Spring scorcher ends in Guilford defeat for Kings Hill

The Guilford opening round draw has rarely been kind to Kings Hill, who have been sent away from home for the last three seasons (Littlestone 2013, Sheerness 2014, North Forelands 2015) which all ended in defeats. 2016 brought a refreshing home draw. Refreshing that is until we realised it would be against the defending champions Sittingbourne! Another daunting task lay ahead...

The 8 selected had a long day, playing 36 holes. 18 holes foursomes in the morning, followed by the singles matches in the afternoon. Here is a run down of the results:


Kings Hill 1 - 3 Sittingbourne

- Richard Moxham & Rowley Draper - L

- Andrew Johnson & George Hussey - L

- James Guard & Stephen Mallard - L

- Jake Bacon & Scott Cullen - W


Kings Hill 3 - 5 Sittingbourne

Richard Moxham - W

Scott Cullen - L

James Guard - L

George Hussey - W

Andrew Johnson - W

Rowley Draper - L

Stephen Mallard - L

Jake Bacon - L

So a tough day all in all in the gruelling heat, losing 8-4. Well done to everyone involved for giving your best throughout the day in what was a demanding arena both physically and mentally. Lets move forward and go focus on the Kent League and Kent Foursomes!!