Spring Meeting 2021 Medal Winner

      Susannah Rayner

Spring Meeting 2021 Scratch Winner

           Jo Bentham

            Ladies Golf Lesson with Mark Peddar

       Sandra, Louise, Sarah, Heather, Debbie

Hole in One May 2021

   Louisa Philipou

     Ladies Invitation Day 2021 Winners

Lindsay, Heather and guests with Jane

Invitation Day 2nd.jpg

 Ladies Invitation Day 2021 2nd place

  Fiona, Jo and guests with Jane

Ladies Invitation Day 2021 3rd place

     Alice and guests with Jane

Ladies Invitation Day 2021

     Hilary & Linda

Ladies Invitation Day 2021

   Suzannah & Linda

         Ladies Invitation Day 2021

Captain's goodie bags made by Elaine 

Ladies Invitation Day 2021

  Suzannah, Mel & Jane

Ladies Invitation Day 2021 Gallery

Louisa, Ann and Guests

Jane and Guests

Sandra, Sarah and Guests

Linda and Guests

Georgia, Annie & Guests

Sue and Guests 

Alice and Guests

Fiona, Jo and Guests

Jean, Viv, Carol and Guest

Heather, Lindsay and Guests

Yvonne, Sue and Guests

         Alexander Cup Winners 

Sarah Clark & R. Ford with Jane

     Alexander Cup 2nd Place 

T. Friswell & J. Janes with Jane

 Alexander Cup 3rd Place 

  Louisa & Steve Philipou

       Alexander Cup 4th Place 

  N. Cologne & L. Jarvis with Jane

Ladies 2021 Summer Meeting 

Summer Meeting Winner

        Joy Stevens

Summer Meeting 3rd

     Ellen O'Shea

           Summer Meeting 2nd & 4th

        Jane Marr & Debbie Crumpton

Summer Meeting 5th

       Sarah Clark

 2021 Summer Party

Hilary, Yvonne, Lindsay & Heather

Anne, Erin, Viv, Ellen & Sue

Louise, Denise, Jane , Sandra & Sarah

Roma, Val, Joan, Sue & Debbie

Yvonne, Annie, Heather & Hillary

Ladies Club Championship

Club Championship Winner - Viv Stoner with Jane

Debbie and Alice

Jane, Ann & Viv

Louisa and Sarah

Heather, Jo & Louise

Lady Captains Day 2021

Winner - Linda Monk

Gill, Linda & Georgia

Paula, Sue & Lindsay

Hilary, Annie & Kelly

Kate, Carol & Lucinda

Heather & Joy

Debbie, Dawn & Linda

Sue, Jean & Sarah

Alice, Sue & Louise

Joan, Nancy & Sue

Viv & Sandra

Kath & Jo

Lady Captain - Jane 

Afternoon Tea

Grannies Goblet 2021

Granny Winner  - Georgia Robins

Non Granny Winner - Fiona Lee

Granny 3rd place - Ellen

Granny 2nd place - Sue

Non Granny 2nd Place - Susan

Winners Cup & Open Medal

      Winner - Jane Marr

Runner Up - Debbie Crumpton

Open Medal Winner - Ann Third

          Davis Cup Winners

     Sarah Clark & Bob Ford

           Mixed Knockout Winners

      Kate Downing & Tony Caulfield

Ladies 2020 Trophy Winners

Ann Third, Louisa Philipou, Viv Stoner, Georgina Robins, Kate Downing, Jo Bentham

                Debbie Crumpton, Sarah Clark, Jane Marr, Fiona Lee

  2020 Order of Merit Winner

 Ellen O'Shea with Debbie

Ladies 2021 Autumn Meeting

                   Autumn Meeting Winner

                       Carine Whiting

                   Autumn Meeting Scratch Winner

                                 Jane Marr

                   Autumn Meeting Front 9 Winner

                       Lucinda Gough-Cooper

Autumn Meeting Back 9 Winner

            Joy Stevens

Small Title

Crystal Challenge 2022

Crystal Challenge 2022
Louise Fenn

Crystal Challenge 2022
Lucinda Gough-Cooper

Crystal Challenge Third tied
Sandra Stronach

Crystal Challenge
Third tied
Linda Richards

Midweek Platinum Challenge
Joy Stevens 

St George's Day winners
Kate Downing & Georgia Robins

St George's Day
Jan Moore & Rosemary Bettridge

St George's Day Third
Annie Foster & Lindsay Tilley

Invitation Day 2022 Winners

Invitation Day 2022
Runners Up

Invitation Day Third place

Ping Pairs
Jo Bentham & Louise Fenn

Salver 2022
Kath Coombes

Club Championship &
Handicap Bowl 2022
Louise Fenn