Current informaton regarding the updated WHS system. 


Handicap Index (HI) As shown on your personal V1 dashboard e.g. 15.9


Course handicap (CH) dictated by the charts displayed in clubhouse for different tees (KHGC charts on the button above this note)


Read across (where you can see your HI 15.9) and it will give you your CH. In this case off the white tees the CH is 17


Playing Handicap (PH) is your CH x 95% 16. This is also printed on the start sheet.


When you book in to V1 either via the Tablet in the clubhouse, the V1 App or your laptop, all 3 will be displayed for you.

















On our new cards there is provision for all 3 handicaps but for competition purposes you MUST at least enter your Course Handicap. Starters to ensure players informed regarding Playing Handicap



























What’s changed you may ask? Well a few insignificant things that you may find but the main thing is that it now contains room for you to record all your handicap information.


Everybody must in future record their COURSE handicap as it this that is used for ascertaining any handicap changes. As before, in the old system, you will be disqualified if you enter a course handicap HIGHER than your correct one.


When playing a singles competition, where we play off 95%, you SHOULD also enter your PLAYING handicap although this is not mandatory it is this handicap that you use to work out your net score in a medal or points in a stableford.


There is also space to record your handicap index. Whilst this is optional, we would suggest it is good practice to enter all 3 when you play a competition.


When you enter a competition, V1 will tell you your PLAYING handicap. This will be on the start sheet and the starter should be able to confirm this to you when you tee off.


Your course handicap is down to you to know. You can get this from the slope ratings table displayed in the clubhouse by looking up your handicap index for the course you are playing.  You can also get it from the EG app.


A subtlety you should be aware of is as follows:

If your course handicap is higher than your playing handicap, then on the hole(s) where you do not get the extra shot(s) then be careful when you pick up. Only pick up if you would NOT have got a point off your COURSE handicap. An example of why is as follows:

Assume your course handicap is 13 but your playing handicap is 12. Our 12th hole is index 13. So you do not get a shot in the competition. If you miss your putt for a 5, DO NOT PICK UP.  If you pick up and do not return a score, the system will default to a nett double bogey based on your COURSE handicap. So, it will default to a 7 - not a 6. 


This may sound minor and indeed it could well be as it is unlikely to have any effect except on the rarest of occasions - perhaps when you are otherwise having an excellent round. It is just something to note.


Finally, it is worth pointing out that you are no longer responsible for having to cut yourself after having an exceptional low round.  In future, all handicaps are updated with any new rounds at midnight and hence the system will do this automatically.



The committee look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Happy golfing!