The friendly season begins with two matches, one on Sunday 22nd April (HOME) against Mannings Heath; followed by Walmer and Kingsdown (AWAY) on Saturday 28th April.


I need 6 pairs for 22nd; 8 pairs for 28th.


In contacting you, you have either played in previous seasons, or have requested to know details ..... it is quite possible that I have missed members off too .... so if there are people you know who I have missed, please advise them, and kindly let me know.


Michael and James have confirmed that for any name I missed adds to the length of me organising these matches !


So, gentlemen the lists are on the board (Left Hand Side) as you walk in, on the top section of the final board.


Come back to me if you require further information .....  I look forward to being in contact soon to confirm your playing in either or both matches.


Warm regards


Simon Webb Friendlies organiser