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All of the relevant information regarding handicaps is on this page. Whether you are a new member looking to get your first handicap at the club, or an experienced member wondering what regulations might surround things like supplementary scores. Please scroll down or use the quick links on the right to find what you are looking for.


If there is anything else, please contact any of your Handicap Secretary: Paul Miles


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  • The English Golf Union and English Women’s Golf Association have launched a system that will identify the competitive nature of an individual, known as Competition and Non-Competition handicaps.


  • Approved & supported by CONGU (The Council of National Golf Unions) the Competition and Non-Competition handicap system will identify whether an individual has competed in qualifying competitions & as a result returned information on their playing ability.


  • Players are required to have submitted 3 qualifying scores (including away scores) during the calendar year 1st January – 31st December to avoid having a Non-Competition handicap for the following playing year.


  • Players whose handicaps have become Non-Competition handicaps will be required to return 3 qualifying scores (within the calendar year) before their handicap becomes a Competition handicap.


  • A Non-Competition handicap can still be used for social golf and those competitions for which a Non-Competition handicap is not an entry condition.


  • Members that have transferred their handicap from another club will be classed as having competition handicaps so long as they can produce records of entry to 3 competitions at their previous club within the calendar year.

Supplementary Score Rules
  • Applicable to all categories 1-6 from 1 January 2018
  • Supplementary scores may be returned in either a medal or Stableford format
  • Any member wishing to return a supplementary score must sign the sheet in the Pro Shop to register their intent, advising the date and tee time and play with a member who has a current handicap in order that they mark the card
  • Any member who has notified their intent (as per above) to return a supplementary score and does not return their card will have their handicap increased by 0.1 
  • On completion of the round please ensure the card is signed and placed in the box by the entrance to the clubhouse
  • A Member may return a Supplementary Score for handicapping purposes in compliance with the conditions set out below by CONGU:
  • 21.1 Supplementary Scores apply to all Handicap Categories (subject to 21.4 below).
  • 21.2 A Supplementary Score may be returned at any Affiliated Club of which the player is a Member.
  • 21.3 An acceptable score for Supplementary Score purposes is any authenticated score under Competition Play Conditions in compliance with the conditions listed in this clause and played over either: (a) an 18-hole Measured Course in either Stroke Play or Stableford format; or (b) a Designated Nine-Hole Course in a Stableford format.
  • 21.4 A Member is limited to a number of Supplementary Scores in each year as detailed in below:
    • (a) subject to (c) below, Category 1 players may only return Supplementary Scores during the period 1 September to 31 December and only to the extent necessary to ensure that the minimum requirement for Qualifying Scores under Clause 25 is met. Category 1 players may only return Supplementary Scores over 18 holes;
    • (b) any number of Supplementary Scores may be returned annually by players in Categories 2 to 6;
    • (c) a Union has the discretion to permit Category 1 players with handicaps in the range 2.5 to 5.4 to return Supplementary Scores in a calendar year. Such scores may only be returned at the player’s Home club within that Union’s jurisdiction.
  • 21.5 There is no limit to the number of Supplementary Scores returned in a week.
  • 21.6 A player intending to return a Supplementary Score is required to signify his intention prior to commencement of play in the manner determined by the Affiliated Club.
  • 21.7 A Competition Scratch Score is not calculated and adjustments to handicap, in accordance with Clause 20.6 for 18-hole scores, shall be made in respect of the Standard Scratch Score. For nine-hole Supplementary Scores adjustments to handicaps shall be made in accordance with Clauses 22.5 to 22.9.
  • 21.8 Stroke Play returns are subject to Stableford/Nett Double Bogey Adjustment in compliance with Clause 19.
  • 21.9 The Supplementary Score must be recorded in the Player Handicap Record.
  • 21.10 If a player who has registered for a Supplementary Score subsequently does not return a card an increase in handicap of 0.1 must be applied.
  • 21.11 Returns may be subject to action under Clause 23 B if malpractice is suspected.
  • 21.12 When Supplementary Scores are returned at an Away club the Member:
  • (a) must register his/her intent to play in the manner directed by that club;
  • (b) must return the card to the Away Club; and
  • (c) must ensure that the score is returned to his/her Home Club, taking a copy or duplicate card if necessary.
  • 21.13 When a Member returns a Supplementary Score at an Away Club that club: (a) must retain the card as for cards submitted by Home players;
  • (b) should, if the club’s ISV software so permits, enter the score into the system and return it to the Home Club via the CDH; and
  • (c) shall assist the Home Club, if necessary, in confirming whether the player has discharged his/her responsibilities in ensuring that all Supplementary Scores from Away clubs have been returned.
  • Note: In submitting Supplementary Scores, players need to ensure that they are not in breach of Rule 7 (Practice) of the R&A Rules of Golf. A club committee may apply the Note to Rule 7- 1 and allow a Supplementary Score to be returned following the playing of a stroke play round earlier in the day.

New Members Handicap Allocation Procedure


1. Previous Club


If you have been a member of another golf club in the UK within the last six months and held an official handicap, your handicap must be transferred (if you wish Kings Hill to be your home club). Please contact your previous club asking them to forward your CDH (central database of handicaps) number and release you from their handicap system.


2. No previous handicap


Please complete 3 cards at Kings Hill and ensure that each card is:-


  2. Marked - DATE PLAYED

  3. Marked - TEE USED (This can be either white or yellow tees)


  5. Signed by yourself

  6. Countersigned by the Marker

  7. Placed in the card box which is situated at the entrance to the main clubhouse, next to the computer input terminal.


The handicap Secretaries process cards once a week, and will advise you by email of your initial handicap allocation.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact:


Paul Miles

Assistant Competition & Handicap Secretary


Tel:             07974 922901

Email:         paul@themileshouse.com