable. There were some great performances through the team but home advantage on the greens proved to be the decider. Mike Gibson had an eagle and two birdies on the front 9 and was 3 down at the turn!


June 5th Home to Westerham


Playing at home the day after the Kent Amateur Championships was a real bonus and the course was in great nick. Another good turnout from the seniors and some constructive pairing by

Vice- Captain John Moss ensured a very convincing 7-1 win, with no matches lost. The highlight was Messrs Moss and Tester, with a better ball of level par gross, secured an 8 & 7 win.


Our next match is at home to Lamberhurst on June 15th (yes, another Thursday)


Kent League


26th May away to Gillingham


Following the revelation that Bearsted had fielded an ineligible player in all its matches so far this year, the league table is a looking a little better for us. It meant that our home loss to them has now become a home draw. Add to that a significant draw away to Gillingham boosted our chances of another good finish in this year’s campaign.


Upcoming events


The next few weeks will see a flurry of events for us starting with the Open on June 19th. We have 68 players for this revamped event.

This will swiftly be followed by the Regional Challenge on June 22nd.

The Seniors Championship will be played on June 29th and July 6th. All rules and details are on the noticeboard and on the website. Just in case I have also attached them here.

The club Summer Party is on June 24th with lots of fun and some Aussie style food. Tickets are now available at the bar.

Finally we end up with the Seniors 2017 tour at Belton Woods. I might have a breather after all of that!


As ever I look forward to seeing you all on the course.


Larry Davis

May 24th

Hi chaps, sorry it is a bit late but I have been in the Wiltshire countryside with the Seniors mixed tour.

It was a very successful trip superbly organised by Graham Bentham and his wife Jo. 2 nights and 3 rounds of golf in splendid surroundings and company. It will run again next year and no doubt Graham will be putting it together at another pucker venue.


Last week was our May Stableford and again some great scores returned with 56 players in attendance.

The spoils go to:

1st Jim Davies 41 pts

2nd Keith Fisher 39 pts

3rd Michael Corbett 39 pts

4th Jim Guard 37 pts

5th Brian Duffy 36 pts

35th Larry Davis


Tomorrow we have a match away to Broke Hill and hopefully we will get a nice result. This is the first of several matches coming up in June and John Moss will be glad to hear from you if you would like to play in any of them. He emailed the details out yesterday.


The Regional Challenge is looming and the 4 Captains, Messrs O’Connell, Hook, Bentham and Lennon are rallying their troops already for the annual “Ryder Cup” day.


Larry Davis

May 11th


Hi chaps, just a quickie this week.


The club Cecil Leach was won by Andy Sale with 41 pts on April 30th which means the seniors have two representatives in the final next month. Good luck to Andy and Alex Parietti in the final.


Memorial Trophy


Sadly there will be 3 more names on the trophy this year. As well as the winner we lost Robin Sleight and Tony Hesford.


This event was well supported by the section with 47 players taking part in the Bogey competition. I enjoyed this format a lot and would like to play it again on one of our fun days.

The results for the day were:

1st Brian Rayner +5

2nd DPJ Welch +4 (back 3)

3rd Peter Bryant +4

4th Cavan Breslin +4 (back 9)

5th Steve Faulkner +3


Seniors Open June 19th


We are now looking at 16 teams so I need another 3 hosts. Currently I have:

Alistair Byron

Brian Tucker

Chris Broughton

Graham Bentham

Ian Butler

Jim Davies

John Holt

John Moss

John Parry

John Thornewell

Ken Copleston

Larry Davis

Steve Hook


Stableford qualifier next week so see you then.

Larry Davis

May 6th


Afternoon chaps, another busy week for the seniors and some more great golf played by some.


Some notes for everyone before I do the results for this week.


Seniors Open June 19th

We are expecting between 14 and 18 teams for this and already have a number of confirmations. We will need a number of seniors to act as hosts and play with each 3 ball. The cost for them will be £20 which includes prizes and a 2 course meal. If you are interested in being one of the hosts please let me know as soon as possible and we will allocate teams .


Regional Challenge June 22nd

The sign-up sheets are on the board and we need a few more to commit to make it a really good day. The event has a real Ryder Cup feel about it with teams playing pairs and singles in a variety of formats. It is always a close event and down to the wire. It is open to everyone and I am sure that if you have never played and come along, you will have fun.

Dave Sealey will be contacting all the team captains to secure their squads and then we can put the pairings and teams together. Everyone should get 2 x 9 hole matches including Singles, Betterball, Greensomes and American Greensomes. The cost is only £7 and includes food. Full details are attached.


Summer party 24th June

The club has organised a Summer BBQ and party for June. It will be an Aussie themed BBQ including some exotic items on the menu!. There will also be a DJ to keep the evening going. Tickets are available at the bar at a cost of £15 per head. There will also be some fun and games along the way so please come and have some fun! See the posters and flyers in the club for more information.

Before the party there will be a “Golfer plus Non Golfer” pairs challenge. The golfer gets to the green and the non-golfer putts. Prizes for 1st and 2nd pairs and a cost of only £5 per team


So to the results of Thursday Stableford


1st Peter Flack 67

2nd Phil Lennon 71

3rd Keith Turnbull 71

4th Graham Bentham 72

5th Dave Sealey 73


Full details of handicaps and results are on the board and the website.


On Friday we played for the Captains Cup At Nevill GC. This started a couple of years ago and was limited to past Senior Captains. This year we opened it up to Club Captains as well.

We have a reciprocal deal with Nevill so the only cost to us was for catering, which was excellent. The overall winner was past club captain Terry Mitchell with 32pts, closely followed by Alex Parietti and your Captain both on 31 pts. We hope to return to Nevill again next year on May 18th.



Coming up this week we have the Memorial Trophy which sadly will have 2 new names added. We lost both Robin Sleight and Tony Hesford this year. The cost of this has been changed to reflect the recent passing of Tony. The match cost is £ with an option to donate a further £1 to the other donations we have received for the Heart of Kent Hospice, who cared for Tony.

This is a bogey competition which some of you may not have played before. You will be playing only against the course with your full handicap. On each hole you will get 1 point for beating net par, 0 points for matching net par and -1 point for being over net par. I hope you enjoy the format and that you can all contribute to our overall donation to Tony’s charity.


That’s it for now, have a good week and see you on the course.

Larry Davis


May 1st

Morning everyone, here is the latest news from Planet Kings Hill.


On Monday we played a home friendly against Dale Hill. I am not sure what everyone was doing on the Sunday because we got hammered 6 ½ to 1 ½. Luckily the Captain remains unbeaten and resolute. Our next friendly is away to Broke Hill on Thursday 25th May. Please sign up and join the team as we strive towards an away win! (Much like Burnley, from which my family and I are still smarting as long suffering Palace supporters).


Thursday saw the April Stableford which again produced some great scoring from a field of nearly 50. The results are as follows and the full results and handicap adjustments are now on the board and the website:

1st John Tester 41 pts

2nd Peter Bryant 39 pts

3rd Pat McGrory 37 pts

4th Paul Edwards 36 pts

5th Phil Lennon 36 pts


On Friday Jim Davies played Keith Fisher in the final of the Winter knockout. Jim has had a few trials and tribulations this winter but has still managed to keep his game going. Below is his summary of the match.


 “Today I played Keith Fisher in the final and I am pleased to say that I won by 1 hole. It was a tight game with me getting ahead and then Keith pegging me back but fortunately for myself I won the 17th to go 1 up and then we halved the 18. We both played quite good golf and, although it is difficult to be sure because of ‘gimmes’ I had 38 points against Keith’s 37. However, due to the current crappy and inconsistent nature of the greens neither of us gave any putts if we weren’t pretty sure they would be made. I think therefore that our points reasonably reflect that we played some good golf.

David (Lake), can I thank you for your understanding over the past few months while underwent surgery.”


 Well done Jim and Keith for getting it done in good spirit and good time, and I would like to add my thanks to David for putting the competition together.


This week we have a medal, which will be in 3 balls!


Have a good week and see you on the course

Larry Davis

April 23rd

Hi Chaps,


Well we all had a great day on the beach on Thursday but I’m afraid I have got to disqualify every card that was entered. Apparently everyone grounded their clubs in the sand at some stage during the round. I have kept the prize money and will use it wisely on your behalf.


Seriously, the results were as follows:

1st John Andrews and David Hinge 45 pts

2nd Peter Brooks and Fred Hanson 44 pts

3rd Graham Bentham and Steve Jones 43 pts (back 9 countback)


The Regional Challenge (22nd June) sign-ups are now on the board. For those of you who do not know what this is, we have a Ryder cup style competition between four teams of 14 or 15 players per team. Your team is determined by your place of birth and all the details are on the board. It is a really fun day with foursomes, Greensomes, 4bbb, and singles between the teams. Please find your team name and sign up to play either just morning, just afternoon or hopefully all day. The team Captains will then select their teams accordingly.


The Summer knockout draws are now on the board. Please make sure the dates are adhered to. Extentions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and the Captains decision is final.


On Saturday the 29th April the Lady Captain Judie Leadley-Woods and myself will be helping out one of our charities, Kent Association for the Blind (KAB) by assisting other volunteers collecting at ASDA Kings Hill. Judie and I will be there between 1000 and 1200. If you are not playing why not pop over and find out a little bit more about the charity the club captains are supporting this year.


Next week we have a Stableford  and Trevor Robins will be the starter. Please make sure you turn up on time, repair your pitchmarks and any others you might find, and rake the bunkers if you happen to go in one (as if!)


Finally we have our next committee meeting Thursday 27th April so if you have any enquiries or questions let myself or one of the other committee members know.


That’s all for now

Larry Davis


April 16th

Dear chaps, the April medal was, without doubt, a bit of a cock up. I missed the fact that it had been set up as a fourball until it was too late. I tried to make up as many threes as possible but as a result we had a very slow day. However the fact that some were in fours should not have meant large gaps appearing around the course and we can only improve our speed of play as a group if we all considered the other players on the golf course. It is not enough to just “stay in front” of the match behind, the book says “keep up with the match in front”. Ready golf should be the order of the day for all of us. I concede the problems of searching for balls but I also support playing a provisional if there is any doubt that a ball may be lost. The starter on Thursday did his best to remind everyone about speed of play and early groups were timely but towards the end 5 hours plus was recorded. This is not a rant, this is a considered statement for everyone to digest and do their best to play in the spirit of the game by allowing groups through if you have lost a hole in front and to play in a timely fashion.

The results from Thursday are as follows:


1st Paul Savastano 63 net (a serious achievement and a serious cut in his handicap!)

2nd Malcolm Honey 68 net

3rd Peter Waters 71 net

4th Mike Kavanagh 71 net

5th Paul Edwards 71 net.


We are still looking for 2 players to play in the Dale Hill friendly at home on Monday 24th April. Please contact John Moss if you are available.


Our next event is a pairs comp on Thursday which is a Chapman Greensomes Stableford . Handicap is 60% of the lowest plus 40% of the highest. Both drive, play your partners ball for the second shot and then choose the best ball to complete the hole.


On Monday May 1st is the Captains Mixed pairs. If anyone would like to play please contact the pro shop and add your name to the list. I do not have any further details as yet, but there will be food following play.


Finally can I remind you that the 2017 Tour money is now due.


That’s all for now, see you on the course


Larry Davis

April 10th

Dear all, another week of decent weather and some good golf.

On Thursday we played an interesting format of mixed disciplines which confused some players. You are Seniors, and therefore confusion is part of the membership criteria. Anyway John Holt promises that we will not play that again until we have all forgotten about it and then he will put it back in the calendar!

The Results from last Thursday are as follows:

1st John Tester and Alan Peach

2nd Roger Bennett and Peter Bryant

3rd Brian Duffy and Ken Copleston

The prize money will be put onto their respective bar cards at the beginning of May.


Today we also had one of our annual mixed competitions with the Ladies section.

The St Georges Day Waltz, a 4 ball comp off the red tees, brought 16 seniors and 14 ladies together for a really fun day and we were lucky enough to be joined by 2 guests, Katie Parry and Glenda Copleston to balance the teams. They had kept their weekend day wear outfits ready for today and Katie looked resplendent in a belted tee shirt and summer hat.

The day was won by :

Jo Bentham, Graham Bentham, Yvonne Tucker and Peter Norman

Runners up were John Holt, David James, Katie Parry and Glenda Copleston


Click here for pictures


See you for the Medal on Thursday

Larry Davis


April 2nd

Hi chaps. Quite a bit to get through this week and a lot of information.

All the documents can be found by clicking the bold title

Please take time to read all the bits , then have a lie down with a glass of hop based energy drink, fermented grape juice or in Ken’s case some distilled water with healthy grains.


First of all the Starters Charter. The committee have given a lot of consideration to this and over the last few weeks it has gradually been introduced. As the diary develops John H will check with those that are next up to do the starters job and this document attached gives a good guide to how we think the days will give us a better experience.


Next is a document from the Men’s committee regarding the way they intend to update the club competitions. It is well written and describes how they intend to run from now on. This is a step forward for all of us in the Men’ section.


The last document is information about next weekend’s Masters Tournament and how you can all take part in a Fantasy League with some great prizes on offer all organised by Head Professional Mark Peddar.


And so onto last week’s golf. On Thursday we had a yellow ball fourball which , using all four scores, brought in some amazing numbers. 12 teams competed which is a great turnout given the friendly match against Ashford ran at the same time. The top three teams were:

1st  David James, Bill Grimley, David Hinge and Murray Tinworth with 190 pts winning £15 each.

2nd Brian Hewitt, Maurice O’Connell, George Stevens, Dave Sealey with 189 pts winning £10 each.

3rd Peter Norman, Dennis Gadd, Fran Reardon, and Ian Cogger with 188 pts winning £5 each.


On Thursday we played our 2nd friendly of the season against Ashford and scraped home 3 ½ to 2 ½. A hard fought match with a great reward at the end namely the launch of the club’s new carvery which was raved about by all afterwards. Thanks to John Moss VC for getting this one organised and we look forward to the next one at home to Dale Hill next month. Get your names down early and as ever these matches are open to everyone regardless of handicap. Join in and enjoy some friendly competitive golf.


Finally we hosted Wildernesse at home to warm up our league team. Again a great day was had and , despite Keith Fisher going on a very long detour to Kings Hill via Wildernesse, a very successful one for League Captain David Lake and the team. We halved one and won 4 against a very competitive team from a different part of the Kent league structure. The common theme than ran through both matches was the competiveness and friendliness of all concerned and the uplifting experience of having great food on both days supplied by our revitalised catering team.


That’s it for now.

Larry Davis

28th March

Well it looks like the weather is finally turning and the forecast for the week is improving until Friday.

This week we have 2 matches. Thursday we are at home to Ashford and on Friday the League team warm up with a friendly against Wildernesse. There has been no agreement as to the number of subs we can play and when we can bring them on but I am sure David has it all in hand.


Last week we had the sad news about Tony Hesford’s passing. We would like to recognise his contribution to the section by sending a floral tribute along with a donation. The charity element of the Memorial Trophy income on May 11th will be donated along with a collection from the membership. If you wish to make a donation to the family’s chosen charity, The Heart of Kent Hospice Maidstone, please use the brown envelope system in the proshop and mark it TONY DONATION.


So to last week’s medal results. What an interesting day we had with only 3 of 56 players breaking par and a CSS of 75, hence the significant handicap adjustments to Phil, Dennis and Robin. The full list of new handicaps and the results can be found on the board and the website.


Finally a plea from the committee regarding score entries. In order to smooth and hasten the closing of competitions could you please ensure that you enter your score into the computer terminal and place your signed scorecards in the box next to the terminal. If you wish to N/R this still has to be done in the same way. These are "no returns" of a score, not a "no return" of a scorecard.

It is extremely time consuming finding out who has not returned a scorecard or failed to enter a score into the computer and following this simple procedure would enable us to publish the results and any handicap adjustments in a timely fashion.


Many thanks and see you on the course.

Larry Davis

16th March

Well chaps, spring has really sprung this week and the playing conditions on the course have been great (despite the foggy start today!)


I have a few bits of news starting with the March Stableford which saw a hotly contested leaderboard and some great scores too:

1st Robin August 39pts

2nd Roger Bennett 38pts

3rd Ken Staerk 38 pts

4th Phil Lennon 37 pts

5th Peter Waters 36 pts

52nd Larry Davis 22pts

As you can see the captaincy is not affecting my game at all.


Last week Chris Broughton managed to beat John Holt in the semi-final of the Winter Matchplay and was doubly pleased to achieve his first ever hole in one after 35 years of playing golf. Well done Chris. Sadly the clubhouse was empty when Chris came in so hopefully there will be a celebration soon.(only kidding).


The Winter Eclectic finished last Friday. This year we decided to give prizes to two groups based on handicap. The cut was at handicap 18 based on the starting handicaps of all entrants.

After several months of competition the final placings were:

Overall winner Richard Yeo,

Runner up Mike Kavanagh


Low handicap winner Chris Broughton

Runner up Roger Bennett


Wednesday 15th saw the first friendly of the season with Nizels visiting Kings Hill. A splendid match played in great spirit and a close call for us winning by the slim margin of 3½ to 2½.


Finally the fog delayed Cecil Leach competition, which is a charity 4 club and putter competition in aid of the Kent Playing Fields Association.

In the end we had 32 players and much thanks go to David Lake for being on hand to manage the complication of a fog delay. The result was as follows


1st Alex Parietti 39pts

2nd Keith Fisher 37 pts

3rd Chris Broughton 35 pts

4th George Stevens 34pts

5th Mike Kavanagh 34 pts.


Next week the fun really starts with our first medal so good luck to everyone.


3rd March

Yesterday we had the first big trophy of the year, The Founders. This is a special competition to recognise the longevity of our membership. The results are as follows:

1st Brian Rayner 43 pts off 21 plus 10 shots

2nd Mike Gibson 43 pts off 7 plus 7 shots

3rd Peter Bryant 42 pts off 11 plus 8 shots


A further prize, supplied by Peter Brooks, recognised those that have been a senior for 6 or less years.

The winner was David Kent with a great score of 41 pts off 10 plus only 1 shot .


Following the last committee meeting the minutes will be on the website shortly and a copy will be in the book tomorrow.


I have sent you all the entry form for the Seniors Open and Invitational to be held on the 19th June. As a section we want this to be a great success and would encourage everyone to think about either entering a team of friends or passing the form to friends from other clubs. It will be a very relaxed day with some good food and good prizes.


That’s all for now.


25th February


Hi Chaps, thanks for all your birthday wishes and I hope those that stayed on Thursday enjoyed the cake !

Here are the results from the last couple of weeks:

February Stableford 2 16th Feb

1st Mike Kavanagh 44 pts £40

2nd Paul Edwards 41 Pts £30

3rd Peter Bryant 38 pts £20

4th David Hinge 38 pts £10

5th Chris Broughton 37 pts £5


The Captain’s Birthday Tee dance was cancelled due to Doris Day still Que Sera Sera.

We played 9 holes for  £1 in the pot.


1st Phil Lennon 20pts (£15)

2nd Rob Swainston  20pts (£10) countback back 6

3rd Bill Grimley 18 Pts £5

All monies will go onto the bar cards first week in March.

As I have been away for a couple of comps here is a brief update on what has been happening.

February 9th

Waltz + 1

There was some confusion on Thursday morning and the lack of a starter did not help. Players were moved around and some did not even get a game. The committee have already discussed this and will publish plans for the future organisation of our days after our committee meeting on the 16th February.

The results of this event are:

1st  Len Firestone,John Holt, Phil Lennon, Pat McGrory 118pts

2nd Robin August, Rob Swainson, Alastair Byron, Roger Bennett 113 pts


February 2nd

February Stableford.

The weather abated and we were able to field a good number for this. The results are as follows

1st John Jarrett 39 pts

2nd Mike Kavanagh 38 pts

3rd John Thornewell 37pts

4th Andy Sale 37 pts

5th Jon Janes 37 pts

January 27th

Well it was a bit chilly wasn’t it!. 52 paid 42 returned cards. Hopefully the 10 that didn’t return their cards are not bivouacked in the woods waiting for help to arrive.


The committee has decided to extend the prize list to 3rd place for pairs comps so the result is as follows:

1st Roy Croucher and John Jarrett 46 pts (£25 each)

2nd Steve Faulkner and Jim Guard 45 pts(£15 each)

3rd Alex Parietti and Chris Broughton 44 pts (£10 each)

The money will be credited to the bar cards on or just after the 1st February.


Hopefully next Thursday we can play without a full mountaineering outfit on.


Best Regards


Larry Davis

Senior’s Captain

January 20th

 The weather has not been too kind to us recently so our efforts have been somewhat curtailed. Two events became "pound in the pot" and only the Stableford on the 12th was completed as planned.

Check out the Eclectic and Grand Prix pages via the button on the right for your up to date positions, and hopefully we will have a full house for next weeks 2 ball Texas.

With 107 members now we are averaging over 50 players per week so there is plenty of competition. The friendlies sign up sheet is now on the board and the committee are gearing up for the Open in June. 

Have a good week.


Dear chaps, a great thank you to everyone that turned out today in challenging conditions to play this annual event. My thanks also go to Ken Cop for managing the halfway nips and collecting the cards and Mike Gibson for making sure everyone got a game and had correct footwear!

The food offering was very well received with many great comments about the service and quality of the Goulash Soup. So much so that we have asked for it again when we play our Texas Scramble. The Captains Christmas prize draw will happen on the same day (December 15th) so make sure you see Joy Stevens or Judy Leadley Wood to secure your chance to win one of 3 good prizes.

The result of the St Andrews Greensomes was very close with some exceptional scores but:

2nd with 39 pts (16 back 9) Alex Parietti and Steve Lewis who get a £10 credit each on their bar card

1st with 39 pts (17 back 9) Mike Gibson and Paul Savastano who get  £15 each on their bar card and the Ted Peel Quaich.


Thanks to John Holt for making sure all sign up sheets for December are on the board and filling up fast.


I look forward to seeing you all again soon



Best Regards


Larry Davis

Senior’s Captain

Kings Hill GC


Following the busy Anniversary week and the AGM's it was back to business for the Seniors. 

October 29th saw the re-scheduled Elders v Saplings. David Hinge led the Elders and Paul Saxby the Saplings. At one point it was very close but in the end the Saplings won by 19 points. Maurice O'Connell won nearest the pin and a prize donated by the Saplings Captain. I hope he likes fish!

click here for the pictures.