Welcome to the prize giving ceremony for the 2019 Kings Hill Golf Club Masters Competition

The Mens Section Committee hope you have enjoyed this year’s expanded Master’s experience

There are many thankyou’s due to those who have worked so very hard to deliver you this weekend’s experience



  • Let’s start with the course – when you have players like Tom Sherrard asking for his compliments to be passed to Barry and the greenkeeping team for a great course it is clear we had a super track this weekend


  • Our Sponsors – and main sponsor Reef Financial Consulting Ltd headed by our member Dave Hurring


  • The Club – for putting on the par three competition and supporting the committee over the weekend both in the shop and from an administration perspective and of course for delivering us this great new facility


On the subject of Admin – do you have your club V1 account set up (yes captain)

If not it needs to be done for 17th April or you will be the self-inflicted victim of radio silence


Continued thanks……….


  • Kitchen – We are all enjoying the wider range of food here in the spike bar


  • Bar team


  • A nod to past Captain Alex whose vision for the outside board was finally fulfilled this weekend – Thanks Alex for adding to our Masters Experience


  • Starters, great work yesterday and even greater work today


My personal thanks go to our best in class committee who make my role as your Club Captain so productive and enjoyable


  • Paul Miles, Vice-Captain and Competition and Handicap Secretary;

  • Andrew Drummond, Assistant Competition and Handicap Secretary;


As well as running this weekend’s numbers I’d like to publicly recognise Paul and Andy for the work they’ve done getting us in the best possible place as far as New rules and Regulations are concerned, from leading detailed meetings at the club and attending regional training courses in their own time their efforts have ensured the committee has a solid working knowledge of the new changes and the impact on our activity


Here’s a couple of interesting stat for you;


Today’s Salver was the 49th Comp of the season so far and with a total of 2027 players taking part


Last season in total we ran 57 Comps with 2650 players taking part


This is mostly due to advances in IT and the Club V1 system which makes closing comps so much easier


Club V1 is where you will find contact details for the knockouts


  1. We need you do to the basics correctly – and most significantly enter your cards and leave then in the box - no matter what your score


Thanks also to


  • Ian Farrington, Treasurer and Secretary;

Our outside man updating the board over the weekend


  • George Farrington

Glass trophy’s initiative and board set up


  • Allan Stevens;

Newest members of the team – for his support across the weekend


  • Michael Blanning, Immediate Past Captain;

Michaels 2017 / 2918 Captains plan – the blueprint for my year


  • Larry Davis;

Web and comms manager


  • Mike Kavanagh (MK), Seniors Captain.

Support in committee meetings as we prepared


  • Jane Marr – who has been on standby for rules officiating


Thanks to you:


It is clear you read my emails


We were on time yesterday


This meant that the starters lost only 18 minutes during the entire day


We have adapted well to the new rules


And guess what, the speed of play yesterday was greatly improved than in recent Masters competitions




Those who no showed today and therefore impacted the experience of others will be receiving contact from me

The Committee officers will meet in the coming week to decide on the action we will take


And Penultimately


There are spaces left for a couple of the Friendly team matches, please add your name to the sign-up sheet on the board in the corridor if you would like to be added to the squad


And Finally - Special thanks to the Clubs First Lady,


There have been no complaints from Bec about the amount of time I am spending here this year as your Captain, I’m grateful dear




James Mackay


Kings Hill Golf Club Captain 2018 – 2019

07501 007040


Kings Hill Golf Club Masters weekend 2019 Overview


Friday April 12th


Masters Par 3 Competition organised by the club


Saturday April 13th


Kings Hill Masters Round 1 – Medal Competition – Halfway cut, top 50 players plus ties


Drawn in Handicap order


Sunday April 14th


Kings Hill Masters Salver – Stableford Competition Open to those who missed the round one Masters cut and any other player eligible to play in Sunday competitions


Kings Hill Masters Round 2 – Played in order based on day 1 scores




Masters Winner (Net Score)

Masters 2nd Place (Net Score)

Masters 3rd Place (Net Score)

Masters 4th Place (Net Score)

Masters 5th Place (Net Score)


Best Gross Score over 2 days Winner

Best Gross Score over 2 days 2nd Place

Best Gross Score over 2 days 3rd Place


Masters Sunday Salver Winner

Masters Sunday Salver 2nd Place

Masters Sunday Salver 3rd Place


New prize for this year

‘Best day 2 mover’ (Net Score)


Prizes paid direct to pro-shop account


This year there will be glass trophies for players to keep for the following places


Masters Winner (Net Score)

Masters 2nd Place (Net Score)

Masters 3rd Place (Net Score)

Best Gross Score over 2 days Winner