Kings Hill stutter in Daily Mail opener...

A cold and windy February Sunday was the backdrop for the first big club match of the season, in the Daily Mail match play. We were at home playing against Tudor Park. The team was captained by the one and only James Mackay, who was unable to play himself due to late injury. James has very kindly written a small report describing how the action unfolded!

"Having decided to withdraw from playing in the team myself on the day before due to a shoulder injury the team looked like this, in playing order

Jake Bacon playing off 1

Jack Parker playing off 4

Justin Spencer playing off 8

Bob Ford playing off 7

Andrew Drummond playing off 10

On the day we had 4 additional shots than the other side, who played an ex-pro in slot one. It was the first time in recent memory that Jake had a shot against an opponent !!

Justin was the first of our men to fall, losing 5&4. A the 6th tee, the scores were as follows...

Jake all square

Jack + 1

Justin match lost

Bob - 1

Andrew + 1

Jake managed to hole an 18ft putt to earn a well respected half in his match. After throwing a up thru 5 lead, Jack was able to regain his focus and win his game. Bob, playing against a huge hitter, suffered a painstaking loss down the 18th. With Justin losing early on it was down to Andy Drummond in the last match to earn a half for the team, and he delivered, meaning it was tied at 2.5-2.5.

To determine a winner, it was down to Andy, to enter extra holes. It began to rain as we all walked down 10 again. Andy’s partner played his best hole of the match to win the hole.

I shook their Captains had and wished him good luck in the next round

I sent a text to the team later in the evening that read something like this..

So close, well played everyone. There are those who say they would like to play for teams and don’t get picked, there are even those who say they should have been picked over others. When it comes to team match play we need quietly confident players who can summon a team mentality, and handle the pressure of having to hit fairways and make puts to half and win holes. Jakes half against an ex pro who had played at the open was simply magnificent and should give him the confidence that he can take his game where he wants it to go. Jacks ability grind out a win having been 5 up at one stage was a great result for us and showed he has steady nerves. Justin came up against a player who hit amazing form on the day (we’ve all been there). For Bob to keep a huge hitter in his sights all round showed the well placed confidence he has in his game and ability. For Andy to loose on the 1st play-off hole having not been down all match was unfortunate however If a similar situation came up again I’d still back him to handle the pressure of a play off.

So that’s that !! I offered my resignation as team Captain during the February committee meeting and fortunately for me this was received by a few grins and giggles and no Phil Mickleson Ryder Cup Captains criticism."

Thanks to James for his hard work as captain, as well as the effort and determination of all the team. Better Luck next year!