Match Play Competitions

During the summer of 2019, there are four Matchplay competitions run at the club:

 The Murphy's Singles, the Hogan Doubles, the Seely Scratch and the Mixed doubles!

​Andy Drummond will be taking care of the Men's 2019 Knockout competitions he can be contacted via email 

The Mixed Doubles will be arranged by Kingsley Hall and he can be contacted via email

In 2018 the finals results were as follows:

​The Seely Scratch Cup Final between Richard Randall and Callum Swift was tightly fought and Callum won the match. 

​The Hogan Pairs Final between Tom Sherreard & John Baker v Russell Brown & Steve Philipou was won by Russell and Steve. 

​The Murphys Singles Final between Alex Parietti and Martin Crouch was won by Alex.

The Mixed doubles Final was contested by Luca and Lisa Babadi with Heather Dunn and Jon Janes. The victors were Heather and Jon.